Arab Pete Made Me Do It

9 Apr

Albino SnakeDear evildoers, ill wishers, and vile thinkers,

Thank you for thinking of me in my time of troubles. Perish could not have happened without you, and I have been so ungrateful to not consider thanking you for it before.

Boulers of all colors. Wow. I had no idea. I knew something was up when I noticed the ease in which you punish, but to find out that you have a whole system to use for your evil doings has been nothing short of shocking. Yes, I know, using it comes at a high price. The high price is not your soul, for you have no use for it anyway. No, it is the financial burden that the reptrillionaires heap on you that took you by surprise. Did they not warn you that nothing in this life that they have taken ownership of at ‘birth’, is free? Not even the Sun. But, I will not go into the spraying planes thing anymore. People are already over it. It is better to deal with my surprise to see that people of all colors can perfectly unite. Too bad that it is against me. For I come to collect the monies.

Shadow family. Wow. I had no idea. I knew something was up when I noticed that you enjoyed seeing me in Perish, but to find out that you have been helping the system so you could help yourself, has been nothing short of shocking. Yes, I know, using the system was the only way not to get stuck in Perish yourself. Seeing me stuck in this pit has convinced you that you did the right thing to leave me to handle the sick ones myself. Since ‘birth’? You do not worry about your soul, you gave up on it long ago. This may be the reason why I consider myself without family. My dark family has long been dead. My light family gave up on me even before I was born. Dark and light can perfectly unite. Too bad that it is against me. For I am no longer interested.

th_hamsa2Arab neighbors. Wow. I had no idea. I knew something was up when your whole family made the effort to smile at me and greet me. Recognizing me even far away from our dwelling place. You have your own system to be able to benefit from those in Perish. Yes, I know, you already paid the price, so it makes no difference to your soul. You cannot claim slavery for then you would have to admit that Arabia is not yours. Thus you opt for stealth attacks against anyone who reminds you that you continue to steal Africa to be your dwelling place. Thank you for letting me know that Fatima is weak. I will put up better protection. Oh, and I will not touch the ornaments that you left behind when you did your New Moon ritual at my front door.

Whatever you tied to it is waiting for you to show weakness. Whatever you told it to do, it will do to you. Or your children. Sending back your evil is usually of no use, as you will just send it to the next victim you seek to burden. It has worked so many times before. Not this time. Now you have to make sure that you protect your children and the children of your children. Do you have that kind of power? For you certainly do not have that kind of monies. Look at the boulers how they struggle to come up with their yearly fees. I cannot say that I feel your pain, for I have sent it back to you. Thank you for calling out my name, it is how I knew that it was you. I know you will continue to unite with evil. Too bad that you seek to drop it on me. For I will send it back manifold.

Hell_Invasion_Manual_DemonsPathetic whisperers. Just accept that you are in hell, and bugger off. I am not interested in what you have to say. You cannot even get me to Sin in my dreams. You cannot push my fears, without pushing your own worse. For are yours not the worst? Seek another victim or deal with the punishment of descending further into hell for your failure. How about my arab neighbors? How about the United Boulers of Babble-on-ya who are behind on their payments? Whatever daed men. Tsk. Be gone.

Now that I got this off my chest, let me see if I can be about some change in this hell pit. It sure is no fun living in a haunted house.

Mind regards,

No Black Pete


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