She Who Knocks Gets Tarred

22 Sep

fall-orange-natureWho knocks? I hear of an equinox. Change of seasons? A change of life is in order. Something I read on white corporate gangs, reminded me of negotiations with the university on damages. It was not only that the judge refused to burn himself by awarding damages. It was more so that the mediator pushed aside her pretense impartiality and called me “persistent”. After I had noticed that she had contacted the university without informing me, I knew that I was only getting pumped for information. I had already lost the case before I could sit down to figure out the numbers.

What numbers? Of course I did not get ‘awarded’ damages. I got a goose chase in the stead. I was to get neutralized as I was considered a nuisance. They only let me in to get me separated from my money that they still considered theirs. They got me to believe that it was my money so I would work hard to keep it and get more. I was already a fool, what did I need to be a master fool for? I was an embarrassment to the university. In person and on paper. Boulers get trained in those uni-forming cities, not their bouler bait.

For years already, I got targeted and I got tired of it. But, I continued to get tar-covered to let go of the case. I was unable to make sense of my body telling me that I was under severe attack. Regardless, I kept fighting on. They had cheated me out of time, energy and much money. I was yet to find out that they cheated me right out of my mind. I actually believed that I could claim damages in their courtship and use it to pay for my doctorate myself. Doctor fool. They claimed to have use for those.

Human DisintegrationI should be handed my doctor fool title by now. They have already taught me how easy it is to get people ill or crazy, and to keep it that way. I learned about the technology as they kept using it on me. I did not know that they were doing it. Too many enemies eager to fry the prey. They do not care who gets the job done, as long as it gets done. It is a form of entertainment to them as well. Anyone succumbs, and they simply move on to the next target. More fools in the forming cities to turn into stupor. Turn any rebel into a raving lunatic or worse.

Raperations. I got attacked and thus distracted from claiming reparations for their mental rape. Reparations is not their game. Their game is to claim money for their hard work to lead us astray. Their real victims are still considered property, so what reparations? We still have to figure out to take back ownership of our own minds. As far as they are concerned, I still owe them for the worthless titles.

What was I complaining about? Gekissebis. Their ill-acting judges surprised that I managed to get some titles despite their gatekeepers and assassins. How dare I waste their precious time, energy and money? Money? My mon-eye? My their-eye that is their their-eye. They would get me to pay them for showing them their misconduct.

Reparations are only bait to their game. Is. Theft, rape, and destruction are their game. They stole and steal my work, raped and touch my mind, attacked and distort my life. At times it is hard to figure out what is in the past and what is still present. Ra. They do not care. What judge was going to tell any of them to pay damages? Not the judge who let me know that there is no trias politica. No checks and balances. El. They know each other well.

It is the real reason that they should pay damages. They are to pay back all the money they took from me to teach me their lies. It is all lies, even the mon-eyes. So how can anyone fail their tests? I know, it is only a memory test. To remember whatever lies were spoon-fed. Spoon federal? The government holds Bent Govermentthe spoon. There is no trias politica. Only a spoon. Well, it used to be a spoon. Now it is subtle phishing technology. Not the matrix from the Icke bandwagon. Ikke stands for ego. No surprise there, it is so last trek generation.

They were surprised by me taking them to court, even though I had passed their memory tests. Who let the tar-get fool in?! To get paid to expose the lies. Instead, to get stunned when they showed me – they had no other way but to show me – that I was talking to acting fools. As a master fool – still able to become a doctor fool – I can say it. But, you better not be a fool walking into their courtship and call them so. They already know it, and they have been given the power to deal harshly with bigger fools calling them out on it.

To take them to court over a fata morgana built on quicksand. Robots, zombies and puppets are ever ready to cash in any reparation awarded before you will be able to. And they will make you pay them twice for it too. See how much will be left for you to cover your wounds with. Sure, I know people who got decent damages. I helped them get it. But, it felt too much like a lottery though. Maybe worse. A cousin who won the lottery, did not need my help. Obviously, he got a better connection to the sickillonaires then I do.

Master fool I continue to be. To show them that I am well able to instruct others. To tell those others to study the way of this system, and start recognizing its subtle form. The weak shall perish. They know that I can easily tell on them, because they have not paid any damages to keep me mute. But as so many of their spies keep telling me, who is actually going to listen?


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