Whatever Dead Men – The Case of “I’ma Do Me”

14 Aug

human-wallpaper-cecilia-paredes-10There is much to write about. For me to write about some of the things that have been going on in the news. The news within and without the WP bubble. For me to write about some of the things that I had to deal with in the past months, some of the things I had to deal with in the more distant past still raising hell in the present, and some of the things that I see happen in the future that is already here. Hello Helland, long time too much see.

It is a good thing that I do not have my notes on all the ‘news’. I have misplaced them. Somewhere. Once again. Something is keeping me from posting them, instead I am pushed to Perish more. No thanks, I am fed up with Perish. What a childish game, to force me to waste time entertaining dead men, women and children. They had their chance, now leave me to deal with my dead chance. Wishful preaching. I may still be here, but they have managed to get me to have to start the game all over.

So, I put up an unfinished poem. It was called “No more shit.” But, as poop may offend some dead men reading my stuff, I was going to call it “Unfinished.” Then I changed some words, et voilà, still unfinished. The poem was about imagining hell as a place of shit, but as I kept reading about the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, St. Louis, I got confused. What if I see a demon shit, when another sees him shoot?! It helped some, but the poem is still unfinished. Now, I have to wait for the next Black child or man to die. What was that thing about a toy gun? Shoot.

Much to write about. The latest goose chase I have been sent on, while I was already on a goose chase to save my life, had to do with this WP bubble. Yes, I have noticed the changes made to make WP more in line with new world chaos policies. They want us to use the “fullscreen” link, so they can properly read along with the text we type. I do not have sophisticated spyware to keep tabs on WP, but I have mofo EYES! Excuse my slang, for I do not feel to care to explain it.

Anyway. I will bypass the goose chase that I had already been on, as it connects to Robin Williams, and I do not want to join the overcrowded bandwagons. I prefer to write out of line with popularity. Blogs on Parkinson’s still have to bloom, but those on depression are doing good business right now, so I will wait it out. No, it makes perfect sense. I am the failed businesswoman, remember? To cash in now, would not fit the pathetic profile. It is not as if anyone will die because of me holding out. Instead it will serve me to remain alive for certain for at least a few weeks. Low caste demons may want to hold out on pushing me over the brink, to see if they will get mentioned. They need the bonus points.

exotic-souvenirs-PSAMoving on, before they catch on. I was sent on another goose chase, since I was still breathing. I got lured onto a trail, but I could leave it after one afternoon. All done. What was it about? “I do not know.” All I know is, that I read some ‘papers’ put out by someone claiming to have ‘the answer’ to quite an array of mysteries. That is, it had to be made into mysteries first, if he was to show that he had solved them. To less intelligent minds it may seem as if I take dear interest in his topics, but I do not. On my sites I push out topics that are in my way. I do not care what turn the conspiracy takes. All I want, is to get the official lies out of my way. New lies can take form however those busying themselves with it, like. There is no truth to it. An insider’s joke.

Let me try a short version. I was taken in by a headline, as I had noticed some interest in other people’s articles that I had published last year. Why the sudden re-interest? The headlined article was to provide an answer. I got treated to some links. A certain writer who was named alike a professor who had once tested me to be let into an inner circle of new world chaos puppets. Still, the articles were interesting enough. There was a lot of emphasis on US spy agencies. Whereas the literature I was posting on my site, puts the emphasis on US military. Who is right? Neither.

Still. The articles had a lot of interesting information. I could agree with a lot. But. The writer was wrong. How do I know? Not because he chose a jhw name. No. I read one of his science (physics) papers, and discovered a mistake. I am not a physicist, not a mathematician, in no way part of the Numerati. But. As I know that math is just another language, I can read equations even though I may not (yet) understand it. Most Numerati who use equations, do not know what it is they are saying either. Which helps me to not let the unknown stop me from reading the equations.

The first thing to learn in any language is how to say “I don’t know.” The problem in math is that most of it is “I don’t know.” But, some of it, I used to know. Only a few months ago, I could spot mistakes in an excerpt on logarithms. It should have been impossible, as I still do not know what logs are used for. In the same way that I recognized the mistake in the excerpt, I recognized the mistake in the physics equation. However, I suspect that the mistake is irrelevant. It may be the difference between “I don’t know” and “I do not know.” I would not even have noticed the mistake if the writer had not been hard on other people. ‘Oh, they don’t even know this. I solved the mystery. They couldn’t. I solved the mystery. Oh, they don’t even know.’ Hmm.

From physics back to conspiracy theory. The same pattern. He was the genius, everyone else nothing but frauds. Worse, spy agents. Okay, mister narcissist with the sycophant fiancée. Let me see what you really solved. Nothing. Not a thing. I wasted a whole afternoon to find out that he solved not a thing. I could have christopher-mckenney-disturbing-faceless-photos-16just stayed in bed and let some demons spin another nightmare. It would not be much of a difference. For when I wake up, I am to untangle myself from their sick thinking, and figure out what fear they were trying to use against me. Then close that gate.

The writer may not be a demon, but I will treat him as one. For only demons have been interested enough to show me my skills. It should be impossible for me to pick up on mistakes in areas that I know too little (nothing) about, or have no (too little) interest in. Clearly, I have made a jump back into skills that used to come Naturally to me. Skills I had before someone – some many – unleashed some vile demons on me. The ‘next level’ has always been part of me. Yet, as I still have difficulty working out what it really is, it almost got me seriously hurt. I am still here though. Able to see the subtle and less subtle pushes.

For the next person to push me, give me something real. Like… How do you pull off negative hallucinations? Yeah, YOU. How do YOU do it? Uh oh. I just heard myself think “YIKES.” Again.


5 Responses to “Whatever Dead Men – The Case of “I’ma Do Me””

  1. stuartbramhall August 14, 2014 at 11:35 pm #

    I hate the changes in WordPress. They won’t let you compose in MS Word any more – which I find the easiest way to embed links. I complained to the support people and asked to get the W (word) tab back, and they blew me off.

    Sounds to me like your demon was really [an intelligence] troll or possibly a private contractor. According to Edward Snowden, the government pays private companies to troll social media sites and torment dissident bloggers.

    To the NSA: Hi guys. Hope you’re having a nice day.

  2. No Black Pete August 15, 2014 at 11:28 am #

    WP is a hotbed for any deviant art. Govt or self-empowered (private) psychos. Just watch them and see the pattern. They hold on tight to the same script. WP keeps changing to force us into a tight suit. Even long-time regular bloggers are complaining. It takes a few minutes, but then any change can be overcome. There are plenty of ways to blog as usual. The only thing I cannot yet circumvent is the edit screen that pops up after publishing. I can already tell that WP is going to look like that soon enough. Stylished ugly, and very similar to Google’s blogspot. I will leave it to the Technorati to make some money helping poor bloggers out. I am a bit busy dealing with demons on both sides of the computer screen. “Yikes.”

  3. luceroverde1984 August 17, 2014 at 12:42 am #

    You have a very profound voice. It elucidates these twighlight zone times well.

  4. No Black Pete August 17, 2014 at 4:41 pm #

    Much appreciated. Whatever I am able to spew out… it is much worse. I will get to the bottom of it, though. Insider’s joke. (The pit has no bottom.)

  5. No Black Pete August 17, 2014 at 5:27 pm #

    For any questions on WP changes: http://theobamacrat.com/2014/08/16/wordpress-is-officially-known-as-worstpress-beep-beep-boop-is-now-known-as-beep-beep-poop/

    It took me another five minutes the other day, but then I found a way around that annoying screen after publishing. I hate clicking more than necessary, but it is faster than waiting for that screen. So, I think I have circumvented all ‘improvements’, until they remove the back doors.

    Oh, and if I wanted a Dutch blogsite, I would have chosen one. More clicking to circumvent nl.wordpress.

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