Black Merging Power

3 Mar

As I wait for access to the checking account harboring the many donations of the few that take from the many, I have time to ponder the not-so-subtle pushes to write about the entertainment industry. My article that mentioned R. Kelly sprang back to front. As if I somehow have to decide on his rehabilitation. I do not know the man, only the character that got assassinated. The people who pushed him into the traps set for him, are most qualified to get him out of the mess they created for him.

There is nothing for me to take back from what I have written. But, now that the world has once again been schooled on conspiracy theory and the illuminutti military behind it, anyone can see the handiwork of the agents in the R.idiculous – yet, serious – scheme. As I got touched by military police again recently, I got illumilitaried to see that traps do not get set up without providing for a transfer of power. And, so it shows in this assassination case once again before us.

The Dave Chapelle sketch was sufficient evidence for me. I did not need to see any gory details. A few years ago, someone who had poured over the video to take tips from it told me that it was ‘nothing special’. I took that as plenty of warning to distance myself from the illuminutti agent. As much as I despise the behavior, it is something that was clearly allowed for by the agents around the singer confined to producing. For him to already have a reputation indicating lack of sound morals, has been used to propel a girl into premature starlet doom. No matter who could know how he would ‘protect’ his protégée, it is clear that those who had eyes to see knew.

To use some ridiculous news to write a ridiculous article on serious breaches showing into the nature of the entertainment business into private business, was one thing. Pretending to not know how the illiminutti intelligence agents work is another. They are not “people of the lie”, they are the master agents of it. They wield their weapon with pride. No, Kelly was not innocent. I do not think he ever claimed to be. He wanted the marry the girl he got attached to. People buying her album seemingly agreeing with them. Age ain’t nothing, right? Wrong. After the plan to attach the girl to his ‘power’ had succeeded, the pervert had to bounce. Pushed to mess up, so they could move on to the next part of the plan.

Kelly paid for the enforced mistake with his career. Uh, hold up, wait a minute. No, he did not. He paid for the enforced mistake with his singing career. That was the plan. As his voice can wake up people. It was hard to tell as the music tracks kept people asleep. The distaste I started to feel for some of his songs had already been there before his sordid affairs leaked out for public consumption. Writing about his public image to then see the hand of agents in the assassination of his public character and singing career, allowed for the whole operation to get pushed out of the way to see what they kept him in the industry for. Working hard behind the scenes on… tracks.

We got the worst of both worlds. That is the real tragedy. Making amends and changing his ways – I have not checked to see if he managed to make any change and stick with it, but plenty of agents reading this will be able to let me and the rest of the world know how they further mismanaged it. The proper propaganda probably all ready to roll with – uh… New sentence. If his private business is sorted out – not necessarily within – then I prefer him to sing over having to suffer anymore of the ‘music’ used to hook numb masses to a sick industry.

peaches-that-become-forbidden-fruit-2 asdEven with his reputation soiled, I could still listen to him sing a-capella. As soon as a track would come up behind it, I would have to quickly move to end it or suffer to get pulled down with it. The music tracks simply did not inspire me to write a master piece on economic deviancy, as it was pulling down towards other deviant activities. Only his voice could push to want to excel too. Excel in getting people to pay excellently for my work. To watch them excel in feigning ignorance.

Behavior: negative interest rate. But many of those who did the same or worse still get awarded by the industry. Kelly made the mistake of trying to keep the girl for himself instead of sharing? I do not know. It seems like the merger was to be successful to his detriment. The best of both worlds also payback. That is a lot of people he pissed off for reasons beyond deviant behavior with one girl. His loss. They took the girl and sacrificed another one to get him stuck in the worst of both worlds.

Now, if I can speak out against agents messing with me, then surely, by now, Kelly can speak up to show he ‘made changes’ and calmly paint the picture of how he got framed. And what R.eally for. He may have already written 10 books about it, but I have not come across a free download for it. He can sing about it if he wants to, but he better not waste his time putting together a music track to ensure his message getting lost in the poison. It is not too late for him to show who is really best, or else keep swinging around white starlets.

Woods - History of the DevilNothing left to say about it. All this because (some of) the same people are pushing for someone mixed up into the story to fail… With R.idiculous out of the way, it shows that no one is too big to fail. No bail out, only holes showing in the cover. Under.



3 Responses to “Black Merging Power”

  1. No Black Pete March 3, 2016 at 1:38 pm #

  2. stuartbramhall March 3, 2016 at 5:12 pm #

    More signs of a declining empire.

  3. No Black Pete March 3, 2016 at 5:16 pm #

    It is not for me to deal with. I did not like that it got put in my way. Now it is back where it belongs. Later propagators.

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