Through Trauma Transfer

16 Apr

surreal-worlds-sandy-skoglund-10Have I not been playing nice for a while? No material reward? Nope, fish soup does not count. Alright then, let me see what I still have in my bag.

Things are not going to settle down and work out just fine. Too many people for too long a time, have been working hard to make sure the volk was fooled and kept in line. The other line. Those on the frontline take the fall for what they are trained to do. Come look at it from where I sit. Never mind. You already tried that. I better tell you again.

Once you know that the pig suits will lie to you in your face and then some behind your back, you can only trust them to do so. Instead of taking away hostile problems, they have been trained to add to them. The folk is criminal until proven worthy of not getting lied to. No effort to show friendly pig suits on tele-their-sick-vision, can wipe away the handprint that caused the bloody nose.

It is not only the pig suits. Plenty of folks have still managed not to have any dealings with the criminal just-them system. But, all volk know the practice as the whole of govern-your-mind uses it. I found out long ago, when they had planned that I was not to get benefits for the harm and hurt inflicted on me preventing me to volunteer for more work as a professional in one of their caves. I refused to prostitute, so they clawed into me. No spiritual reward, only perish.

The weasel called Verkerk, Versteek, Vermin, or whatever that pathetic excuse for a human donkey is called, had no shame in lying to me. He got the low down on not just some of the on-the-job inflicted trauma, but also the curious occurrence of resurfacing trauma incurred through an enforced accident long before. Hidden knowledge to me. But, this fooling ‘doctor’ Verduyn, Vermin, Versteen, or whatever that professional excuse for a human ass is called, showed much understanding and relating to know about such things happening when dealing with trauma. How difficult it must be to deal with for me. Tell him more.

I will save the rest for when I deal with the file on this vermin properly, as all that is called for now is to let know that he LIED. He had already drawn up the papers to DENY me any right to benefits. He was only digging in to see what bullets I would be using on him, when I would get served his lies. Bullets? How about the truth? Haha. The firm was right. I was no professional. It took me a while to stop fighting that accusation. To realize that only one word was missing to show the truth. I was no professional liar. Uh, yeah. So? So, no benefits. For me to go tell my pathetic truth somewhere else.

Even though this Versteed, Verhulst, Vermin, or whatever that professional insult to any animal is called, did not seem to have dug into me like the others, he made much effort to LIE. He was very successful at it too. His tone and body language already perfected. Taking pride in his ‘profession’. I am sure he survived the huge govern-mind purge. Anyone not understanding that their job was to lie and make up fraud cases, was to get axed. Ignorant to rely on fake budgets, instead of understanding that their salaries would not pay for itself. Out you go. Apply for benefits with… vermin. Finally learn how the ‘professional’ earns his title. Lie. Vermin. Lie.

Anyone wanting to learn how to defraud the volks can take a look at the files of his ‘cases’. People forced to get over their imaginary problems. Get over it and back to work. To get fired for incompetence. Fooled the fool folk. Oh well, you know my policy. Damages to get paid first. You guys have been running up quite a Bill.

Governing minds is just business. In ‘social’ business, employees also have to earn their wages. What they bring in is tallied up to show if they know about the Sun. That It no longer shines for free. Pig suits write tickets for what they see outside of consensus reality, engage in fights with the fools to get judges to hand out hefty fines, add to the kilos of drugs they did not find or subtract from the kilos they did find. Ha, just fooling. Maybe. It is the same for other govern-your-mind employees. Their work gets checked to see how much money they make the system.

They deny benefits after the triple checks allowing for it, fraud cases despite feet-on-the-ground-ear-on-the-wire spy techniques used to prevent the possibility, lower benefits from the legal bottom line due to a list of judicial exception clauses allowing for money-grab through public-private-partnerships. Ha, definitely not fooling. To bring in more than your wages is to get a nice promotion. Shown to be probe-able to teach others how to make ‘mistakes’ and ‘misunderstandings’ as a profession.

Nope. Things are not going to settle down and work out just fine. When you put the vermin on my case to help push me into perish, you knew that I would strike back. Just not when. I had to put things in a better perspective to show the vermin that you do not need to lie to make money. No spy-and-lie needed to know where the money is. His pension plan will cover for his ‘mistakes’ nicely. His provision my profession 3rd Eye MMRnow. Way short to cover the gap from 6 to 10, but the vermin did not think up this plan alone, did he? Not his problem, and no longer mine.

Unless there is another predator in that vermin’s nest that needs to get outed. Well, Santa Satan, before you think to dump any more of your mess on me, let me tell you about the Sun.



2 Responses to “Through Trauma Transfer”

  1. Kushite Prince April 16, 2016 at 7:18 pm #

    Nice post Pete!

  2. No Black Pete April 17, 2016 at 8:55 am #

    Much appreciated.

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