Tree Is A Crowd. Three Is A Crown

13 Apr

aging bad guys - chiesa-2The Dutch arab war. It is not what it seems. I am already bored with it, but as the consequences will be brutal for us, I will just write this post. A kind of “told you so”. I am not that interested in explaining what can be clearly seen by looking around for a minute, that is if you cannot be moved to attach your self worth to arabs. You can rest assured that they do not attach (self) worth to us.

Why is there an arab signal at night? White pete is commanding us to embrace arabs, and the message has its own frequency to enmesh with our subconscious thoughts. Those who do not jump up to comply with the command, get demonized as if they voted for the dying party of Wilders. Tell me what the plan is, and I may consider jumping. Sic. Just tell me what the plan is and show me the contracts that you took out on us. War in Egypt.

Is it the same plan as usual? At any moment we will see a doctoring of statistics to show how arabs are doing well now. Crime down, corporate ladder found, Dutch well spoken. Integration a success, assimilation a perfect mask. One-sided assimilation of course. Even though I have been able to detect ever more arab rudeness in white pete, it is best not to accuse them of assimilation. Their denial will hit hard.

Are the statistics to show the dramatic rise in crime and retardation after this ‘golden period’ all drawn up? This ‘golden period’ has been a long time in moving forward. For decades arabs have been imbedded in white corporations one by one. But, now there seems to be an opening season. What is it about arabs that Setan seeks to profit from? What experiments have been running, ready to be made public? War in Mali.

So shortly after discovering the jhw signal, I discovered that there is an arab signal too. Summer Time threw me for a loop, so it may take a while to get the time slots right. For now I will guess the signal comes through at 4 am. For I had let it be known that the jhw signal was sent to hit our temples at that time. The beast switched up the signals. In any case, the signal to embrace arabs is emitted in between the signal to protect the jhw and the signal to hate Black people. Maybe the signal had been there all along, and only “now” I have been able to pick it up.

Is this how white pete seeks to circumvent the next black pete war? Of course not. The arab mercenaries were already active last century. The other day I found a file from the nineties, that showed arabs with the power to deny civil rights of Black people. Arabs have no respect for Dutch Law, so they are the perfect tools to use in denying Black people their rights. Their disdain for Dutch Law, allowed them to get hired to wear pig suits en masse. I have seen them eagerly incarcerate Black people. After a proper physical beating, of course. All legal because of the pig suit. War in Sudan.

Arabs do not consider themselves Black, and white pete knows this. White pete in the know, laugh at us in our face, for not seeing through the scheme. Arabs would prefer to consider themselves to be Eskimos, before they would consent to consider themselves to have any Black roots. The spaceship that dropped them off on this planet, may appear some time soon. In our dreams. For we are fast asleep when the arab signal hits our temples.

Nation of Islam 2It is too late now for the Black boule to speak up on a special status for Surinamese and Antillean people. Too busy modeling our battle cry after the fake cry of the arabs. Blinding us to our desperate state, when the arabs are on a steady course to replace us. It is no longer arabs getting grouped with us, but we are getting grouped with arabs so arabs can claim special status. Dutch Chinese smelled the stank and got out. Dutch Molukkers smelled the stank and got out. We fought to remain in, and ever since have been the financial cushion for the arabs. War in Central Africa.

Instead of trying to do what the arabs have been doing with the help of white pete, how about we get together to educate our own so that we do not have to play along with thieves and mercenaries. No question, but a direct command. We either get out of the box and leave behind the arabs, or we get the arabs out of our box.

Now that Wilders is the new black pete, the road is paved to compare Black people who speak out against the arab take-over to him. It is not a children’s game and it is not about skin color, but very much about the race. There is even a strong signal to get all zombies to comply. How easy to change a mind, when it is forced to embrace a command without the consent of its owner. Oh, my mistake. Santa Satan claims ownership over all of us. Their bibble says so. We are the toys that Setan gets to play with. No wonder it is a dangerous thing to fall asleep in Hell Land. War in Niger.

Killing arabs to prove a sick point, is as sick as that point. Jhws killing arabs. To look beyond it, and see the killers and the boss of the killed laugh as they fall asleep in the same bed. I cannot save their souls, and I know not to get mesmerized but to look out for my own. Arabs killing Africans. Or worse. Muslim Africans killing Africans. Arabs freed up to focus on the delivery of state of the art weaponry and the maps of the villages. White pete follows behind with vaccines.

Did the whole Congo-Rwanda-Congo war not start with programs on the radio calling for annihilation of “thy neighbor”. Never jhws nor arabs. They get “turned the other cheek”. Suffering gas does not compare to mind controlled genocide. Could it be that the radios did not have to get turned on for the ‘message’ to spread? Simply sleeping next to a radio sufficing to pick up the ‘message’? Or maybe any electrical appliance could have aided to get the ‘message’ delivered. Just thinking out loud. War in Chad.

Wait a minute. I remember now. There was a radio involved in being able to pick up the signals. I have no electrical appliances in my bed room, but I did turn on the radio in another room. I was running an experiment. Two rooms removed from that radio, I was able to pick up on the jhw signal in my sleep. Three rooms removed, and I picked up on the arab signal in my sleep. Answers opening the door to more questions. Once tuned in, we cannot tune out?! Oh. That is a game changer right there. I can end my quest on the arab propaganda, for if I know how to unplug from the frequency of the message, their mess can no longer massage my mind. I will be able to see their plan for myself.

Azazel - Baël - codIn Africa. The take-over of Central Africa. For arabs to leave Arabia and conquer more of Africa. Kill, destroy, conquer. Arabs are to move further into Africa, or deal with the wrath of the beast themselves. As the arabs are kept busy waging war on us, jhws steal more of Arabia, for it was promised to them. By them. Moving borders of their beloved Isis-Ra-El (also known as it-is-Bael) shows land theft, but we get distracted by the killing of the dismissed arab guardians. Blind to the royally fake Saudi arabs standing by their jhw cousins in agreement. Blind to all the Africans killed to put arab guards in place.

How does this translate to Hell Land? Follow the money, seek the profit, and find the profiteer. Treaty of Morocco. Treaty of Lomé.


2 Responses to “Tree Is A Crowd. Three Is A Crown”

  1. No Black Pete April 13, 2014 at 8:49 pm #

  2. stuartbramhall April 14, 2014 at 7:08 am #

    There is something very poetic about your prose style in the way you recount the tragedy of the ethnic wars the global elite is stirring up across the planet. I know that mass murder earns immense profits for people in business suits but there’s nothing particularly satisfying about that explanation. It causes a severe ache in my gut just thinking about it.

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