Spiritually Challenged

3 Sep

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpiritually Challenged

Empty life filled with anger to fear and worry to grief
A feeling of exclusion is separation needing to get fixed
Fiending to see that there is more to life than suffering
In need of another moral compass to navigate through
Storms and stillness ripping apart showing a new Tree

To believe in the new way of life more than their doubt
Releasing the old fearful way of living in blond externals
No longer claiming willingness nor hope add just focus
African heritage meets western myth both instructing
Faith turned inwards establishing an intrinsic inner link

No more need for their books of misguiding instructions
The ticket of my journey clear enough for will to centrate
No priestess just a sojourner sometimes still wondering
Wandering my foot to work knowing not to rest assured
Understanding to get hindered by fear no doubt misbelief

To belief in Self no matter the mistakes made in reaching out
Stop belying in their sick power leave behind this dependence
A daunting task to withstand seeing the hinder to look beyond
By grace of standing to go about delicate work at subtle hand
Using the tools harvested slicing through, making sense of it All


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