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Key Karma

9 Jul

Write what is the plan without having to stick to it. The machines and immortals looking to see what they can make of it. It does not pay to remain vague on the games they play with us. Reality is fake for those who know not how to make it in. Taken for real by those who strive for it.

Write what is to stick without having the plan for it. The system and the grid in place for those who know to play with us. It does not pay to play to win where there can be no gain. Dreams are real for those who know not how to make it out. Taken for fake by those who live for it. Continue reading


Caught In Their Nebula

28 Apr



Caught in their Nebula

Ignorant to getting caught

Unknown to any thing

Mistaking light for dark

Continue reading

White Pete Chaos Theory

31 Dec

Black & White Faces by Alexander Khokhlov-16

Black Matter White Chaos

Dark Matter melts into mystery
As pages grow to show mastery

The heartless resolving to piracy
Guiding suffering without privacy

Breathing water, air, sky into lunar
Into earth awaken to embody solar

Frozen finger reshaping to live Continue reading

Paris Showing the White Pete Tradition of Pyring A Mind

5 Dec

Blackface Dutch Avro CultuurgidsThis is where real healing shows the power of the NTR. I left it to Nature to deal with white pete and black pete sitting in a tree, et voila, there She is: Storm. Yes, the real X-Men and Women are elements of Nature, thus Black. Well, I will give Magneto back to white pete. The insanity of white pete is like a magnet indeed. You have to wear your protective Neteru shield, or say good-mourning to your sanity. In any case, the Netcher gave me the room to deal with Paris before I embark on dealing with the issue of those of us who Perish in many other ways too.

It is quite a simple story. I remember going to the Louvre museum in Paris last century. There were still French francs to deal with, and xenophobia was still relatively hidden. People would not actively abuse me, instead most chose to passively ignore me. I guess, they were hoping that I would just go away if they refused to look. Passive aggression. It is a tactic that Continue reading

White Pete Orchestrating the Black Pete War

1 Dec

Hans Visser Deciding On Black Pete In ReigersbosYonder, it is a good thing other people show me that I am not to get caught up and sent on a goose chase. I do not always mind a goose chase, as I will use it to get some information and test my knowledge. I went on a goose chase today, and I found out that in the part of Amsterdam where most – surely not all – Black people live, some white pete decided that they were going to enforce Satan Claus and black pete on the Dutch Black children anyway. I saw the proven pictures put up on Security Media. That smells like a year-long boycott of the white pete stores in Reigersbos to me.

Yet, when some white students decided to order 300 or something yellow jhw david stars to pin on the visitors to their private Sinterklaas party, the police stopped them. The same police that has no problem putting on blackface and a wig? Certainly, the same police that has no problem arresting their Black chief detective – or whatever that rank is – when he does not have his pig suit on. Sure enough, the same police Continue reading

Foreign Mirror

19 Nov

Blackface - Dark Lines Griphee

They care not for our Gods. Just us.
They made themselves as gods. Then put a system in place
to indoctrinate us. Make us believe they are better than us.
We ignore ourselves to be their slaves. Unworthy of speaking
to them directly. So we lash out agaist our own. Only us.

They envy our bodies and our minds. Not us.
They blind us from our Gods. Put in place their system of slavery
to indoctrinate themselves to act like us. To look like us.
We look upon them as worthy masters. Worthy of yielding
corrupted power over us. Our own power foreign to us. Only us. Continue reading

No Black Pete Makes Room For Too Much Black

29 Oct

Twilight zone. I need to deal with Paris, but an even bigger issue showed itself. That is what you get when you keep digging in the murky water. You find other people’s skeletons. As I listen to my own words, finally some joy is seeping in. I recognize that those are not my skeletons. I do not have to take ownership, and thus I have the space to charcoal-donut-ad-labeled-racistguard myself against the invasion of thoughts that are not mine nor for me to deal with.

What does this have to do with black pete? Figure it out for yourself, or let me cast the spell. The reawakening of the spirit of physical and mental slavery every year for months at an end, has lost its spell over me. I have written about this torment for a long while now, and I see past the white babble. Like some of my ancestors had to. I recognize the immense suffering, but I need to reach back further to those who know what is going on. Those who still hold the key, because they made the key. Continue reading