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Men of Gemini

1 Jun

It is like getting stuck to see them

For me to watch them split forth

To protect recognized pieces of me.


To protect materialized pieces of me

For me to recognize each one of them

To seam the pieces of him into them. Continue reading


Sea the Pisces

30 May


Sea the Pisces
By No Black Pete

It is like getting cut to bits
For me to walk back and forth
To collect all the pieces of self.

To collect only the pieces of self
For me to know more pieces, yet
To leave pieces of others to them.

To leave pieces in others to them
Understand the dual effort it takes Continue reading

Too Much Black 2.1

11 Nov

Precious MuataDo not attempt to deal with the system or its representatives by yourself. The system has all your information and knows exactly what makes you tick. You may think that you have the right to question them and stand up for your rights, but you need to understand that the system is above the law. Instead of justice be done, the system will increase the punishment and revoke your privileges.

The system has insured that you get attached to a lot of sick people and things. Your schooling and training on one side, advertisement and society on the other side. The system can easily move to block you and your career, take away all your material possessions, stress your personal Continue reading

Second nature

20 Sep

Aurora - imagesinspiredbynature

Second nature

They sell it by their programmed movies
They told you by their channeled books Continue reading

Unfinished Pain

21 Aug

Katrina Orders
Pain. I feel it deeply when I see
my people get cold murdered.
In the North, West, East, South.
We used to rule the four corners.
What happened to us to get enslaved
like the beasts that now slay us?


Pain. I see it when my people Continue reading

Know Their Opinions

18 Aug

Michael Brown Autopsy DrawingKnow their opinions least relevant
Just expression of their cultured ill
Even their demons keeping mute still

Never art devolved beyond deviant
Mind possession most detrimental
Chaos by police state more capable

Satan no longer most arrogant
New recruits taking over his skill
No ambulance Continue reading

Shoot No More

12 Aug

Save the Young Black Man DailyKosShoot No More

Much to say but no words left to etch into
the thickening walls of this immoral Pit.

Learned to use both my hands to protect
from the downpour of the beasts’ inner Grit.

Skull bucket got quickly filled and spilled
Continue reading