Blue Hose Down – The End

27 Sep

Chena Hotspring AlaskaA hose down. That is what it took to get me to return to NBP for a minute. To let know that I kept up the struggle to survive it, while I am at it. It has been a long open season to push me into harm, or at least some embarrassment. And more harm. Those who achieve so may get bonus points. It is only a game to them after all. Let me start with the embarrassment. As they are still laughing about their stunt, it seems to be the best way. They may not make it to the end of the article, but I cannot teach them anything anyway. But, I am not going to carry this story around anymore either. I know what to do with ridicule. To post the article that I wrote after I walked away. And add the more important second part another day. Any more smart lip after that, and I will make you famous.

To get right to it. It was a nice Sunny day, so I camped out at the canal. Good lunch, and a stack of notes to get through. I looked up to see the fire department on the other side of the canal. They took a long time to park, and then I saw a few of them doing a lot of talking, and walking from one side of the two trucks to the other, but not much being done. There was no fire, but they did seem puzzled by something. As I was working on some irrelevant article, I took my eyes off them. To look up after a while, and watch them find their way to my side of the canal to get in the way.

Why did they have trouble parking? Strange, but no crime. I sat and watched them, but could not make sense of their maneuvers. They stood to talk and did a good job non-approaching any public. It took a long time, but then some pulled out the hoses. Others kept standing by to talk. I scanned the men for tattoos, but only one made it in with a near suit. I still watched on as some did their dominance thing, where one tells the other “this way” and then another comes to pull rank and says “that way” and the subordinate uttering a weak protest claiming yet another way. Rank shows as “that way” was the only way to get things done.

water and waterMy article was on rank and hierarchy, so I was quick to pick up on it. But, returning to my notes on management and engineering, I lost sight of their going-on again. They may have had all the time in the world, but I had to get on with contemplating a new outline. Deep in thought, it took me a second to feel something out of order. Water? When had it started to rain? I looked up towards a Sunny sky, and was about to get utterly confused, when I decided to look to the left while I was at it. What da hell?! That is all I got in when I had to jump up and move out of the way. The way of water blasting out of a hose hanging from a platform in the sky.

All agents assigned to read the junk on my sites, know that I do not like to get touched by chemtrail rain. I consider the coal ash and the metal nano-particles the cleanest parts in it. What I dislike even more than the chem-rain is canal water. White pete has taken to swimming in it, and then do some chemtrail-Sun bathing to dry off, but that is their risk to take. I – me, myself and Black I – have no interest in getting intimate with the damned Amstel sewer canal.

Anyhow. My new old ‘friends’ from the fire department, could not care less about my humble wishes. They had come all the way from the other side of the canal to my end, to hose me down. Hose me down? Damn skippy, they did. For all the time they stood to chitter chat, NOT ONE, thus NONE, had the testicles to come warn me of their deviant plan. Worse, when I jumped up to flee the nasty water pouring down on me, they were friendly enough to turn away. To turn a blind eye. Both. No need for one more.

Cold Shower2One woman further away, packed up her newborn immunized in-vitro baby, and fled from the outward spray of the hose down. Apparently, she did not trust the vaccines to work against real disease. Lucky woman to get away. I did not make it that far. I turned back to our civil servants to make sure that what I thought had happened, had really happened. Yup. And they were still masters in ignoring the public. For me to move back to the bench to see about the damage to my bag and stuff. But, no way that they still would not at least come and look at the damage themselves, right? Wrong. The firefighters who showed inept to handle some water, could not care less. And THEY SURE TRIED.

“Oh, here she comes.” The nasty water must have given me super hearing. The first cadet tried to hide behind bad eye sight and tried not to see me. The second had better eye sight, but played dumb. “Wet?” As if he never heard of water being wet. So, here comes the commander or whatever rank they awarded baldy. Yes, he was bald. And, I could see him think “play dumb, play dumb, play dumb”. Not dumb enough, because I was willing to spell it out. “Is that clean water?”

“Huh?” No manners. I could deal with that just fine. “Is that C-L-E-A-N water you just pumped out of the canal?” “Huh?” Another cadet to the rescue. “Yes.” “Yes, the water is clean?!”

star wars - bullshit flowAWW. Now, they done did it! RESURRECT MOFO NBP! Pardon my Dutch.

So many agents pushing for it, but it is the fire department that gets rewarded for it. Sure, I could have threatened them on the spot. Whether they knew how lethal my pen was? Those poor dumb fire fighters. Not knowing to predict how water is going to react to them man-handling Her. Fine men to call when your house burns down. To watch it burn as they get water on the wrong house or no house. Not to worry fire men, the govern-your-mind is all about spending money in all the wrong right places, so it can turn and quickly scam us to cough up more of it. If only there was a way to hose down all of us and get us to pay up more… quickly. Quigley?

No, keep it simple. The fire department provided me with a hose down example of how their boss-asses play the game. Write a letter to the mayor? No one said so, but it is the official way. Sure, so the mayor can have a laugh too. And, to get your name on the list of hostiles, your letter put in your virtual file, every misspelling highlighted to get used for real-life ridicule. ‘Put em up, put em up, for a hose down…’ To be nice (dumb) about it. I am to take my toxic clothes to the fire department, because baldy did offer to wash them. After I complained about it. He was not dumb enough to claim that it would not be needed. Good to know that they can wash my clothes, in case I turn homeless. (Insert smiley, before they take that seriously.)

As I walked away and turned the corner (scrub bush), I saw two pig suits cycle up. I had use for them. What missy misdemeanor does spraying nasty chem-canal water constitute? What legal code to turn to? More jokes. Police and legal codes? They make that up before and after the forged fact. The jokes ended when I saw a skull tattoo on the left arm of the white pete closest to me. Very short sleeves on their Summer pig suits. No need to disturb a gang member on his day job. ‘Nothing to see. Move along.’ So, I stopped at the bank.

No, not to get money. I still got no pay for the work that the system keeps stealing. Right off my computer too. No, I stopped to write down this story. All I needed was pen and paper. Did I not warn them that I was lethal with it? No? I must have been too busy controlling my disgust, and keep my mind in working order.

To not blast them for getting hosed down so ruthlessly. Not because I would ever look forward to seeing baldy and his men on a fire department calendar, but because their only protection from a lethal blast was the fact that I know a few men among their ranks. Have the Black woman protect them from getting associated with her crazy self deserving to get hosed down. And ignored. And ridiculed. And embarrassed. And ignored. No need to make them world infamous too. The fire department shows to be in dire need of men who do mind their manners, and make them look good. It helps to have the crazy woman mind her manners too.

WaterburyAnyhose. The wet clothes party was unnecessary. I had already decided to go work for the corporation that deals with such nasty wet matters. But, if the hose down was in the package deal, then I needed to take more time to (re)consider.

Next. Red Hose Down – The Beginning.
To type it when I am ready to post it. No more reading ahead for the agents.


7 Responses to “Blue Hose Down – The End”

  1. stuartbramhall September 27, 2015 at 8:43 pm #

    Great to hear from you again. They aren’t very subtle, are they?

  2. luceroverde1984 September 28, 2015 at 6:44 am #

    WordPress is awful mediocrity without you, No Black Pete.

  3. Kushite Prince September 28, 2015 at 9:37 pm #

    Good to see you back Black Pete! Where you been? I hope all is well. Great that you’re posting again. 🙂

  4. No Black Pete October 5, 2015 at 3:21 pm #

    Thanks, Stuart. No need for them to be subtle. Whom was I to tell?

  5. No Black Pete October 5, 2015 at 3:23 pm #

    Thanks, lucer~. I noticed the WP bubble going wild over this post. Musclehead had a great picture that even I would not dare to post. Should I come across it again I will post the link.

  6. No Black Pete October 5, 2015 at 3:27 pm #

    Hey, Prince. I have been around. Sight-seeing along the canal. Posting is limited to the (un)necessary.

    • Kushite Prince October 5, 2015 at 11:43 pm #

      Good to know! Thanks for the reply!

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