The Prophit

9 May

Change the intro as you have shown to have already used it. Magic, as I had not written it down yet. Only thinking out loud and laughing at it. I suspect there is no patent on the sensors you use. The ‘material’ for it not readily available, so there is no need for it. The volk still mesmerized by smarter phones and ego pads. You go far to stay ahead. So far that you measure once to cut twice.

26. I did not like the book, so I got rid of it. You were quick with that front page. Based on 15, it should have been 21. You already knew that I was mistaken. Based on 6 and 10, it should have been 600. It was. But I called 16. Missing 10. It is not like me to miss something like that. Two stories not one. Indeed, two boards. Figured it out to get shown 10 more missing. A repeat program. Clarity setting in. In time to catch the agent who shows to have access to the program. Worse, access to the sensors. Page 3 showing you know.

As the savant idiot, I can now change my resumé to show all the fraud cases that I had to deal with. No names, only the scams. A long list of them. And to show to know some Math. She is your mantra, because She rules on this level. For me to get better measure. May as well publish what has already been written and absorbed. Trade it for the numbers on the public transport you seem to like so much. No, too late. I see yet another 10 now. A variance on the program? For it got pulled away from someone else to ensure perish. Cunning cut. Twice.

Why am I waiting for the bus? NBP

Entrapment is an easy thing. If one boy cannot get it done, then bring in a girl. Then bring in more boys and girls. Then bring in more groups of boys and girls. Build a school and fill that cave. The whole cave to turn against the inserted victim. Wow, nice win! All against one little girl. How brave! But it must be done. Cannot have one little girl mess up the whole cave system.

Little girls attacked by whole caves grow up not so fond of caves, but the system is organized as a cave system. Cemented caves with windows, curiously oppressive. But it is not the cave, is it? Empty caves are of no threat. It is the ‘people’ that flourish in them. Those who can pretend to work and practice being ‘professional’ at the same time. Those who smile to show cold eyes and push for deviant behavior. Those who cry even though they feel nothing. A trick they learned in the primary cave.

Those who get attacked in caves seek heil away from them. A cage away from hell. The system knows it, and can turn any cage into hell to make their caves look more attractive. It is where they promise the money is at. “You are worth it.” Just find a better cave. So, out you go. Into the arms of the next band of thieves. They will take good care of you. Pushing to fine-tune their attack plan as they read between the lines of the covert program.

Entrapment is an easy thing. Teach one boy to do it. Then teach a girl. Let them teach other ones while they remain under control. Have them teach other ones and be in control. Build a pyramid and put it in a cave. No more free roaming about. Place an alluring ad to bait new victims into the cave. The whole cave to manipulate the inerted victim. Wow, nice win! All against one woman. How brave! But it must be done. Cannot let one Black woman mess up the whole system.




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