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Act Like You Know Me

17 Jan

lightning-control-devviContinue to complain about the life I suffer? This site is done, but not the stories. I have seen some very improbable scenarios come to fruition in the past few years. I know, as I wrote them. As the author of my work… But, today gets a cake. An orange one. Enjoy my dinner.

A completely different introduction than I had been contemplating for another article – and site – this morning after I fought out of sleep. I got up ready to declare war on the other side. The brutal attack yesterday and the day before yester’s yester, showed me to put an end to the TI ‘game’. If I still have to fight people in my sleep, then when can I rest? Yeah, I know the answer. I went to the same indoctrination and propaganda schools as most. But, IS the other side not deaSh?!

The odd thing was that through all the ridicule in the earliest hours, Continue reading


Hostile Helter

16 Jul

Image result for tightrope woman

Just because it is a game does not mean it ain’t dangerous. NBP

Sometimes the game ain’t a game. NBP

If you have not been chosen to play, it ain’t no game. NBP

After staying in the hostile for two years, I am overdone with it. Anything I was to learn from it will go stale the longer I have to endure it. I was already tired at the beginning of it. People going through my stuff and wreck it, was a step too much far into no-man-nor-woman’s-land. You can warn these hostiles one time, two times, two hundred times, but they choose not to listen. To stay is to have to wreck their personal business. Just because I have chosen not to, does not mean that I cannot push to do it. As I am quite tired of Perish too.

Maybe next year, I will look back and laugh at it. But for now, laughing is a matter of the Nile. This hostile mind has proven to be a prison not worth the suffering. To dislodge from it is the only solution I have for it. Until I get a handle on it and steady away from it, I will have to end my babble on NBP. Continue reading

The Redundancy of Calling White Pete A Criminal

19 Mar

Amsterdam Red Shield CrestLocal elections? More like city council Idols. I was going to award only one line in this first paragraph to stating the obvious on the puppet show. Arabs have their own political parties to vote for, so does it not make sense for Black people to vote in… Black people? Not arabs. Not Indians or ‘Hindustani’. And for pete sake, do not look at the jhws. They own the system, so they can vote for any party and get their ill wishes come true without much effort. Pick Black candidates to vote for, as the lack of our own political puppet party shows where we really are at as muted property (citizens). Then spend the next years harassing our Black puppets on every move they make. It is what white pete selected them for anyway. Piñata! Continue reading

White Pete Taking A Back Seat to This Babble

26 Jan

R.Kelly and Aaliyah NBSay what, girlfriend? R. Kelly fired someone who wants to grow up to be just like him, for unethical behavior? That child molester needs to stop clowning, or put his Zorro mask back on. I have no interest in him nor his music. I am not wetting any black panties over him. Nor Beyoncé. Expensive slow twerker. Nor the Braxtons. Lil Kim wants her face back.

What is wrong with those people?! Can they not be rich and fabulous? Continue reading

Getting Haitians to Volunteer Back Into Slavery

9 Jan

To read that Haiti has over 100 billion dollars worth of Natural “resources” made me think of this article I wrote last year at TMB. How many have died for no good reason? Oil and gold to be stolen, are not a good reason. We are looking at millionaires starve, and millionaires getting kicked out of the Dominican Republic. Yes. That Black Black child in the picture should be able to lift white children out of poverty. Now what?!


Too Much Black

Something went wrong as I reblogged this post. So, I decided to just post the article and link. After I have my say.

This picture is haunting. I have watched white people in Holland go on about their victimhood based on their Second World War, uttering empty words about ‘never forgetting’ while they collect nice financial benefits beyond death to do us part. Never forget what?

Never forget that the successful slave revolt on Haiti has been made into the excuse needed to isolate and punish Haitians. That is, poor Black Haitians, the ones who still look like the kidnapped and enslaved Africans who dared to take ‘free’. The rich Haitians have been welcomed in

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White Santa Has A White Helliday Gift

23 Dec

Smooth CriminalThere has been quite a storm. The Dutch govern-your-mind has proceeded in its plans to force its poverty-stricken property into further debt. After the success of the mandatory health scare scheme, the plans to steal more money back from their property through housing benefits have been further implemented.

The success of the mandatory health scare scheme is manifold. One has to be an excellent vessel for evil to be able to birth it. White pete is no individual, so it took quite an army of white bodies and pale horses to congregate and put it together. Many ministers and secretaries were needed to preach the gospel of better health scare through mandatory payments. Continue reading

No Black Pete Makes Room For Too Much Black

29 Oct

Twilight zone. I need to deal with Paris, but an even bigger issue showed itself. That is what you get when you keep digging in the murky water. You find other people’s skeletons. As I listen to my own words, finally some joy is seeping in. I recognize that those are not my skeletons. I do not have to take ownership, and thus I have the space to charcoal-donut-ad-labeled-racistguard myself against the invasion of thoughts that are not mine nor for me to deal with.

What does this have to do with black pete? Figure it out for yourself, or let me cast the spell. The reawakening of the spirit of physical and mental slavery every year for months at an end, has lost its spell over me. I have written about this torment for a long while now, and I see past the white babble. Like some of my ancestors had to. I recognize the immense suffering, but I need to reach back further to those who know what is going on. Those who still hold the key, because they made the key. Continue reading