How A Bot That War – Too

25 Oct

Albino V_Hemalatha_sHoney BooBoo cancelled? What is this world coming to?! White pete remains an interesting research subject. They are not what they say they are, and so few of them even know it. Most live and die it. I am no longer surprised at their claim that they feel empty inside. It took diving into a few of their special training programs to come to understand it. To quickly move away from it. They get trained to mess with our minds.

Now I watch them as they go about their acting jobs. On and on with the black pete babble. Even bots have more diversity than them. They know to show their allegiance to the jhw ‘managers’. To further empty themselves to feed them. It makes sense. If they do not empty themselves to benefit the self-chosen ones, they may lose their white privilege. Privilege can change color as befits those who assign it. For now the daed men like the white vessels best. It allows them to be lazy, and leave the hard work to those who ‘need’ their control. They keep up their soulless state to help the daed men live forever. Well, for as long as white pete holds up.

White pete has become dependent on the toxic ‘candy’ Santa-Satan hands out. It is the only way to stay linked to the frequency of awarded privilege. White privilege = rights. Other privileges = lottery. Two nice short sentences, so that even black pete who is white, can understand the words of this Black scholar. Ah, that reminds me to cut into a commercial.

Like me on social media, and donate as much money as you can to help me pay my inflated bills.

No, asking for money is okay. A power blogger taught me that it is a good white pete move. I like the fact that I do not have to shoot an unarmed teenager first. It saves me from messing with an autopsy report.

To keep this post short. Let us see how much money will come in before I launch into better reasons for boycotting the black pete loving super-poison-markets and other chain stores. And, how are the law suits against government, public schools, and public television coming along? It is about high time for a law suit foundation. Funded by the same branches of government that fund the display of the offensive black pete in government and otherwise public buildings and on websites for the public.

Oh, what fun it is… To be continued.



One Response to “How A Bot That War – Too”

  1. stuartbramhall October 25, 2014 at 7:09 pm #

    Very apt point about the inner emptiness. The price pink people pay for “white privilege” is to live a scripted life in which authenticity is forbidden. The saddest part is most have no idea it’s happening.

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