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Black Merging Power

3 Mar

As I wait for access to the checking account harboring the many donations of the few that take from the many, I have time to ponder the not-so-subtle pushes to write about the entertainment industry. My article that mentioned R. Kelly sprang back to front. As if I somehow have to decide on his rehabilitation. I do not know the man, only the character that got assassinated. The people who pushed him into the traps set for him, are most qualified to get him out of the mess they created for him.

There is nothing for me to take back from what I have written. But, now that the world has once again been schooled on conspiracy theory and the illuminutti military behind it, anyone can see the handiwork of the agents in the R.idiculous – yet, serious – scheme. As I got touched by Continue reading


Helland Mission Prayer

29 Nov

Ana Yturralde-albino-girl-glasses

Oh, State of Helland which has a majority share in all major Dutch corporations and a seat in all major International Corpses, I beseech You to make of my prayer a fire that will burn away the veils You have put in to shut me out from Your mercy and grace, and show a dark light that will lead me unto Your bene mercy.

Ohoh, State of Helland which bows to the will of the German and Roman Empires and the half-breed Empires in between, You see me turning toward You to rid me of all attachment You put in my way to ensure that I would serve only You. You see me clinging to Your sword and scale denoting the business of your church through Continue reading

Scars of A White State of Mind

4 Mar

hyungkoo-the-objectuals-3Stuck in a time bubble. I have not watched the Oz-scars since Halle Berry cried her dead eyes out. I will leave it at that for I have nothing good to say about it. The Oz-scars have always been boring to me, and that is why I used to watch it for hours. It was a potent drug to numb myself from the hell around me. That was then, and then is not now. I have been busy with hell, so I have had no need to watch it. Just like the Winter Ol-of’m-already-picked. I could not be bothered with the happy men drama. As soon as Dutch pete won some medals, the sad happy men were forgotten. Two whole sentences and I am done before I even start to remember.

To applaud Lupita Nyong’o for winning a little Oz-scar and know that her ‘asking price’ has sky-rocket, would be based on the color of her skin. Beautiful Black skin that the scarrers from Oz (Hellywood) will look to whiten in their propaganda magazines whenever they see fit. Continue reading

I Know You Missed Me

14 Feb

Target PracticeHunting season commences. It is time to get rid of some more white demons. And, slay a few Black contenders too. For their love of white means that they are not in their right mind. “Love thy enemy” is a command that allows them to forsake their own. Nothing new. They have been itching to forsake their own regardless of this command. They should be the model for my animi, in the stead they are the Black replica of my enemy.

Recently, I was called into one of the caves of white pete for a meeting. I will leave the story of the meeting for another time. For now, all that is relevant, is that they had prepared an attack. Nothing new. The white boule still does not like me. Boohoo. Continue reading

White Pete Is My Biggest Fan. Attack Mailer

27 Dec

Lynette Mager blackfaceMy Helliday Break will continue well into the next year, but I will do some guest appearances on my own blog site. I feel like I should. As you will be able to tell from this article, I had some more fanatic mail that alerted me to the desire of those fanatics to read some more on their favorite topic: their beloved jhws. I have trashed the fan-mail, and will shortly break my Helliday Break to accommodate the desire of my white fans.

Even though, I do have several of their bibble ‘the art of war’ – or more commonly know as the “Bible”- handy, I will go by what I recently reread in the first chapter of the Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed. As I am once again attempting to read through the Leviathan by happy man Thomas Hobbes, I could easily accept jhws as Levites. Continue reading

Black Pete Is A Matter of White Pete

12 Nov

Blackface at StonehengeHow is the black pete war going? One year ago Dutch new-waste-papers had difficulty publishing articles on protests, while a platoon of protesters from the UK, thought it was important enough to hop over to Hell Land and participate in raising a less humble voice. One year later, and Hell Land has declared a black pete war. Let us protest aloud this Saturday. Saturn’s day. Black is the appropriate color.

If I had been here last year, my sick mind would have been of no use. I needed to flee both Hell Land and Paris to come to a better understanding of the white sickness. Indeed, I had more important things to do. Like talking to white pete elsewhere, about jhws and nazis holding hands. Dang. There I go again, getting my article blocked by WordPress. Continue reading

The White Spell

16 Jun


The serenity prayer is the main spell used in AA. Once upon a time some jhws got together and decided they were going to start a cult based on helping themselves to ban the-evil of alcoholism from their lives. As they claimed success, they clearly had found a way to control and make money from other drunks.

Those cunning jhws showed that they only had a need for a Higher Power to control them. They pursued their prey with nice empty words borrowed from available religions, and as soon as their prey believed their white babble and started opening up to them, they moved in to take the place of that fabled Higher Power. Nothing new, only a different spin on the religious thing. New Age. New prey. Continue reading