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Ill Not Keeping Still

26 Jun

How the well hell did I convince myself that it was okay to write about the Bijlmer disaster? What made me think that I could write the demons off me? I got ready to hire a bandwagon and everything. The demons remaining steady on their own terrorizing wagon. Chemtrail sunbathing, while ordering another drink. Uranium and a malfunctioning bolt? I must be utterly mad. Under mind control of some cthulhu monster or something. I have no other excuse available. I have not been running a fever. No logic to hide the insanity of it. Cthulhic it is. Cthulhu reminds me of catholhies for some reason. Showing alcoholic priests. Mad point proven.

Media not touching the Bijlmer disaster, not even with a ten foot… ten meter pole, shows no-man’s-land. A desert harboring blinded scapegoats, and cthulhic priests hunting them. For a Black woman to take a stroll down there shows the double blind spell still working. For me to double dare publish on the disaster was to find myself a pariah even in alternative media. “Some people are loners.” Loner patsy. Duh. I told you that already. In forged isolation, I read plenty of articles showing the bits and pieces of the disaster story without mentioning it. No balls. Continue reading


Seek Ye Her Gate

10 Jun

Better write this quickly before it can get pushed aside again. Too many people got nervous about what I was going to write. Why e’rbody nervous about me doing some research? Seeking to cover their hind gates. Thus, showing me that they knew much more already. Waiting for the sign to let it out. What skeletons could they still be hiding? All I knew at the time was that things did not add up on top of not making sense. Yet, I got treated as if I was the person responsible. As if that plane hit the wrong flat. Something really fishy about it. Unfit for any restaurant. Oh well hell. On to greater things first.

To BE the greatest and KNOW it. It does not feel like he really left. Muhammad Ali had been on my list for TMB when I started it. Ready to profuse the site with his image. Upon further research I found the Black civil rights movement riddled with too many govern-your-mind agents, so I had to put my plan on ice. Cursing white govern-your-mind aside, to be clear on whether there could have been such movement without all those Continue reading

Distracting Destructive nature

12 Oct

matthieu-bourel-faces-multilayered-collages-3 asdI had a babble post ready, but I took it down. Something has been bothering me for a while, and I choose to give it a chance to bubble up to surface. I can already tell that it has something to do with Nature. Earth. The Mother that gave us our bodies and shows us how to breathe.

Beautiful people are hurting, because some let their greed tell them that it is fair. It is how they play. Taught by their parents, teachers and govern-mind. The children’s games put in practice before they learn that there are consequences. They do not mind the consequences, only govern them. They do not feel any responsibility Continue reading

She Who Knocks Gets Tarred

22 Sep

fall-orange-natureWho knocks? I hear of an equinox. Change of seasons? A change of life is in order. Something I read on white corporate gangs, reminded me of negotiations with the university on damages. It was not only that the judge refused to burn himself by awarding damages. It was more so that the mediator pushed aside her pretense impartiality and called me “persistent”. After I had noticed that she had contacted the university without informing me, I knew that I was only getting pumped for information. I had already lost the case before I could sit down to figure out the numbers.

Continue reading

Black Ballers? I Am Ready for Queensday

30 Apr

queen's day - ahhWhat to do on queensday? I got my orange hooked nose and orange kippah ready. No, that is not racism. It is tradition. It is part of the forced orange shield craze on queensday. Even jhws will embrace me for joining the celebration. It took me a long time to get into the queensday mood, but this year I am ready. Finally.

Kingsday? No, that was only a rehearsal for queensday. It is a good thing too, as I never experienced such a lame Continue reading

Tree Is A Crowd. Three Is A Crown

13 Apr

aging bad guys - chiesa-2The Dutch arab war. It is not what it seems. I am already bored with it, but as the consequences will be brutal for us, I will just write this post. A kind of “told you so”. I am not that interested in explaining what can be clearly seen by looking around for a minute, that is if you cannot be moved to attach your self worth to arabs. You can rest assured that they do not attach (self) worth to us.

Why is there an arab signal at night? Continue reading

Arab Pete Made Me Do It

9 Apr

Albino SnakeDear evildoers, ill wishers, and vile thinkers,

Thank you for thinking of me in my time of troubles. Perish could not have happened without you, and I have been so ungrateful to not consider thanking you for it before.

Boulers of all colors. Wow. I had no idea. I knew something was up when I noticed the ease in which you punish, but to find out that you have a whole system to use for your evil doings has been nothing short of shocking. Yes, I know, using it comes at a high price. Continue reading