Find Ye His Key

16 Jun

Dead lines in politics. Agents poli-tricking to show what should be of use, forcing me to work overtime reading the waste papers. My work as template for their work as template. Numbers game. Unlike the Dutch Teeven-deal affair, it does not pay off. ‘Bitch-gate’ would be so much more appropriate than ‘snitch-gate’. Must be some different rule. Now I have to deny you access to my new bag. A designer Chinese Cookie Cabana.

Why e’rbody nervous about me doing some research? NBP

1992. Set the scene. A time when the volk did not know about the mobile cell phone ‘revolution’ to be launched within a few years. Savant tracking devices sold as a symbol of freedom. A time when the volk did not know about the computer ‘revolution’ to be launched even more quickly. Savant tracking devices in every home sold as a means to work more efficiently without getting paid for it. Savant tools to harvest information from a web of computers. Rerouted through private government agencies first. Of course.

The use of devices overrated. Landline phone and TV screen worked fine to get me disturbed with the news of the Bijlmer disaster. Under attack to share in the ill spill of it. Lack of smart tracking devices was not the problem. Lack of information was. To be around people spilling forth filth of nonsense instead of knowledge of insight. As if it was only a ‘game’ to them. The ‘game’ of dumping suffering on other people to gain themselves access. Access to better tools to fool the volk.

Why e’rbody nervous about me doing some research? NBP

Already bored with 1992? Well hell. I am not finished with it, but okay. Let me skip to 1998 then. Six years of fooling the foolish folk. Forged to believe that the govern-your-mind pays for all kinds of military snooper devices, yet did not know what had happened? If so, then they were unfit to be chosen to govern the mind of the volk. No, they were fit. ‘Professionals’ selected to handle fishy chores. It is the one deemed not ‘professional’ to look for. No, not the one smiling and laughing. He has been instructed to utter nonsense. Instead, look for the one standing aside looking baffled. The one uninformed, yet knows that things are off. About to get harassed to go on a goose chase to find out why.

Multi-level playing field. Each level with its own agents to sabotage any advance to be made. Any mistake they make of no consequence, as their task to sabotage allows for plenty mistakes. They can reset and pretend change. Then get into attack formation again. Their program on repeat. It does not even require fit acting. The more disdain for someone, the more unhinged and unfit the saboteurs may act. Throwing off their target completely, while they get some training practice on for the more difficult jobs. No initiation, only entertainment.

University should have been the perfect place to learn this. The use of agent students is a ‘tradition’. I used to watch 21 Jump Street on TV. Still, I had no way to substantiate my suspicions that it was based on the real deal. The situation at school more complex than that. I had no useful information on other students and even less on the teachers. And none of the compassion shown on the TV screen wasted on me. Black students were to get held back in favor of the white students protected by the agents. Even if they were as dumb as bricks. Copying from me to pull through. I have a long list of ‘incidents’ to pull from. It is no use. The game is sabotage, no leveling of any playing field for the Black students. White so wrong. Bring in real color into this TV show and things starts making some sense.

Why e’rbody nervous about me doing some research? NBP

1999. No need to know about uranium and mox fuel. Simon says it is harmless. Govern-your-mind says it is harmless to have incompetent people run a nuclear facility in Helland. They are ‘professional’, Simon says. Handpicked by the military brass. To make the volk feel safe, govern-your-mind claims. Nonsense babble broadcast on TV. Uranium and failed engine bolt to show the end of culpa. Helland wanting no responsibility. People were only having imaginary problems. What did Wolffensprenger say? ‘Collective hallucination.’ Die more quickly and be quiet. No wonder so many people got angry. Even among their own ranks. But, why take it out on me?

Patsy. I never considered myself one. Getting trapped. Sure. Getting victimized. Sure. Set up to fail. It is a swan song on repeat. But what for? Patsies get recruited, trained and instructed. Schools and university seem to cover those steps well enough. Still something missing. Research showing that recruited patsies are usually sons of ambitious people already in place to further devious plans. Forcing them to step back or up? May be both. Then where is the ambitious parent stepping up – or getting forced to step down? Without this important step, I would only be a Black woman used as the double blind. Double blind patsy. Dang. Now I done written it all. Nothing left to add.

Reading up on lobbying, I came across old study material. The level of nonsense was astounding. How can anyone pass an exam, let alone graduate from university, based on that babble?! And the course was taught by an esteemed philosophical doctor at that. Someone who had ties into high level national politics for generations. And out in the open too. Why would he allow any of his students to get misinformed? No. He was simply keeping the uninformed so, while the uniformed did not need the babble of his course at all. Only easy credits and his name on their resume. Good for them. Unfortunate for me. They were going to have some fun. Behind the babble there was an assignment tailored for me. I was to write a brief to defend El Al. What?!

Typical Helland childplay. Set up the Black woman in class to defend the jhws. Put to work without pay. As if they needed help in their cunning. “Wir haben es nicht gewusst.” I noted as much back then. And for them to lay off the anti-sam-ish warrior cry, or else go lobby to get their cargo in Germany. Good enough to pass the course and move on, right? Wrong. I got held back. Getting only half the credits, thus forced to take another course to get held back in as well. What the hell did they expect? For me to lie like El Al? They were on top of that themselves perfectly. A front office to the back office of lucrative lucifer business. They lied, denied, lied some more. Masters of the lie. Nothing to add to that.

More importantly, what did their lies have to do with any thing? The course was on lobbying in the health care sector. Where was the information on the lobby of El Al then? What health scare business did they have? This teacher who was the epitome of political insight had no answer for me. I had been on the money on El Al, even though I had no information on the military organization and violation of international treaties. Govern-your-mind busy hiding the back office. How was I to know more than what they let out?

Laughing matters to them. They had no intention to let me graduate. No graduation, only harm and debt. Even the old women at the library knew to get on my case and sabotage. Forged to struggle about and watch the department get pushed into its own ruin. It was to make room for the weak version of what it should have been. ‘Professionals’ in charge of the destruction. Only students selected to enjoy ruining any welfare state that had been constructed. Some students none the wiser. Some students not students. Other students know only the difference, thus enough to stay out of the way.

Why e’rbody nervous about me doing some research? NBP

Perfect patsy. Not one of those actors on TV, who get trained to seem untrained. They actually get away with it. Most students at school did not have to pay attention to school politics, only learned to accept the flow and go with it. As alleged adults they continue with it. But those who dealt with agents can wake up to stop those pigs from flying. Even if only in their own lives. “Game over” and on to dismantle the next level of nonsense. No need to write a dissertation on university politics. It would be a good cover, but I have moved on to more interesting things.

What the HellThere seems to have been some artificial intelligence already at play in 1992. A president in place who knew all about it even back then. ‘Professional’ leader into the pit. Helland ready to know all about it too. Selecting students, holding back anyone else. Make them ‘volunteer’ to test the new toys on.

And, hear ye. Seek ye to find ye perfect patsies.




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