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Through Trauma Transfer

16 Apr

surreal-worlds-sandy-skoglund-10Have I not been playing nice for a while? No material reward? Nope, fish soup does not count. Alright then, let me see what I still have in my bag.

Things are not going to settle down and work out just fine. Too many people for too long a time, have been working hard to make sure the volk was fooled and kept in line. The other line. Those on the frontline take the fall for what they are trained to do. Come look at it from where I sit. Never mind. You already tried that. I better tell you again.

Once you know that the pig suits will lie to you in your face and then some behind your back, you can only trust them to do so. Instead of taking away hostile problems, they have been trained to add to them. The folk is criminal until proven worthy of not getting lied to. No effort to show friendly pig suits on tele-their-sick-vision, can wipe away the handprint that caused the bloody nose. Continue reading


She Who Knocks Gets Tarred

22 Sep

fall-orange-natureWho knocks? I hear of an equinox. Change of seasons? A change of life is in order. Something I read on white corporate gangs, reminded me of negotiations with the university on damages. It was not only that the judge refused to burn himself by awarding damages. It was more so that the mediator pushed aside her pretense impartiality and called me “persistent”. After I had noticed that she had contacted the university without informing me, I knew that I was only getting pumped for information. I had already lost the case before I could sit down to figure out the numbers.

Continue reading

The Redundancy of Calling White Pete A Criminal

19 Mar

Amsterdam Red Shield CrestLocal elections? More like city council Idols. I was going to award only one line in this first paragraph to stating the obvious on the puppet show. Arabs have their own political parties to vote for, so does it not make sense for Black people to vote in… Black people? Not arabs. Not Indians or ‘Hindustani’. And for pete sake, do not look at the jhws. They own the system, so they can vote for any party and get their ill wishes come true without much effort. Pick Black candidates to vote for, as the lack of our own political puppet party shows where we really are at as muted property (citizens). Then spend the next years harassing our Black puppets on every move they make. It is what white pete selected them for anyway. Piñata! Continue reading

Pete School for the Black Fool

15 Mar

“This is a story that must be told…”

Extreme White CriminalWhite pete is protected by laws, rules and policies, to rob Black people blind. They imprison our bodies, intellect, mind, spirit. And seek to chain our souls. As Black people we have to understand our crisis. It is beyond what they did to any other people on this earth. Well, Tasmanians would disagree, if there were still any left. That was quite a thorough massacre, wiping them off the face of the earth. The same may go for some of our tribes. How to know what tribes were killed off in Africa before and after the Tasmanian end of their world? Continue reading

Poor Weaker White Pete

30 Jan

ilya-kisaradov-ether-9Poor weak white Weekers. The Dutch secretary of Finance got treated like black pete even without his blackface on. He thought that he could get away with it, but he was sent packing. Do not feel sorry for this white bouler. He was not feeling sorry for all the people getting in trouble over not receiving their “housing benefit” this year. He did what his “just business” mentors had taught him to do: blame the proles for being the proles.

If only he had checked to see that more white Continue reading

White Pete Taking A Back Seat to This Babble

26 Jan

R.Kelly and Aaliyah NBSay what, girlfriend? R. Kelly fired someone who wants to grow up to be just like him, for unethical behavior? That child molester needs to stop clowning, or put his Zorro mask back on. I have no interest in him nor his music. I am not wetting any black panties over him. Nor Beyoncé. Expensive slow twerker. Nor the Braxtons. Lil Kim wants her face back.

What is wrong with those people?! Can they not be rich and fabulous? Continue reading

White Pete Got More Scams Where Black Pete Came From

14 Dec

Bad Sister LAThere is no need to ask me what I do for a living. As it stands, I do without a living. After I publish this post, I will have to go get a new living like everybody else. Start from the bottom up, and work my way up to the bottom. I have no ambition for their ‘top’, for all I have done in my previous ambitions is to help white pete imprison us better. Unlike the Black boulers, I find it sickening. As long as I am unable to leave this hell pit, I am to dare myself to step into in the new same old Matrix. I am to pick up one of my ‘professions’ again. Yawn.

As I refused to step back into the cave, the gatekeepers have become bored with me. The gates have closed, and now I have been left to Perish. As long as I Perish, I might as well write about the system of Continue reading