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29 Oct

ashkan-honarvar-grotesque-facial-injuries-made-e2808be2808bwith-candy-and-ice-cream-3Oh, the boulers got jokes? They have all the time in the world to play their sick games as long as their daedmans keep them functioning to be able to do so. They have plenty of puppets to do the work for them. Anyway, I got the message. It was funny. But, I do wonder why babies are getting dumped in trash containers to show me. Even though the program covers many of us, this show was special. Nice confirmation, but nothing to dwell over. Mind the gap, because I will move on.

And back. To stick to my low profile, as I continue with the babble story for those reading for FREE. I do not consider funny stories a donation. But, at least the puppets got paid to act the part. Maybe not. Where was I? Black pete. Duh, I can read the title of my site just fine. Boycott. Sure, but what of it? Poison food. Ah, let me re-member.

Where is my short-list? Albert Heyn, Hema, Kruidvat, Vroom & Dreesman, Natuurwinkel. I do not shop a lot at white pete stores since I amped up the boycott a few years ago, but I eat enough of their poison to be able to keep an eye on the poison candy displays without looking too obvious. So, of course, I noticed the attempt to hide their beloved black pete out of direct sight. Two weeks or so ago, after an afternoon of browsing, I got home and started writing. How about that war? I had no desire to join back in. So, I gave it a rest.

That may be why I could focus on more important things. Like the fakeness of white press. Too many bots. Like my food. I had picked up some bread at Albert Heyn after my afternoon of browsing, and as I sat down to get my babble on, I was in for a shock. Fungus! And I do not even know what that brown stuff in some of the slices was. It had nothing to do with wheat, I knew that much.

Of course, it would be the end of me eating bread from Albert Heyn, but I did go back to get my money. See, there is a lack of monetary donations for my babble, so I cannot afford to waste the pocket change I manage to scramble together. As the girl at the desk demanded a receipt, I was quick to point out that the bread had a sticker with the date on it. Much surprise when the sticker had the date of the day before. They were selling old bread?! Not only had the bread been frozen and then baked again as if “fresh”, but now it had also been laying around for a day? And it already had fungus!

Well now. How nice of them to allow that to happen to me. Someone whose babble boulers of all colors are very interested in. They actually take my words seriously. That is why they went out of their way to have some fun, and use my words against me. They went to quite some trouble to get it done. It must be disappointing to find that all they get in return is an article on molded bread. Old news to them. It had my name on it, so what did I expect? Well, I expected it to not happen again. So, as I got some bread buns at Hema a few days later, imagine my surprise when I got home to find… Yes, more gentech fungus.

It was too late to go back. To accept defeat and call it a day. If I cannot trust white pete to have the decency not to offend their customers, then I am not to eat their bread. It makes sense. No need to get upset, to be done with the whole mess. After I write about it. Simply let people know that a boycott because of black pete displays is called for, but also show that there are even better reasons. Reasons  white pete fanatics would also like to know about.

monstrous-feminine-jessica-ledwich-3Find yourself paying for a problem, not a solution. Throwing money at food companies to mess you up. Instead of looking for replacement for the chain stores, I have to look for completely different food and water. Come to rethink of it. This may not matter to white pete. They can survive on factory meat. And drugs. Neanderthal pill poppers. But, I would rather not harm my body and risk white pete doctors looking to hurt it some more. Steal my mind while they are at it. Enough of this mess. Close off this babble episode.



2 Responses to “How A Bot That War – Tree”

  1. No Black Pete November 3, 2014 at 2:32 pm #

    Yes, A Bot War – Part “for” is on its way. BUT. With reporting comes the burden of doing rounds to report. So, even though there will be another article on food and Albert Heyn before Part For, there is other ‘news’.

    I found no more display of black pete at Natuurwinkel. I do not know if they sold out, or were finally done with offending customers, but I do know that I could not find any very recently. It is tempting to remove them from the short-list, but Sinterklaas is on December 5th. That is still over a month to go. For me to go check at mid-term.

    As for Albert Heyn, to pick on the giant of Helland, some stores do not display the offensive character. I do not know if they donate them to schools or food banks, but black pete could only be found on the front page of some of the waste papers. So, in the main capital of this hell pit, some do use common sense, and move on. The same as above applies, to see how things run until chocolate and pepper nut overdose on December 5th.

    As for V&D. I have not been back since I refused to get overcharged for some bread, so I do not know. The electric shield in the main store is set too strong and has always put me off balance, so I only dealt with their bread. End of report.

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