How A Bot That War?

22 Oct

K-POP - kiss - KoreaThere is no need for me to continue to write about sinterklaas en zwarte piet, right? Even some of my more harshly crushing arguments have been getting mirrored back to me in the media in the past year. To still leave people speechless when I tell them about the Canadian influence in converting Santa-Satan-clown into the post-their-war-II black pete mass. Cultural heritage? Forget about it. White pete would have to scale back down to one pete to represent Satan and then show themselves to be the white devil that kidnaps children for pleasure, to succeed in that argument. That would be the closest thing to their real cultural heritage. No blackface or sootface.

White pete does not like truth, as they prefer to dress up lies as tradition. That is their tradition. Lying is their cultural heritage. It is getting so old, but now white pete is fired up. The waste papers put black pete babble on their front pages. The bots spin the slickest stories that are made up to instruct the walking dead pete what to say and do. They download that babble daily, as if they are already transhuman bots themselves. Anyway, as I said last year, the black pete war is orchestrated. Both sides are governed by the same Santa-Satan, and white pete does as told and gives cover. There is no point in me joining in without getting paid to do so.

So, my site stays as is. I am not joining in to play their puppet and waste emotions on the walking dead. There is no need for me to listen to the robots repeating the same old babble to justify their black mass dressed up as the celebration of Black slavery. This year the trend is that they will blame their grandparents for teaching them that racism is okay. How is that a new argument? Yawn. I would be wasting my time pointing out that it is irrelevant which racist said what when. I stopped short from telling them to use their own brains. I did not want to deal with the hidden daed men of the walking dead men. I let it go, and found myself set free.

Until I went into some major chain stores in the capital pit of Helland, and found that the neanderthals think themselves smart. They had hidden the black pete candy to the side. They must really think that Black people are as superficial as they are themselves. And thus, as dumb as black pete. It makes perfect sense, because black pete is white. You already know that. But, others are new to my bandwagon. They do not know that I will call for a boycott. Let me deal with the candy part first.

Because, sure enough, I heard of the babble about suppliers not able to change the packaging until next year. What sick justification is that for continuing to display the offensive racist stereotype of black pete on their poison candy? It made me laugh out loud. It is not bad enough that the candy is sugar-flavored poison. Now they confess that it is also a year old. At least a year old. Left-overs repackaged? Or does it take a year for the radiation they use on our ‘food’ to wear off enough to fall within Japanese blackfacelegalized limits of toxicity? As if it matters. The racists cannot taste the difference. The racist garbage rolling of their vile tongues, killed their taste buds a long time ago.

This should be a good enough point to cut this story short. Some vile stuff happened that makes me want to rewrite the next paragraphs. To be continued.


One Response to “How A Bot That War?”

  1. luceroverde1984 December 4, 2015 at 3:30 am #

    Good choice. Best not to waste too much energy on the psychic vampires.

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