Wanna Play? Pete Reversal Game

16 Oct


Parents, teachers, and hear ye corporated-mind are just fine protected
However vile their veiled crimes, sickening behavior masked in smiles

They do not need my rejection, they come to steal mind and spirit, time
To glance at them and keep away from white sycophants seeking to push

Watch them bend over striving to climb the crooked ladder, rotten top
They try but cannot get past their sick minds, one chance they blow it

Blame game tight, blocking senses, feeding off emotions, no, I prefer Perish
To diminish getting infected, crushed, and fed to their demons gone crazy

Bring out the sambos to applaud the petes, demons putting on their blackface
It is not about Black, crazed black mass with demons and their master, plan

It is time again to show the world how demons unite to inject their new alobe
Teach the children how they trick to dump their ill on the wailing bystanders

Chilluns, blackface needs no cure, white demons underneath treat to tricks
Two-faced and split tongues all over cyber space, puppet show watching me


One Response to “Wanna Play? Pete Reversal Game”

  1. stuartbramhall October 16, 2014 at 6:50 pm #

    Have you ever noticed that this sick mentality, highly dominated by denial, is indelibly linked to child pornography?

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