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Independence Day

1 Jul

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Black Ballers? I Am Ready for Queensday

30 Apr

queen's day - ahhWhat to do on queensday? I got my orange hooked nose and orange kippah ready. No, that is not racism. It is tradition. It is part of the forced orange shield craze on queensday. Even jhws will embrace me for joining the celebration. It took me a long time to get into the queensday mood, but this year I am ready. Finally.

Kingsday? No, that was only a rehearsal for queensday. It is a good thing too, as I never experienced such a lame Continue reading

The Next Journey of Mandela

6 Dec

My brain has a mind of its own. I passed out yesterday for no obvious good reason. To turn on my computer this morning and see my search engine screen show a picture of something that was made to look somewhat like Nelson Mandela.

While the Storm continues in Hell Land. While the air planes keep flying over to spray toxic chemicals. The world seems submerged in the frenzy of mourning a Legend. We have a need to know, and we want to know it now. Thanks to Security Media we can find out quite a bit quite fast. I have uploaded a few articles and videos on Too Much Black and Perfidious Albinos myself. Continue reading

White Pete Has Some White Babble to Share

4 Nov

How It Used to Be?Understand Sinterklaas and Black Peter before judging
by Daniel Schulten (2011)
notes by No Black Pete (2012)

In any case the Black Peter role predates the slave trade

White schooling is poor education. They teach children about Black slavery for the whole of 30 minutes, compared to a three-year propaganda curriculum on jhws and their concentration camps in their Second War on themselves, topped by a yearly two-day mandatory guilt display. But, then again, the children do get to celebrate Black slavery for at least a month every year. It is no wonder that their sick minds do not want to know about Black slave trade, except that Black people should “get over it already” and for white pete to continue with the business of it. 

As for predating the Black slavery they do not want to know anything about, that is a matter of refusing to educate themselves on this matter. Ignore it and it might go away. Even though I was victimized by the same sick schooling, I made an effort to undress the lies. Continue reading

We Are the Guardians of Kwakoe and Kwaku

6 Aug

Kwakoe Festival at5The beauty of Kwakoe. Alike last year, I have waited for Kwakoe – now Kwaku Summer Festival  – to finish, before writing about it. I am of the belief that I am not to stand in the way of the organization. Those who put in the time and effort are to finish what they started, and for me to hold my peace until the fat lady has left the grounds. Of course, peace does not extend to the violation of my civil rights. Uh, civil privileges and human rights. I am all for security against white corporate crime, but very much against the securing of admission-fee paying public. I fully expected to have to stand my ground last weekend as well, but I found that things had changed for the better.

Bypassing a large crowd waiting to buy paper wrist bands to enter the concentration camp, I found that there were many more booths to buy the bands from. Within five minutes, I was ready to get inside the camp. Mentally prepared to defend my rights, I found that no one was interested in even dealing with me. I was not awarded a chance to sharpen my civil disobedience skills. Instead, only those Continue reading

Know Why White Pete Wanted Kwaku

16 Jul

Crowd - Misha Gordon7Too many things on my mind, my mind on too many things. That means that I need to unload. Let me start with the obvious. The Trayvon Martin case – to call it what it was – seemed like just another unreality tele-sick-vision show, as it had the same script. A finely scripted script with finely scripted roles. A big divide across the color lines for the ignorant audience that has been fed empty white babble about justice for all in a white supremacy system. Black people get into an emotional state, while white pete remains ice cold. Quite comfortable with his own sick vision, white pete allows the audience to entertain him. Feeding us more empty babble to get our blood boiling. The verdict? If the “creepy cracka” does not fit, then you must acquit.

We now await the civil law suit, so we can watch Trayvon’s parents triumph like the family of OJ’s dead wife did. Never mind that the government agent seduced and killed the dead wife. Is Zimmerman a government agent too? Let the family wait for him to write a  book on how he targeted Trayvon, and sue him for the Continue reading

Kwakoe Came Alive At Keti Koti

2 Jul

Biki Spikri 2011 - 18I do not work on Keti Koti day, that is why I posted an update the day before. And now it is the day after. Back to work soldiers.

On Keti Koti I was about to conclude that I had not much to complain about when it came to the festival in Oosterpark in Amsterdam. But, that was before I heard them announce that Aptijt was not going to perform. Nevertheless, something was pleasantly different. Someone worded it exactly right. This Keti Koti festival felt exactly like Kwakoe. The old Kwakoe, not what became of it in the struggle for ‘power’. Was there still any Keti Koti to Keti Koti? Well, the ‘owner’ was present.

Let me explain. It is no secret that I waste no time losing ‘love’ on the 0range shield or red shield or whomever plots to own the subjects of certain countries. The new king of Holland (yes, the Netherlands and the overseas colonies) does not need our love. He is the boss, and we are to do as his government says. Give him the money. Hopefully most people have woken up to realize that “government” is only a shield for Continue reading