A Head Lines White News

29 Sep

politifact_photos_BeheadingSo, beheading is the latest craze? This latest craze reminds me of the London beheading hoax. When was that again? Was it last year? I should know because I wrote about it. I came to the defense of the sister of the Black man turned double oh-foolish puppet, when they called her crazy. Not as crazy at the pig suit smiling at her. Head in the window.

So, now we have another Black muslim into beheading. Saudi arabs’ favorite past-time popularized in the West. I am to believe that this Black man working at a PLANT went cuckoo in the coconut, because he was chasing women – to convert El into Al – and instead of two new wives, he ended up getting fired. Headed out.

So, was the manager who fired him white? The kill-whitey-bandwagon has been awfully quiet. I expect her to be white, because of the full scale demonization before the facts could get out. Are the facts out? I am yet to do my research. I am already writing about it, because I am already bored with it. I have become used to riots to keep me interested. More heat.

So, if beheading is the latest craze, then news is dead. I know that it has never been alive. Grand actors stand in front of the electric eye and give a better performance than when they got to audition for the part. Why do people expect a trained killer to show mercy only because he is getting paid to play the role of a suave president? Head of state.

holder-begone-cdSo, Holder begone. He did not act the part as expected. He was too silent, too unwilling to act a fool. Doing nothing to stop the horses from trampling us, was foolish enough for him. Now, he has to go back to earning quicker paper as a law-liar. Spare me a rebuttal on integrity. You will have to move past authenticity first. Head begone.

So, do people still want to move to unHolywood? It is so much easier to buck as a politician. You do not need to know anything about politics, only know-how to please the casting directors. It is the near same couch in politics. As a Black woman you do not make it in politics if you do not let a white Pete director in. Heads up.

So, beheading is the latest craze? There is nothing more that I can say on this. I will have to do more research before I draw my swords. They are sharp and ready, but I have other business to handle first. This hell pit has taken a liking to me. I need to focus my focus and not be fooled by it. Show them that I have learned, and do notice the difference on this next level. Too much hot.


2 Responses to “A Head Lines White News”

  1. Honeytreebee October 9, 2014 at 3:44 pm #

    They like this game it is even in their child’s books when the red queen says off with their heads because the flowers are white instead if red. (Alice in wonderland). Cryptic babble as usual.

  2. No Black Pete October 10, 2014 at 7:50 pm #

    Babble On Ya.

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