Doctoring Fooling Expertise

5 Apr

Writing on the upcoming Dutch arab war can wait another week or so. Even the boulers are not that interested. They have money problems. They do not know whether to crowd raise or to fund share. Maybe pay some experts to close some more factories. Less smokers? No, the arab girls are the next hot commodity. Sneaky smokers. Whatever dae man. I have more Valentines-Bleeding-Heart-Cake-1important things to bleed.

The past two weeks were rough for I had been dealing with heart problems again. Last year I had trouble pumping enough blood in. This year I seem to have trouble pumping enough blood out. And still, I refuse to go to the actors in white coats that congregate in hospitals.

As hard as I try, I cannot think of one medical problem they ever solved for me. I would go in to seek help for one problem, to leave with three more. And another mental problem for they would do a good brainwashing job on me every time. However they did it they did it, and I do not expect things to have changed for the better.

As I read a concept article on medical care – never mind cure – it struck me that I recognized a pattern. This sick society teaches us that we are helpless when it comes to fields of selected expertise. White pete has claimed expertise over all fields, thus every thing. Including people, spirits and souls. Yes, even souls. Especially souls.

But, let me focus on the medical field, for I have already pulled it out of my bag. Children are asked what they want to be when they grow up. They get shown approval when the answer is doctor. This is already a conditioning towards this ‘expert’ position. Garbage collector. Disapproval. Doctor. Much approval. So for me to speak out against these doctoring experts, will cause disapproval. Even more disapproval, as I have been collecting that garbage ever since I was a child. (Go ahead, feast on that.)

What kind of expert is this white doctor then? This more equal daed man among daed men. This daed man is an actor. Any fool school is acting school, and medical school produces starlets without any chance of winning an oz-scar. They do not need one for they scar patient by patient. The power of words. Told to be patient while the butcher performs his act.

Now, I am glad that there are people who know how to cut out malign tissue from bodies, and some who know how to heal broken or torn parts. It is an expertise any fool can learn to appreciate when hip-skipping into such misfortune. But as medical students are told the lie that all bodies are alike, the bodies that refuse to adapt to this lie, may develop ‘complications’. Which is the fault of the fool inhabiting the difficult body, of course. I will not even go into the drama when the body is readily adjusting to their insane norms, but the fooling doctor refuses to see it that way. And does ‘extras’. Oops. Wrong foot.

cadeucesMy main issue is with fooling doctors who act as if they know something when they do not. Doctors who dare call themselves -logists and -cians, but all they know is babble. Often dangerous babble at that. A gastroenterologist who does not recognize stomach acid is only worth his white fooling coat. Not my time, money, or energy. Yet, even those fools get paid anyway. They got through the audition.

I started to wise up on the dangerous babble when I started to study body systems myself. I was out of my league, but I googled my way to get an understanding of how white pete babbled that any separate body system should work. But, every time I would ask a fooling doctor to comment, I would get met with utter disapproval. How dare I doubt their expertise? Who is this goggle guy?! Well, nowadays fooling doctors use google themselves. For a short while, I felt quite at ease with a family doctor finally getting on board with real information, instead of panicking and uttering irrelevant empty babble.

As I refused her every pill, she dared to admit that she did not know about even half the things I talked about. And when she looked it up, she learned something new. Ah, finally, some honesty. It was hard work to get her to admit it, but once she did, I was set free. Free from remaining a dependent fool, for I had become a medical expert myself. That is, I could allow my body to be the expert again. Free not to depend on a doctor to tell me whether I looked ill or not. Free to listen to my own body telling me that I was ill, but not because of it. Hmm.

If I go to a hospital with one problem, and I leave with three, then I have a problem. If I can research my problem and no longer have it, then I do not have to go to the hospital to collect more problems. I do not have to waste my time, money, or energy on actors.

In order not to mislead people who need ‘experts’ to help them because they know even less than those actors, or they need other people to take responsibility for their lives, I will start with a ‘minor’ medical problem. DIET. I needed help with my diet because I was not able to feed my body properly. The fooling doctors kept sending me home with weird white pete diets joseph-marr-sugar-sculptures-2that were useless. A waste of time, money, and energy. I will not go into all the trials and tribulations. I will hip-skip to the good part. GMO and defrosted ‘foods’. Yes, super-poison-market food. I had to stop eating it.

Not one fooling doctor ever mentioned GMO. They never even mentioned that the pills they itched to prescribe – instead of solving the problem – were gentech. It was only when I became more GMO-wise than the ‘expert’ dieticians and other fooling doctors, that I could come up with a diet to help my body save my life. Basically, a diet that helped me feed my body.

All those years those fooling doctors were getting paid for their ill ‘advice’. Advice in Dutch is “advies”. Ad-vies. Add dirt. Sure enough, they have been adding plenty of non-food to our food without telling us. Putting people who are unable to digest it in danger. Some are unable to hold on to any nutrients and start leaking those that are stored in their body, others store the non-food in body fat and suffer endless cravings. Fooling doctors are still blaming their ‘genes’.

In my case the fake food was causing major problems on top of other problems as unsolved. A mystery? No. ‘Expertise’. My body needs food, not junk. It kept telling me, but I was too busy getting fooled. This example should be easy enough to follow. If not then goggle it while google still allows for the information to be found. Do not google once, but keep googling until you finally find yourself eating real food. Your body will show you. Easy enough.

When it comes to my heart problems, it is a different fooling game. Last year I thought that I was already a goner, so I declined for white pete to experiment on me. But, this year I noticed the problem early enough to be able to go in for a ‘consult’ without having to fear white pete to be the last face I would suffer to see.

Still, I chose to consult with my body instead. I had attacks in the morning and in the evening. Three of the attacks that I clearly noticed happened in the morning, of which two happened during my morning walk. The first time I stopped pat when I noticed the heart tremors. I saw someone in a van holding his mobile phone, so I knew that if the tremors continued I could get him to call an ambulance. But as I started to walk again, there was no more tremor. Hmm.

pacemaker2I looked around to see if there were ‘spies’. The woman on the bench on the other side of the canal had caught my eye when I passed her on that side, but how could she cause a tremor? And why would she wait for me to pass on the other side of the canal? I walked further down and discovered some kind of WiMax installation. Powerful. How about they turn that tihs off?

The second time I was out for my morning walk, I felt the tremors when I passed the bench where the woman had been sitting the first time. What the hell?! I kept walking, but was on purple alert. When I got to the other side of the canal, I felt the tremors again. At the exact same spot as the time before. No coincidence. But, no WiMax installation to be found this time.

At a certain point along my walking route there is an issue I am reacting to. No fooling doctor will be able to cure that. It will only cost me time, money, and energy to consult any of them. I will walk in with one problem and leave with three. At least three, because they have not been able to lure me in for a few years now.

I will not go in unless I know that there is an ‘expert’ who can tell me how to protect myself against radiation. Not from the Sun, but the sick tools of sick pete. Cell towers are springing up in my neighborhood like nobody’s business. Really, for nobody is told. We are left to deal with the headaches and heart problems ourselves. Poor elderly people stuck in their prison flats. All those ‘homes’ have been decorated with at least five small death towers. That is on the front side of the buildings. Who knows what is lurking at the back side. Also, arabs are going crazy putting up satellite dishes everywhere. What is going on?

tumblr_mlggrzLCEL1rj9zaho3_500Which fooling doctor will know to advice me to move out of this hell pit, because the radiation accumulating and cutting through specific points – even across a canal – is causing heart problems? On top of that, I still need to investigate the evening attacks. It may be the same tihs as last year. Dear body, the attacks started two weeks ago. What changed two weeks ago?


2 Responses to “Doctoring Fooling Expertise”

  1. stuartbramhall April 6, 2014 at 1:59 am #

    Despite being a doctor myself, I have never found doctors at all helpful in dealing with my own physical problems, so I have mainly turned to acupuncturists and naturopaths. The main difference I see is that they spend a long time talking and LISTENING to you, instead of having a preconceived notion of what is wrong.

    I think a big part of the problem is that doctors are only allowed to practice official government sponsored medicine, which includes a heavily reliance on our major corporate lobbies, Big Pharma and Food Inc. The government has the power to issue a medical license, and to revoke it if the doctor deviates from official government sponsored medicine.

    If you’re still looking for good information about protecting yourself from electromagnetic radiation, Dr Magda Havas (a PhD rather than a medical doctor) has some excellent tips on what she refers to as “electromagnetic hygiene”:

  2. No Black Pete April 7, 2014 at 2:07 pm #

    Thanks Stuart. There is a reason why you will never find one of the reptrillionaires at your local hospital. Know what the hospital CAN do, and use them for only that. Everything else is an ‘experiment’. There are some doctors and PhDoctors, who do good research and work hard on getting good information out to the sheeple. Havas seems to be one of them. I am especially interested in her work on “ground current”.

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