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Seek Ye Her Gate

10 Jun

Better write this quickly before it can get pushed aside again. Too many people got nervous about what I was going to write. Why e’rbody nervous about me doing some research? Seeking to cover their hind gates. Thus, showing me that they knew much more already. Waiting for the sign to let it out. What skeletons could they still be hiding? All I knew at the time was that things did not add up on top of not making sense. Yet, I got treated as if I was the person responsible. As if that plane hit the wrong flat. Something really fishy about it. Unfit for any restaurant. Oh well hell. On to greater things first.

To BE the greatest and KNOW it. It does not feel like he really left. Muhammad Ali had been on my list for TMB when I started it. Ready to profuse the site with his image. Upon further research I found the Black civil rights movement riddled with too many govern-your-mind agents, so I had to put my plan on ice. Cursing white govern-your-mind aside, to be clear on whether there could have been such movement without all those Continue reading


Know Their Opinions

18 Aug

Michael Brown Autopsy DrawingKnow their opinions least relevant
Just expression of their cultured ill
Even their demons keeping mute still

Never art devolved beyond deviant
Mind possession most detrimental
Chaos by police state more capable

Satan no longer most arrogant
New recruits taking over his skill
No ambulance Continue reading

Black Ballers? I Am Ready for Queensday

30 Apr

queen's day - ahhWhat to do on queensday? I got my orange hooked nose and orange kippah ready. No, that is not racism. It is tradition. It is part of the forced orange shield craze on queensday. Even jhws will embrace me for joining the celebration. It took me a long time to get into the queensday mood, but this year I am ready. Finally.

Kingsday? No, that was only a rehearsal for queensday. It is a good thing too, as I never experienced such a lame Continue reading

Doctoring Fooling Expertise

5 Apr

Writing on the upcoming Dutch arab war can wait another week or so. Even the boulers are not that interested. They have money problems. They do not know whether to crowd raise or to fund share. Maybe pay some experts to close some more factories. Less smokers? No, the arab girls are the next hot commodity. Sneaky smokers. Whatever dae man. I have more Valentines-Bleeding-Heart-Cake-1important things to bleed.

The past two weeks were rough for I had been dealing with heart problems again. Last year I had trouble pumping enough blood in. This year I seem to have trouble Continue reading

Repetition of Lies

25 Mar

the_powers_of_ma_at_by_chris dacus

Their truth is repetition of their lies

Dare to doubt, get harassed by their spies

Dead eyes demanding you back in line

Continue reading

White Pete Is My Biggest Fan. Attack Mailer

27 Dec

Lynette Mager blackfaceMy Helliday Break will continue well into the next year, but I will do some guest appearances on my own blog site. I feel like I should. As you will be able to tell from this article, I had some more fanatic mail that alerted me to the desire of those fanatics to read some more on their favorite topic: their beloved jhws. I have trashed the fan-mail, and will shortly break my Helliday Break to accommodate the desire of my white fans.

Even though, I do have several of their bibble ‘the art of war’ – or more commonly know as the “Bible”- handy, I will go by what I recently reread in the first chapter of the Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed. As I am once again attempting to read through the Leviathan by happy man Thomas Hobbes, I could easily accept jhws as Levites. Continue reading

Black People Experiencing White Pete

20 Dec

French blackfaceAn examination of the experiences of Black people working with white pete in a corporate environment
NBP (2013)

Very little research has been conducted on the phenomenon of Black people working with white pete in a corporate environment, and even less on Black people being victimized by white pete in a corporate environment. This study is to show how white pete behaves in the workplace.

The purpose of the study is to better understand the effects (mental, physical, financial, psychological, social, spiritual) of working with white pete. Several research questions were created prior to data collection to help understand the experience of working with white pete. Based on these questions, we found: Continue reading