How About A Break?

4 Nov

Stitched PanoramaThe World Trade Center has opened in time for the NY marathon. Is that not great news? The news is so great that it helped me decide that it is time for a break. The boycott list is the only thing that I will award some more attention to. The rest can wait. The break may only last for a day, after all. Maybe repeat what I wrote as a comment to A Bot War yesterday?

No, better to explain that I do not write this because I am delusional enough to think that I am the one enforcing change. People who can, read what I write and then cherry-pick. They get their commands from higher up their collective network. How else to be saboteur?

And to let know that Kruidvat does not want people to think that they sell chocolate from last year and before, so they now sell multi-colored petes. Yellow, blue, green, even red. (It worked for Krishna and Christ, so why not pete?) This is what happens when you push beyond their babble. Change proves highly possible.

Good time for a break. So, good luck on the black pete war. Until I post-Master on, I would not want to be ya. See ya.


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