Hostile Helter

16 Jul

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Just because it is a game does not mean it ain’t dangerous. NBP

Sometimes the game ain’t a game. NBP

If you have not been chosen to play, it ain’t no game. NBP

After staying in the hostile for two years, I am overdone with it. Anything I was to learn from it will go stale the longer I have to endure it. I was already tired at the beginning of it. People going through my stuff and wreck it, was a step too much far into no-man-nor-woman’s-land. You can warn these hostiles one time, two times, two hundred times, but they choose not to listen. To stay is to have to wreck their personal business. Just because I have chosen not to, does not mean that I cannot push to do it. As I am quite tired of Perish too.

Maybe next year, I will look back and laugh at it. But for now, laughing is a matter of the Nile. This hostile mind has proven to be a prison not worth the suffering. To dislodge from it is the only solution I have for it. Until I get a handle on it and steady away from it, I will have to end my babble on NBP. No comments on strides made in entertainment and other sports, as people speak up. The famous ones getting tired of the attacks too. Who gives a toss that it is scripted. Scripts are to push actors to deliver their best. Speak out, or else be forgotten when your time is up. No comments on other terrorist attacks, hoaxes, false flags, and other psy warfare. It is left for others to feast on. Such a shame, as I have a truck load of work to dump on my ungrateful fanatic thievers. But, this is the end of the rope. A blue one with a code.

To think that I smirked at the extra surveillance from high up. On the other side there was no laughing going on. Who knows what they had set the hostile to do. Showing that their game has not been a game. Not for me. Who knows what would have happened if I had not taken my own warning seriously? I only know what happened because I did. They had to backstep and tried to force me to give up a name. From one hostile problem to the next. Nothing I can go into for now, as these hostiles play to win. All I can say is that I better find a certain pilot to marry. Aw, relax. Just some light humor. Until the next attack. What alla-y’all akbars got cooking? HA. Oh, not funny? I know, BLaMe it on the stress of the game that is no game.

Good thing you flew BeyBey into Helland to come give me my check. Long overdue. Her show is just getting started, so I will happily receive my abundance in the Sunny morning. First thing I would do? Eat a decent meal. Junk food is really not my thing. But I will diet on sugar before letting the hostile dictate what to eat. Oh, snap. The hostile has been clever to sabotage my diet and thus control what I eat. Showing in the ‘small’ what I have written about in the ‘big’. Okay, lesson learned. Now to get out of this hostile helter. BeyBey… I am not kidding. Check please.

[This article will probably got rewritten. I have not decided yet.]


One Response to “Hostile Helter”

  1. No Black Pete August 29, 2016 at 5:20 am #

    It was not an easy task I set,
    but however you got to do it
    you were going to do it.

    It is easy to pick miracles,
    so I set a specific one.

    I was not taking anything else seriously.
    Witnesses to see that it got done. Impressive.

    Only two weeks to get him in place.
    Good thing you had more time for the next one.

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