S-Stalker S-Pete P-Steps

5 May


Slow down in calm brings much insight. Too bad that my calm kept getting disturbed. Trouble for those who laughed at 6, then at 10. You should not waste time laughing, instead get busy with 15. 15? Where did that come from? Ah, the minimum wage thing. It makes sense if you ignore economics. I meant 16, as I cannot handle 600 yet. 600-6=594. Too slow. For me to take 16 and move to practice with 60 to 100. I may as well as you take too much time to get me a crumb compared to what I could reap if money was important to me. Alright, time for your dose of socra-mess out of my gold-digger bag.

The relationship ends as it begins, as those beginning it have no intention to change themselves. Their aim is to change you. For you to obey, or else feel the pain. NBP

It was annoying to watch this puppet show in the new cave. Several too many games going on at once. All the puppets very able to keep silent on it and hide their play. The woman-in-lead was vicious. Past tense fits only the story – in no way do I expect her to be anything less than more vicious by now. Eager to be allowed to sip some champagne with her bosses. Seeking to laugh her way into their circle? She is one of those vinegar women who cover their every attack with a supposed radiant smile. Radiant poison meant to become mesmerizing. I smiled back and was set to watch her every move. Set to figure out how she got her lead role.

One of her apprentice puppets got a starring role in their set trap for me, but was going overboard in her baiting. I watched her every mistake made. She was the one to tell me how they got rid of the “also very intelligent” expert before me. I ignored her implying that I was “also very intelligent” as it did not explain her very difficulty greeting me in the morning. This “also very intelligent” guy had not been mentioned before, but after the girl did, he was the talk of my team. A surprise that was of no interest to me. Show me his work, and hold the babble. Instead, I got too much more babble. I found the whole thing laughable. He got kicked out for stalking whom?!

“Not a looker” is what a random alcoholic guy in line behind me at a supermarket called me. I have no issue with not being the white of his liking, but how about a few steps distance? Do they not teach that in his ‘program’? This alcoholic seeking to pass for white pete, was trying to talk up a storm to white petra standing on the other side of me. I watched to see if he was going to push past me to get any more closer to her, but other than that I could not muster up interest in his bad act. I noticed all the information I needed, and was ready to keep him on ig. ‘Hurry up with that price check.’ He did not appreciate the ig, so he made sure to insult. Once, twice, three times. This is mention # uno of him. He got two more mentions coming up sometime. It is going to be fun! Really.

Anywho. I kept telling staff in the cave that other women in the department were the pretty ones. They had eyes to see so for themselves if they would dare drop by. But one blonde initiated ‘professional’ was definitely not among the few I was referring to. She did not have the face nor figure. So the stalker could not have gotten captivated by her ‘beauty’. She opened her mouth to bore or lie, and sought to ambush people by deliberately seeking to confuse unprepared – because, hey, I really do not have the time for this sudden enforced meeting so you can open your mouth to bore or lie – with dumb. He could not have been enamored with her s-potter words either.

That was two. Three. She stomped around like a sailor wearing heels. So, I looked at this girl babbling about a guy s-stalking the ‘sailor’ and how he got fired over it as the vinegar-in-lead stepped in to protect her favorite apprentice prodigy. I showed that I was not taken in by the story. S-stalking whom? Her? Because she has… yellow hair? No answer. It must not have been part of the studied script. Message delivered, for the girl to quickly leave. She should have left the story untold, not seek an inconvenient moment to drop the ill on me. No matter, as it did not stop me from getting some work done in her welcomed absence.

But the next time I saw the blonde sailor, I noticed that I was amused. S-stalk her? The sailor?! Come on now. They were having a laugh, right? No laughing matter until they can chalk up the win. But I did not know that, so I dismissed the whole ridiculous thing. Not the behaviors of the players, only the story told. Tumbling down easily lying lips. ‘Professionals’ seeking to build on what I already pushed aside as nonsense. Why would they know where he got his next “very good job”?! Using his name in conversation, not getting the response they pushed for. Pushing for what? Good question.

By the time I was forced to bow out, I still did not know the answer. But after looking back past their s-stalker stick, I came to consider the s-stalker story the only truth spoken in that cave. They can change people into whatever they want them to be. Put dirt on them to keep them in line. Those who do not comply – not fast enough, or thinking they can be ‘professional’ based on their “also very intelligent” expertise or expert work done (as in finished and approved by the corporate boards) instead of lying words and harry whispers – will get to feel the pain. And the pain this bunch brings is to come with much humiliation and self-blame. Well hell, put this way, their puppet show looking too much familiar.


3 Responses to “S-Stalker S-Pete P-Steps”

  1. No Black Pete May 6, 2016 at 11:45 am #

    Pain pictures is all you care for? Here you go…

  2. No Black Pete May 6, 2016 at 12:36 pm #

  3. stuartbramhall May 7, 2016 at 1:40 am #

    I never imagined what it would be like as a black person to be forced to work among Europeans (with all their racist quirks) for their survival needs. It sounds truly dreadful.

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