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Key Karma

9 Jul

Write what is the plan without having to stick to it. The machines and immortals looking to see what they can make of it. It does not pay to remain vague on the games they play with us. Reality is fake for those who know not how to make it in. Taken for real by those who strive for it.

Write what is to stick without having the plan for it. The system and the grid in place for those who know to play with us. It does not pay to play to win where there can be no gain. Dreams are real for those who know not how to make it out. Taken for fake by those who live for it. Continue reading


Bey Right Back Once

17 Feb

bodypainter-corie-willet-twistinbangs-beautiful-nightmares-10 TSIt does not matter what I write about anymore. My work is not free, yet used freely in mainstream. People take it apart line by line to run crazy with it. Stats show that no one reads my articles, yet odd stuff happens. Chemtrail emoticons appearing the day after I voiced my opinion on it a few years ago. I cannot say I love them too, and upside down pentagrams was of little interest to me. But, thank you for letting me know that the military ‘likes’ what I write. It was not what I was going for, but no more time to waste on it as I had other problems to get to. Some of their toys interfering with my mind, and brutal attacks to survive. After writing on the red and blue hose down, I could not even react to presidents using my work and words. What is bigger than world leaders – well, their script writers – checking in to see?

BeyBey, of course. She put out a video resembling the way I write my articles. Aside many words, I use ridiculous strong pictures to tell a story, she used seemingly ridiculous text to tell a story alongside strong imaging. That was not the only link. As the author of my work, I recognize my work. BeyBey has taken a liking to NBP? Continue reading