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Unfinished Pain

21 Aug

Katrina Orders
Pain. I feel it deeply when I see
my people get cold murdered.
In the North, West, East, South.
We used to rule the four corners.
What happened to us to get enslaved
like the beasts that now slay us?


Pain. I see it when my people Continue reading


Ignorance Is Futile

30 Jul

The Good Old DaysConstant inner sick circle fighting
Seeking a scapegoat to unite over
and more towards the next conflict

Choosing sides the most unwise thing
Volunteer being the sacrificial lamb
Warring tribes eager to unite against Continue reading

No Life. No Liberty. Only Pursuit.

27 Apr


No Life. No Liberty. Only Pursuit.

Happiness cannot be a science.
Science is the cutting up of things.

Cut up something that is alive to die.
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White Pete Is My Biggest Fan. Attack Mailer

27 Dec

Lynette Mager blackfaceMy Helliday Break will continue well into the next year, but I will do some guest appearances on my own blog site. I feel like I should. As you will be able to tell from this article, I had some more fanatic mail that alerted me to the desire of those fanatics to read some more on their favorite topic: their beloved jhws. I have trashed the fan-mail, and will shortly break my Helliday Break to accommodate the desire of my white fans.

Even though, I do have several of their bibble ‘the art of war’ – or more commonly know as the “Bible”- handy, I will go by what I recently reread in the first chapter of the Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed. As I am once again attempting to read through the Leviathan by happy man Thomas Hobbes, I could easily accept jhws as Levites. Continue reading

Black Pete Got Knocked Out

9 Dec

Little_African_Dainty_MorselTNPut away the crocodile tears. White pete in Hell Land already knows that the celebration of Black slavery on December 5th will be highly – if not utterly – inappropriate next year. They cannot put on blackface without getting accused of smearing the image and legacy of Rolihlahla Mandela. The free dome fighter that got turned into a smiling preacher in jail. Who could have predicted that Nelson Mandela would trump all our efforts to show that black pete has to go? Shu.

Mandela. He has taken December 5th away from insane white pete. It will be a day of commemoration without any room for blackface. No Black Pete, or else. Or else get used to having your links to the ongoing Apartheid exposed. I predicted as much last year. To use this day to shine Continue reading

Paris Showing the White Pete Tradition of Pyring A Mind

5 Dec

Blackface Dutch Avro CultuurgidsThis is where real healing shows the power of the NTR. I left it to Nature to deal with white pete and black pete sitting in a tree, et voila, there She is: Storm. Yes, the real X-Men and Women are elements of Nature, thus Black. Well, I will give Magneto back to white pete. The insanity of white pete is like a magnet indeed. You have to wear your protective Neteru shield, or say good-mourning to your sanity. In any case, the Netcher gave me the room to deal with Paris before I embark on dealing with the issue of those of us who Perish in many other ways too.

It is quite a simple story. I remember going to the Louvre museum in Paris last century. There were still French francs to deal with, and xenophobia was still relatively hidden. People would not actively abuse me, instead most chose to passively ignore me. I guess, they were hoping that I would just go away if they refused to look. Passive aggression. It is a tactic that Continue reading

Black Pete Is A Matter of White Pete

12 Nov

Blackface at StonehengeHow is the black pete war going? One year ago Dutch new-waste-papers had difficulty publishing articles on protests, while a platoon of protesters from the UK, thought it was important enough to hop over to Hell Land and participate in raising a less humble voice. One year later, and Hell Land has declared a black pete war. Let us protest aloud this Saturday. Saturn’s day. Black is the appropriate color.

If I had been here last year, my sick mind would have been of no use. I needed to flee both Hell Land and Paris to come to a better understanding of the white sickness. Indeed, I had more important things to do. Like talking to white pete elsewhere, about jhws and nazis holding hands. Dang. There I go again, getting my article blocked by WordPress. Continue reading