Key Karma

9 Jul

Write what is the plan without having to stick to it. The machines and immortals looking to see what they can make of it. It does not pay to remain vague on the games they play with us. Reality is fake for those who know not how to make it in. Taken for real by those who strive for it.

Write what is to stick without having the plan for it. The system and the grid in place for those who know to play with us. It does not pay to play to win where there can be no gain. Dreams are real for those who know not how to make it out. Taken for fake by those who live for it.

Write the words that travel to roar when things feel too heavy. They keep Black people lucked out by promising freedom. Prefer freedom of demon gods playing angles. Pushed to fall into service, chained to attack. Bullets to back up their children’s play. Monkey see and monkey do kill.

Write the words that roar heavy when fright travels too tight. Black people keep trailing to take part in a world faking freedom. Prefer wisdom of Nature nurturing angels. Pushed to show respect, crowned to protect. Monkeys left to their imitation play. Monkey thrown off me is ending ill.

Write the words that they lust for to reject the vortex of pain on the unwary and wary unlike. Pops in service board programmed to connect his children to allow harvest to their greed. Letters loaded. Pictures tell the false stories of white victory. Hijacking shows ultimate fail. Winner avoids no fall.

Write the words that they kill for to eject their destitute state on the unwary and wary alike. Heros at guard overloaded with pleasure to allow their program to connect into his death. Letters floating. Music covers the alarm of Black resurrection. Hacking shows ultimate loss. Loser takes it all.

They can no longer sell it back.


2 Responses to “Key Karma”

  1. No Black Pete July 10, 2016 at 2:19 pm #

    I came out to play. Now I am tired. Great athletics championship, but I was not going to hip skip to the Stadium too. Maybe if I could have gotten a ride in the chopper… Impressive skills. Some may have two left feet, but they can make a chopper dance. Thanks for looking out. But now I need my beauty nap.

    • Kushite Prince November 14, 2016 at 8:12 pm #

      Hey sis! How you been? I hope you’ve been well. Things are getting really hectic in the states. Now that Trump will be president people are losing their Many people feel uncertain about the future.

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