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Less Sense of More War

27 Jul



Veiled Sight
As the dark has spread to block the Sun.
Doctoring minds got people thinking they are the One.

Eyes Veiled
As the flickering of their screens screwed in.
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Tree Is A Crowd. Three Is A Crown

13 Apr

aging bad guys - chiesa-2The Dutch arab war. It is not what it seems. I am already bored with it, but as the consequences will be brutal for us, I will just write this post. A kind of “told you so”. I am not that interested in explaining what can be clearly seen by looking around for a minute, that is if you cannot be moved to attach your self worth to arabs. You can rest assured that they do not attach (self) worth to us.

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Repetition of Lies

25 Mar

the_powers_of_ma_at_by_chris dacus

Their truth is repetition of their lies

Dare to doubt, get harassed by their spies

Dead eyes demanding you back in line

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“Allochtoon” – ‘Colored’ People Are A Special Kind of Tone

6 Nov

Albino ZebraWhat’s in a Name: The Classification of Non-Native Dutch People
By Eboné Bishop, 2004

“According to data of the Central Bureau of Statistics, there are around three million [allochtonen] in the Netherlands, which is 19% of the total population of 16.1 million inhabitants.”

Is a person living in the Netherlands all his life but born in Germany considered an allochtoon? What about a person from the Dutch Antilles or Sudan? In Dutch society not every non-native Dutch person is considered to be an allochtoon. In this paper we will attempt to define and analyze the untranslatable Dutch term allochtoon as well as reveal its implications for integration and diversity in Dutch society by addressing this question: Can an allochtoon ever be fully accepted in Dutch society?  Continue reading

Stepping Back Into White Pete’s Cave

19 Aug

Hell's Gate TurkmenistanIt is not for the lack of trying. I just cannot do it without going insane. I cannot live a double life of doing exactly as insane white pete dictates, and then to “act Black” underground. Under what ground? Or, under whose ground? I have worked on many projects in the past year, and the only thing that seemed underground was the money. So, the projects have come to an end. I learned a bunch, but it is white pete that is going to profit from it for a while. If not to have me solve some of their petty problems or be the problem for them to focus on, then to keep me busy and away from my community. Back to work General, and “no more of that No Black Pete nonsense.”

Working for white pete is like stepping into a cave. As I enter their sick buildings my senses go into purple alert. There is no Natural light in those buildings, how can I then function Naturally? They know that if I do not get regular fresh air and contact with Sun-Ray, at one point I will start to malfunction and dysfunction. And white pete will rejoice for they will take that I will have transformed into their beloved black pete. Continue reading

Something About the Weather

1 Aug

Covered in...Writing about the weather has helped. The real clouds moved away faster, while the chemical clouds spread. How will the Sun, the chemicals and their tanning lotion effect their health? They will let us know when it is too late to stop their skin from turning into pleather. Seemingly, the chemicals work best at night. Same as in Winter when records were broken. Most rain, longest rain, most cold, longest cold, most snow… et cetera, since 1913, 1802, 1793 or the fake birth day of their Jhw-zeus.

Writing about the weather has helped me to let go of white pete. I had to. As I ignored white pete, I could see Chinese laughing out loud while ganging up on me. Classic psychopathic behavior. They pretend to be Black, and curse at white pete, jhws, arabs, and Black people at the same time. I suspect that Indians will soon join their list. Black pete without the blackface is… yellow? The audacity to ‘direct’ me to stay focused Continue reading

Getting Rid of Some White Noise

22 May

Black Is Beautiful 2It has happened again. I had an article ready for posting, but I felt discomfort which stopped me short form clicking on ‘schedule’. My own words warned me. I have touched upon something somewhere that I need to take another look at, before I publish. There must be some poison in the text, and I am to find it. I need to get it out, or serve a remedy for that poison.

But, all that keeps coming to mind is the brown – Black divide. To see an overwhelming part of brown Black falling over themselves to keep as much distance as they can from people who look ‘African’. Of course, I take that personally. I look Continue reading