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Act Like You Know Me

17 Jan

lightning-control-devviContinue to complain about the life I suffer? This site is done, but not the stories. I have seen some very improbable scenarios come to fruition in the past few years. I know, as I wrote them. As the author of my work… But, today gets a cake. An orange one. Enjoy my dinner.

A completely different introduction than I had been contemplating for another article – and site – this morning after I fought out of sleep. I got up ready to declare war on the other side. The brutal attack yesterday and the day before yester’s yester, showed me to put an end to the TI ‘game’. If I still have to fight people in my sleep, then when can I rest? Yeah, I know the answer. I went to the same indoctrination and propaganda schools as most. But, IS the other side not deaSh?!

The odd thing was that through all the ridicule in the earliest hours, Continue reading


No. Orange Pete Does Not Work

8 Nov

Maxima and Black PetesThat is what I get for not following the orange indoctrination programs. I could have sworn that I saw fake princess Irene of the orange shield and her real frog Van Vollenhoven unlocking their bikes, as I passed by on my way to the super-poison-market today. It is a good thing that I am no betting woman. To belie myself that I will be able to win when not the odds but the game is fixed against me, echoes insanity. Fact proven by the people I see indulging in it over and over again.

Never mind that I do not even know what “kraslot” is called in English, as I do know to watch people scratching away their money at the super-poisoner. “Told you” they sell only poison. Which I still consume for lunch a few times a week. Poisoning myself allows me to venture in and watch ‘normal’ people go about their norms. To see the satisfied look on their falling faces when they win crumbs of crumbs, to then invest the whole tiny crumb in new lottery tickets. Continue reading

If You Do Not Know White Pete By Now…

13 Aug

Golden Carriage Gouden KoetsFor some of us, X-massacre has come early. Different sacrifices in different parts of the world. Most people will have no idea where I will be going with this. I did not know myself until a few hours ago. Now I look back, and see that all I had to do was to wait for it. To hold off on all the small-time white pete nonsense, and let the best story find me.

One of them had to move on. They kept him alive as long as they could, sacrificing many men in doing so. Maybe not many, but definitely a few. Either way, they came up short. For as much as they look upon themselves as gods, they still cannot do what used to come to us Naturally. They pretended to be able to figure it out, and they sent some of their grand sons back to the maisons to study our notes in the secret libraries, but to no avail. Things had already been arranged for this man to Continue reading

Kwakoe Came Alive At Keti Koti

2 Jul

Biki Spikri 2011 - 18I do not work on Keti Koti day, that is why I posted an update the day before. And now it is the day after. Back to work soldiers.

On Keti Koti I was about to conclude that I had not much to complain about when it came to the festival in Oosterpark in Amsterdam. But, that was before I heard them announce that Aptijt was not going to perform. Nevertheless, something was pleasantly different. Someone worded it exactly right. This Keti Koti festival felt exactly like Kwakoe. The old Kwakoe, not what became of it in the struggle for ‘power’. Was there still any Keti Koti to Keti Koti? Well, the ‘owner’ was present.

Let me explain. It is no secret that I waste no time losing ‘love’ on the 0range shield or red shield or whomever plots to own the subjects of certain countries. The new king of Holland (yes, the Netherlands and the overseas colonies) does not need our love. He is the boss, and we are to do as his government says. Give him the money. Hopefully most people have woken up to realize that “government” is only a shield for Continue reading

White Pete Uses A Holly Stick

29 Apr

King LogoJust call it a miracle. The Rijksmuseum (State museum) got finished just in time for the coronation – yes, inauguration –  of the new king of the orange house. The Dutch media dutifully did as ordered and portrayed him as a ‘humane’ king. How would they know? Did they forget to tell us that he has already been ruling for a while? These people feed us lies while they keep the agenda on track. I wonder what Agenda 21 is called in Dutch. Ah. “Agenda 21.” It works well in many languages. How cunning of them. New World Caste Order for them, New World Slavery for us. Is there any place where Black people are free from them? Africa?! Is that not where they ‘collected’ some of us in the first place?

To see the picture that I had up in my post White Pete Wants to Forget, appear on the windows of the Continue reading

Black Pete – Thanking the Enemy for Keeping Slavery Alive

30 Nov

Finally. The Sinterklaas en zwarte piet (Santa clown and black pete) propaganda cannot get me thrown off my balance anymore. Most of the anger has been processed, the sorrow has been voiced. I can see more clearly again. And clarity is of the essence. I already knew that it was a waste of my precious energy, to get upset with the zombies looking for poison candy and Punishment of the Four Stakestoxic gifts, as a pay off to keep the propaganda of Black slavery alive.

A few days ago, I saw an article caption that read “Have you thanked your captors lately?” I changed it to “Have you thanked your enemies lately” and, almost immediately I got access to a better solution. It is not a “final solution”, but then again Continue reading