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S-Stalker S-Pete P-Steps

5 May


Slow down in calm brings much insight. Too bad that my calm kept getting disturbed. Trouble for those who laughed at 6, then at 10. You should not waste time laughing, instead get busy with 15. 15? Where did that come from? Ah, the minimum wage thing. It makes sense if you ignore economics. I meant 16, as I cannot handle 600 yet. 600-6=594. Too slow. For me to take 16 and move to practice with 60 to 100. I may as well as you take too much time to get me a crumb compared to what I could reap if money was important to me. Alright, time for your dose of socra-mess out of my gold-digger bag.

The relationship ends as it begins, as those beginning it have no intention to change themselves. Their aim is to change you. For you to obey, or else feel the pain. NBP

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Hell into Health

4 Dec

cuts-oliver-marinkoski skepticalPrayer For Health and Healing

Dear Helland, spy-chiatrists and agents in white,

Thank You for allowing me some quiet in this time of prayer so that your love may show me your hell and my health. For I have been so worried about your hell for such a long time that my health suffered awfully. Sometimes it just seemed that sickness and worry, weariness and pain drained the very strength from my body, heart and soul. So, please help me release your weakness and pain from my strength and strain. Thank you for being the inspiration for my prayer.

Thank you for having sent me so many servants, doctors and nurses, and may they feel your love for them. Please guide them so they can do their part in embracing their hell and leave me my health. I need to be well not alone for myself, but also for my dear ones who need me, and for you that I may once again go about leaving you alone to continue your shamming business. So please, Continue reading

Helland Mission Prayer

29 Nov

Ana Yturralde-albino-girl-glasses

Oh, State of Helland which has a majority share in all major Dutch corporations and a seat in all major International Corpses, I beseech You to make of my prayer a fire that will burn away the veils You have put in to shut me out from Your mercy and grace, and show a dark light that will lead me unto Your bene mercy.

Ohoh, State of Helland which bows to the will of the German and Roman Empires and the half-breed Empires in between, You see me turning toward You to rid me of all attachment You put in my way to ensure that I would serve only You. You see me clinging to Your sword and scale denoting the business of your church through Continue reading

White Santa Has A White Helliday Gift

23 Dec

Smooth CriminalThere has been quite a storm. The Dutch govern-your-mind has proceeded in its plans to force its poverty-stricken property into further debt. After the success of the mandatory health scare scheme, the plans to steal more money back from their property through housing benefits have been further implemented.

The success of the mandatory health scare scheme is manifold. One has to be an excellent vessel for evil to be able to birth it. White pete is no individual, so it took quite an army of white bodies and pale horses to congregate and put it together. Many ministers and secretaries were needed to preach the gospel of better health scare through mandatory payments. Continue reading

Black People Experiencing White Pete

20 Dec

French blackfaceAn examination of the experiences of Black people working with white pete in a corporate environment
NBP (2013)

Very little research has been conducted on the phenomenon of Black people working with white pete in a corporate environment, and even less on Black people being victimized by white pete in a corporate environment. This study is to show how white pete behaves in the workplace.

The purpose of the study is to better understand the effects (mental, physical, financial, psychological, social, spiritual) of working with white pete. Several research questions were created prior to data collection to help understand the experience of working with white pete. Based on these questions, we found: Continue reading

White Pete Got More Scams Where Black Pete Came From

14 Dec

Bad Sister LAThere is no need to ask me what I do for a living. As it stands, I do without a living. After I publish this post, I will have to go get a new living like everybody else. Start from the bottom up, and work my way up to the bottom. I have no ambition for their ‘top’, for all I have done in my previous ambitions is to help white pete imprison us better. Unlike the Black boulers, I find it sickening. As long as I am unable to leave this hell pit, I am to dare myself to step into in the new same old Matrix. I am to pick up one of my ‘professions’ again. Yawn.

As I refused to step back into the cave, the gatekeepers have become bored with me. The gates have closed, and now I have been left to Perish. As long as I Perish, I might as well write about the system of Continue reading

Sabotage to Keep White Pete from Touching

3 Sep

Space ElevatorIt would be nice if I could write about nice and fluffy stuff. Teddybears. But, I find nice and fluffy things just as depressing as the “news”¬†on the new world psychos. I am not on the alien bandwagon. If the sick ones are shuttling themselves off this planet then fine. Let them be that way. It will not be long before they have figured out how to kill off the next planet too. Back to this reality. Just because the soulless ones keep themselves out of the public eye into a world of their own, does not mean that they are vacating on another planet.

No, I am waiting for them to stage the coming of the Mahdi to seize Continue reading