Distracting Destructive nature

12 Oct

matthieu-bourel-faces-multilayered-collages-3 asdI had a babble post ready, but I took it down. Something has been bothering me for a while, and I choose to give it a chance to bubble up to surface. I can already tell that it has something to do with Nature. Earth. The Mother that gave us our bodies and shows us how to breathe.

Beautiful people are hurting, because some let their greed tell them that it is fair. It is how they play. Taught by their parents, teachers and govern-mind. The children’s games put in practice before they learn that there are consequences. They do not mind the consequences, only govern them. They do not feel any responsibility towards their victims. They have learned to laugh at them, and blame them for their misery. Their work is to prepare new attacks.

Psychological warfare shows the spiritual warfare. They get tied to the spirits of other people and cause havoc from within. Houston cannot help us solve that problem. Their plan is survival of the weakest. Their plan to reconstruct the world to make the aryan into the fittest creature. The only thing that explains the destruction of the Mother and Her strong children, is indeed a very dark plan.

For a while I deluded myself into thinking that they needed to get rid of the top layers of the earth (and oil) to get to the secrets buried underneath. But, they are going about the destruction in such a clumsy and retarded way, that I would fire them – burn them – on the spot, had I been lording over them to get the work done. Mother Earth protects Herself. The oil is everywhere. How would they get to anything underneath it?

Fear TacticsIt is the way that they go about their experiments that shows that there is something else going on. Something that makes them stop and take stock every time they run experiments on the somnambulistic public. Their experiments have taken on the appearance of a game show – guess the hoax – but it has real consequences for my beautiful people. No hollow earth or holographic universe theory to overwrite that.

They attack Mother Earth, but She has survived all the attacks. They abuse Her, but She still outshines Her scars. They call Her unworthy and ugly as they kill off Her children and Her beauty. They show Her that they steal Her seeds and create replacement Franken-seeds in their laboratories. I look around Helland, and ask myself how I can call their nature beautiful when it is but a poor image of Nature. The weakest seeds strengthened to survive by maiming and killing off the stronger ones.

White pete has been replacing Nature for so long, that it took me a long while to realize that there is very little Nature in Helland. It is fake, a hoax. Real Hell on fake land. And white pete thrives on it. All the fertility problem nonsense could never stick to me. I see the blonde in-vitro babies pop up all over this damned city. White pete with brown eyebrows producing Aryan babies? And most of them blue-eyed too.

Even if Nature had been about the survival of the fittest, as Spencer claimed, why are they producing the weakest babies? These aryan babies are the only ones that may survive a very toxic nature, because they take to it. In a world of their nature, they can outlive us. It was all a mind trick. It was never about survival of the fittest according to Nature, as Nature is very much in favor of weeding out the weakest. But, white pete is still around to impose their nature on us. They thrive in an artificial world where there is no need for manual labor.

Cutting Up Nature BAWWhen they ‘experiment’ they look to see if their new tools work more efficiently in reversing Nature into their nature. See how their frankenseed creatures survive, while the rest weakens and dies off. Nature is strong. We struggled through enslavement to show that She is. But, She is hurting. We do not even realize that we get cut off from Her, as we embrace the toxic nature of white pete. She is holding on because She wants us to live, not because She needs to survive. She knows that we are not ready to move on yet. There is some unfinished business we need to get to.

My pen ran dry, and my fingers have stiffened. To write anything else, is to have to resort to babble. So it be. Until things get more clear, I will write some more babble articles. About time I started to write about black pete again.


2 Responses to “Distracting Destructive nature”

  1. hunglikejesus October 12, 2014 at 10:37 pm #

    The gears all came together just now and directed me to my email where I found this article of yours. Just so happened that I was listening to a podcast that may make you think a bit deeper about this whole thing. It’s a bit revisionist history, but highly interesting and right up your alley. And in fact, the show is produced on your part of this planet.

  2. No Black Pete October 15, 2014 at 3:11 pm #

    What is with this credit thing? Those who have no need for crediting others, wail the loudest. Once and for all, most of my disturbing pictures come from WP. See for yourself.

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