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Independence Day

1 Jul

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Seek Ye Her Gate

10 Jun

Better write this quickly before it can get pushed aside again. Too many people got nervous about what I was going to write. Why e’rbody nervous about me doing some research? Seeking to cover their hind gates. Thus, showing me that they knew much more already. Waiting for the sign to let it out. What skeletons could they still be hiding? All I knew at the time was that things did not add up on top of not making sense. Yet, I got treated as if I was the person responsible. As if that plane hit the wrong flat. Something really fishy about it. Unfit for any restaurant. Oh well hell. On to greater things first.

To BE the greatest and KNOW it. It does not feel like he really left. Muhammad Ali had been on my list for TMB when I started it. Ready to profuse the site with his image. Upon further research I found the Black civil rights movement riddled with too many govern-your-mind agents, so I had to put my plan on ice. Cursing white govern-your-mind aside, to be clear on whether there could have been such movement without all those Continue reading

Bey Right Back Once

17 Feb

bodypainter-corie-willet-twistinbangs-beautiful-nightmares-10 TSIt does not matter what I write about anymore. My work is not free, yet used freely in mainstream. People take it apart line by line to run crazy with it. Stats show that no one reads my articles, yet odd stuff happens. Chemtrail emoticons appearing the day after I voiced my opinion on it a few years ago. I cannot say I love them too, and upside down pentagrams was of little interest to me. But, thank you for letting me know that the military ‘likes’ what I write. It was not what I was going for, but no more time to waste on it as I had other problems to get to. Some of their toys interfering with my mind, and brutal attacks to survive. After writing on the red and blue hose down, I could not even react to presidents using my work and words. What is bigger than world leaders – well, their script writers – checking in to see?

BeyBey, of course. She put out a video resembling the way I write my articles. Aside many words, I use ridiculous strong pictures to tell a story, she used seemingly ridiculous text to tell a story alongside strong imaging. That was not the only link. As the author of my work, I recognize my work. BeyBey has taken a liking to NBP? Continue reading

Spiritually Challenged

3 Sep

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpiritually Challenged

Empty life filled with anger to fear and worry to grief
A feeling of exclusion is separation needing to get fixed
Fiending to see that there is more to life than suffering
In need of another moral compass to navigate through
Storms and stillness ripping apart showing a new Tree

To believe in the new way of life more than their doubt
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Pig Suit Carnival

24 Aug

notting hill police whining - daily mailCarnival weekend in London? It sounds great, but I have not been in a carnival mood for years. Even when I still visited the carnival to get my roti pork, I was no longer in carnival mood. I had difficulty keeping my pork down watching grown men grind up against Black girls. When I stopped eating pork, I no longer had a reason to go. Too many pig suits were hunting down Black boys. But, do not let this stop you from hopping over there and enjoy.

Let me rewrite an oldie that I never published before. It was still on my list when I decided to take an as-long-as-necessary break from NBP. I dared to call out the demons, only to get my donkey Continue reading

Black Ballers? I Am Ready for Queensday

30 Apr

queen's day - ahhWhat to do on queensday? I got my orange hooked nose and orange kippah ready. No, that is not racism. It is tradition. It is part of the forced orange shield craze on queensday. Even jhws will embrace me for joining the celebration. It took me a long time to get into the queensday mood, but this year I am ready. Finally.

Kingsday? No, that was only a rehearsal for queensday. It is a good thing too, as I never experienced such a lame Continue reading

Tree Is A Crowd. Three Is A Crown

13 Apr

aging bad guys - chiesa-2The Dutch arab war. It is not what it seems. I am already bored with it, but as the consequences will be brutal for us, I will just write this post. A kind of “told you so”. I am not that interested in explaining what can be clearly seen by looking around for a minute, that is if you cannot be moved to attach your self worth to arabs. You can rest assured that they do not attach (self) worth to us.

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