Black Ballers? I Am Ready for Queensday

30 Apr

queen's day - ahhWhat to do on queensday? I got my orange hooked nose and orange kippah ready. No, that is not racism. It is tradition. It is part of the forced orange shield craze on queensday. Even jhws will embrace me for joining the celebration. It took me a long time to get into the queensday mood, but this year I am ready. Finally.

Kingsday? No, that was only a rehearsal for queensday. It is a good thing too, as I never experienced such a lame celebration as kingsday. The cell towers must have been helping to keep the proles in line. Never mind the kingsday trial. I am going out today with my orange gear, and get queensday going. I have been waiting a year for this!

What do you mean, you do not care? You are waiting for me to write about Black people under attack in sports? Let me save you some waiting time. I do not care about overpaid Black men who do not care about underpaid Black people. When they spend their money on their white ‘girlfriends’, they do not think of me. So, now that they find that they still share in the common abuse, they want me to think of them? No.

Yes. I am angry. Because I will probably be the only one out wearing an orange hooked noose and yamulka today. How easy white pete forgets the former fake orange queen! Oh, and I am angry because I had to stop my twerking lessons. They did not appreciate me paying them with empty babble. I am not allowed back in without money. No Black men, fake queen or otherwise hating jhws, to the rescue.

Black people under attack. It is fine with everybody as long as it stays out of the fake white news, right? No one is waiting for a bimbo or a banana incident to spark up even the walking dead to put in their two borrowed cents. I waited for them to finish. But, I got angry while waiting. Some white sour smelling pete bumped into me yesterday, in a hurry to cross the road so he did not have to pass the Black man walking up. The man was dressed fine and was not even looking at the stinking worm. So deeply seated was the urge of this pete to get away that he bumped into me. I know that white pete has difficulty walking straight, but shoot, I was walking behind him.

No word from the Black man regarding the ‘incident’. The man who looked all fine as he walked up, could not be bothered. Not even when I awarded him another chance to say something. I was left to fend for myself, wishing that I had tripped the slithering worm. Should he not pay for bumping into me? As I was calling forth more ill will, I noticed a billboard. In Hell Land they have a few of them that will rotate. Forget the stinking white pete. Two posters of two different Black men attracting my attention.

FOAM-richard-mosse-photography-toyheart-pink-congoOne man with an automatic weapon, and not looking friendly. One man with a mobile (cell) phone, and looking to… distract? I do not know what that look was, but I do know that it was an advertisement for warning white pete about phone theft. The man did not look like a victim. He was still holding an overpriced phone. I was shocked. Who wants to pay 800 Euro for a phone?! Anyway, what were they really trying to say? Before I was able to decipher the text on the poster, it turned to show the other man holding the large automatic weapon. What is FOAM?! Why would the jhw state lottery and one of the large jhw law firms sponsor to show this image of a dangerous Black man?

This billboard is no coincidence. I had already seen it somewhere else the day before. The same two posters rotating. Even a very lightskinned Black man took notice, while his slightly less lightskinned girlfriend took to babbling without taking note of the portrayal of the men on the posters. Coming across the posters again, I did not care about the men looking “African”, even though they were of “Caribbean” color. We are supposed to be different as “Caribbean”, but to the “Caribbean” I look “African”. Darker than the ‘new generation’ African men on the posters. Confusing only to us.

After all the bull clipper crap talk on racism, the jhw sponsored portrayal of Black men still buys into the “danger” aspect. The posters change so quickly that all that is taken into the subconscious mind is a Black man with a large gun, and another one hiding behind him to steal a phone worth more than the man. The arabs are now to be ‘loved’, while our men get bill-boarded as dangerous weapon toting thieves.

All phones can be tracked. By phone number and by the phone chip itself. The same with computers. By connection, and by the computer chip itself. So, there is no need for this extreme warning, except for the fact that the pig suits that claim to want to protect and serve (whom?) do not want to be bothered with such a petty task as locating a missing phone. I am yet to see people glued to their justitie and kpn - vkego-phones to let go of it long enough to lose it, but according to the poster of the just-them department they do.

How much easier to trigger the black pete program. For white pete – and anyone else buying in to the bull clipper crap – to blame a random Black man. Any shade will do. Them Africans hide behind men with guns, do you not know? You do not know?! Dumb monkey! Eat your banana! In this here financial crisis, we found money to plaster posters all over this damned Amstel to tell you! Whatever deadmen.

That leaves me to deal with white pete bumping into me to get away from a “live” Black man. The program runs even without the posters. And I am supposed to trust white pete and their empty babble? That babble does not pay for my twerking class! No baller to help me out with some Benjamins? Hear that silence. See, now I will not be ready for the Carters on Summer tour. Work it, work ‘t, ‘t work, twork. Twerk. Twerk. Hey, I got it after all!

Enough of this babble. I was supposed to write on JeSun. It was on the menu for today, but some white pete got me off course by bumping into me. And I was already disgusted to see that there is going to be an all out celebration of the jhw international guilt day on May 5th. (Just read what I wrote last year.) The county that has no money for proper jobs nor replacement benefits, is not only going to give money for jhws that do not exist to jhw organizations, but is also helping to organize a breakfast in all neighboroughs on May 5th.

Hmm. December 5th free candy to ridicule Black people. On May 5th free breakfast to show Black people who they are to view as victims. The only victims.

Among the hundred tabled hot spots, there is going to be one table for the people from the “Caribbean” to talk among themselves about the financial contribution they made to the Second War of our enemy. What an insult to the injury bypassing the former insults to the injury. They tell us what to talk about?!

We are to talk reparations for us. The figure for our forced financial contribution obama-yamaka36(including inflation, interest, costs, and whatnot), will have its separate box on the financial state. Oh, and the time I wasted on reading about bananas on football (soccer) fields and NBA club owning nasty jhws talking racism with their skank girlfriends – while his wife has time to play with the just-them system. Hmm. Business school may pay off after all.

To lead by example. Okay. The next white pete that bumps into me, will be sent on a trip. Now, where are the orange nose and yamaka? A year late, but not an insult too soon.


4 Responses to “Black Ballers? I Am Ready for Queensday”

  1. Kushite Prince April 30, 2014 at 11:59 pm #

    “I got my orange hooked nose and orange kippah ready.”
    He..he…that was funny.

  2. No Black Pete May 1, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    Thankkks Prince.

  3. Jeff Nguyen July 4, 2014 at 1:36 am #

    I came across this article and thought you might find it interesting:

    Hope all is well, NBP.

  4. No Black Pete July 27, 2014 at 5:03 pm #

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