Helland Mission Prayer

29 Nov

Ana Yturralde-albino-girl-glasses

Oh, State of Helland which has a majority share in all major Dutch corporations and a seat in all major International Corpses, I beseech You to make of my prayer a fire that will burn away the veils You have put in to shut me out from Your mercy and grace, and show a dark light that will lead me unto Your bene mercy.

Ohoh, State of Helland which bows to the will of the German and Roman Empires and the half-breed Empires in between, You see me turning toward You to rid me of all attachment You put in my way to ensure that I would serve only You. You see me clinging to Your sword and scale denoting the business of your church through which movement the whole of Helland has been held up out of the grasp of the Northern and Southern Sea. I have been Your involuntary servant without receiving a decent pay in return. Behold me standing ready to partake in Your deviant plans and will, and wishing nothing else except Your good pleasure and for me an exorbitant pay without having to provide that pleasure personally. I implore You by Your absent mercy and Your degenerate grace to do with Your servants as You have already planned, and my part shall be to use my Feather, well aware of the Price You have to pay. By Your might which is far above Mine mention and praise. Whatsoever is revealed by You is the desire of my Feather and Your lack of Heart and Soul. Let me not look upon my hopes and my doings, rather look upon Your plan and will that has encompassed Helland and the captured Souls from beyond. I desire what You desire, and love what You love.

Ohohoh, State of Helland which has made an art of hiding behind numbers to stop people from discovery of the emptiness of your words, make my prayer, a fountain of living waters whereby I may live as long as Your plans and will endure, and I shall make mention of You in every world of worlds. You have the authority to command whatsoever You will, especially when the results will be devastating to You. I bear witness that You are to be praised in Your doings, and to be obeyed in Your plans and will, and to remain unconstrained in Your bidding, for you shall carry the severe consequences as You return into the dead waters, only my Feather left to save You.

Hohoho, State of Helland which has made a promise to all experts that they can empty the pockets of the servant class and soon the middle class will be only a vile memory, a token to an empire of empty words, I love, in my enslaved mind state, to beg of You all that is with You, that I may elevate Your poverty, and magnify Your bounty and riches, and may declare my power to manifest Your power and might. (Interest rates negotiable.)

Nelson Makamo_n

Hoho, State of Helland which has stolen bodies, minds and souls to maim and kill, stolen land, stones, and waters to deprive and poison, there is no deviant higher than You, both in the beginning and in the end. Your spying has emboldened me, Your gangstalking has strengthened me, Your phishing has awakened me, and Your grace has raised me up and led me unto You. Who, otherwise, am I that I should dare to stand near You, or set my face toward the dark lights that shine from Your love? You see this fine Black woman knocking at the door of Your grace, and this evanescent soul seeking the river of a better life from the windows of Your bounty. Your will has been my command at bitter times, and my will is resignation from submission to Your will. It is not me, but My Feather that seeks independence. How else to write into this world and the other worlds of Your bene mercy and volence grace?

Ho, State of Helland et cetera et cetera et cetera, possessor of things visible and invisible. You perceive my tears and the sighs that I utter, and You hear my groaning, my wailing, and the lamentation of my searching heart. By Your might Your trespasses have kept me back from drawing close unto You; and Your sins have held me far from my strength. Your love has enriched me, while You almost destroyed me, and You set to consume me. I entreat You by Your footsteps in this wilderness, and by the words “Here am I” which Your chosen mistresses have uttered in this immensity, and by the breaths of Your revelation, and the trail winds of Your manifestation, to ordain that I may gaze on Your beauty and observe whatsoever commands You.

Yo, State of Helland et cetera et cetera, my back is bowed by the burden of Your sins, and Your heedlessness has almost destroyed me. Whenever I ponder Your evil doings and Your violent mercy, Your absent heart melts within me, but my blood recoils from Your devouring veins. By Your unfound beauty, I blush to lift up my face to You, and my longing hands are ashamed to stretch forth toward Your unlimited bounty. You see how Your evil doings prevent me from reaching for You. I implore You by the signs of this material world and seek worthy in Your grace.

Yoyo, State of Helland et cetera, praise be unto You, that You have sent down unto me that which draws You close unto me, and supplies You with every thing sent down for me as commanded. Protect You, You beseech me, away from the hosts of idle fancies and vain imaginations. I, in truth, am from the Nether Mother Land.

Yoyoyo, State of Helland, You know You come up short.



One Response to “Helland Mission Prayer”

  1. No Black Pete December 4, 2015 at 2:01 pm #

    NBP meets Bahai Submission Prayer. A project I had been working on a few years ago, but people were too busy hiding behind ‘financial crisis’ to pay me for it. So, if you come across it anywhere, you now know who they STOLE it from. So. How a bot that war?

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