The Redundancy of Calling White Pete A Criminal

19 Mar

Amsterdam Red Shield CrestLocal elections? More like city council Idols. I was going to award only one line in this first paragraph to stating the obvious on the puppet show. Arabs have their own political parties to vote for, so does it not make sense for Black people to vote in… Black people? Not arabs. Not Indians or ‘Hindustani’. And for pete sake, do not look at the jhws. They own the system, so they can vote for any party and get their ill wishes come true without much effort. Pick Black candidates to vote for, as the lack of our own political puppet party shows where we really are at as muted property (citizens). Then spend the next years harassing our Black puppets on every move they make. It is what white pete selected them for anyway. Piñata!

But glancing at a Dutch wastepaper, I almost bypassed on writing on the local puppets. Eclipsed by bigger news. The wastepaper misinformed on Obama summoning the new world chaos puppet leaders to Hell Land for G7 rituals next week. What?! Those sons of jackals. As I refused to go to New York, they have decided to hop over to persuade me? They waited for me to have no money to flee this hell pit. Why is Obama reading my pathetic blog anyway? Or has Steve McQueen tipped him off on the strong streams in Neanderland? So many question, but no spirit to waste on them. Moving on…

As Black people we have to deal with the emotional charge of situations before we deal with the situation itself. What we think may be going on needs to get out of the way. Emotions dealt with, we can be rational enough to see what is really in front of us. In the last article I was to write on the business of the illegal criminal organization I found myself working for, but I realized that I had to write away the remnants of whatever emotional charge first.

I had been surrounded by sharks who themselves took abuse so they could help themselves steal crumbs from the crumbs table. I was being taught ‘business’, but I did not know to recognize it as such. I kept thinking that business had to be… honest? Never wondering who told me that lie in the first place. More importantly, to work for an illegal criminal organization as a Black woman is to know who is the scapegoat. Piñata!

prison-culture-21 UMBFor some reason I wanted to keep forgetting this basic rule. For I had already been shown that it was the role reserved for me in legal criminal organizations too. Try as I might, I found myself in the same pathetic role over and over again. Just their business. “Nothing personal.” For us to stop getting emotional because we do not understand. Take another look. Forget acing fool school, and get educated instead. It is time to overstand.

What did I learn from white pete -better known as sickly greedy criminals? Seek the gold not the goat. Let them stay in touch with Set, and dance into the set-up themselves. Mimic their beloved black pete (who is white) so you do not have to fall into their traps and be the Black fool that they want you to be. As their favorite piñata, you better learn how to side-step the traps quickly. Know that they do not move without a set-up, and you do not sit still to get upset. Pass on the piñata.

Focus. I learned how easy it is for white pete to steal and lay blame on someone else. The boss was not the boss. Mr. Belphor answered to someone else across the pond in the States, who answered to someone else in Switzerland. Ah, Geneva, there you are. You know that we have to stop meeting like this. As you are the criminal hotbed, it will be difficult. Let us try anyway. No, the boss that I dealt with, was only a baiter working from Hell Land, and the one to threaten the illegal traders so they kept up the trading in fake stocks, bonds, or whatever their empty promise.

Another lesson. White pete fell for it en masse. As smart as the legal criminals think they are, that ‘smart’ is worth nothing when they cannot use their white privilege system to force it on other white pete. Smart becomes Dutch: pain. The further up the sick ladder, the easier to lie and steal from their own. The information to do so is readily available. Moreover, they know their own greed.

Read-say showed me that this illegal company had been able to steal by the millions. The boss was a self-proclaimed millionaire, with the gold-digging girlfriend to prove so. A gold-digging girlfriend he tried to push down the stairs. He would shout at her over meaningless ‘mistakes’. Shout at the traders as if they were his ‘bitches’ too. White piñata?

They put up with the abuse because giving up their self-worth (if they had any) was a small price to pay to get their hands on monies. Not knowing what was going on, I found myself watching a circus that I did not want to join. Too late. Piñata time. But, my saving grace was that I took the smallest bait. If I had taken the larger baits, I would have been the one hauled off to jail before anyone else. Case closed. No one interested in bailing me out.

DuivelscontractMore lessons. The authorities that ‘help’ regulate the monies markets, are not paid to protect any of the fools who are not smart enough to smell the moon-eye scam. They are put in place to make sure that no slick illegal millionaire can get his hands on the monies that the orders and bars already claimed as theirs. This illegal criminal organization was not criminal for stealing millions from white pete who would lose the monies anyway. No, they were criminal for not being authorized by the orders and bars to steal. Thus the illegal criminals were stealing from them.

Public (their) monies spent to find out how the illegal criminals were able to go undetected for so long. More lessons. They went ‘undetected’ for a while because they were the outsiders used by insiders. The insiders pulled off the theft dishonoring the other thieves, as they knew what to do from having been taught so from within the system. The blueprints in business school are utter nonsense. No one can learn anything of use for grand theft from the empty babble and expensive bibble books they use in fool school.

You need to learn from those who know. Either a legal criminal organization or an illegal criminal organization. In between there is only guessing work that will be of little use. Learn from within the orders or from without the dis-orders. All white pete are thieves, but some are more thief than others. You learn from the successful thieves. For me it is not about the theft, but to learn how to protect myself against it. The thieves are protected while they steal, so it is important to be protected from their stealing.

The lesson to not pick up mystery packages, I had already learned. And it stuck. The lesson not to tell other people that I had a decent job working for a millionaire, I also had to learn. However, it turned out that the mistake started with telling people that I had a decent job – and later my own business – at all. Jealousy and envy were the minor of their Sin-ai I had to deal with.

They did not care if I had to suffer the decent job, nor if my business was going bust from them not paying the bills. They did not want me to have it. Period. Their lives “just ain’t right” if I seem to do better than them in any way. The lesson in this? To only talk about sacrifice as if being a jhw. You can see jhws spend millions, but they will still only harp on about invented suffering. To play victim is part of their education. They have no time to waste on the fool schools they invented for us.

SecurityIn Hell Land jhws have their own schools and organizations. The security for their schools is paid for with public (our) monies. They keep the knowledge of their deceit to themselves, and make sure that everyone else learns that they are the victims. “NEVER forget.” Former slaves who turned victor for their jealous god promised them victory.

As we get dumbed down to believe the babble and bibble they drop on us, they continue to strengthen their system that works to deal with anyone who dares to speak up against them. Let alone steal the monies their jealous god promised them. They need all the monies they printed for us back, so they can keep us looking for small change instead of freeing ourselves from their smart chains. We are to continue to beg them to cut down more trees to print more worthless paper.

Did Soros the master victim, not speak out against his own banks recently? Uh oh. Some of the criminals must have been busy setting up illegal organizations to cheat the sick orders out of monies they had already claimed. See, I may have been dumb when I got pulled into my first management job, but once I waded through the emotional prison that blocked my sight, I could clearly see what scheme had been put in place, and how the illegal criminals had use for me.

The sad thing is that only an illegal criminal among the criminals was interested in paying me enough so I could continue fool school. Mr. Belphodor knew full well that business school only trains fools, so he knew he had a good fool to frame at his disposal. Piñata!

That is business. To know how the system works from experience, and to put people who are fools or hungry for monies, in play. To threaten them so they comply with theft that will get the orders up-set when they find out. And when covers get blown, the hungry ones either scatter and hide, or get hung out to take the fall along side with the fools. Jeezeus and two thieves. Which one is the fool? All Set up.

I do not know what happened to the people I used to ‘work’ with. I do not know who went to prison for how long, if at all. Some must have reorganized elsewhere, for before I got kicked out, one of the ‘traders’ had asked me to join him across the pond. I got an address, but no job description, no plane ticket, no monies to be able to comply. Pass on the piñata.

Life outside of the criminal organization was once again brutal. No, more brutal, because I had tasted a better life. A life with monies. It got me to buy my ‘friends’. At least all their meals. And it allowed me to buy expensive stuff that I did not need, and kept me forever leaking monies that I would need when the illegal criminals fled and the monies tree got cut.

Precious MuataWhen there is no next job, that expensive life-style comes crashing down all around you. Your ‘friends’ disappear as soon as there are no more free meals to be had. Expensive clothes wear out, and need replacement. No appetite for fake brands, so it is better to let go of the mirage. The ice of the hell pit shows itself again.

Looking back, I am sad to know how much time I wasted on fear, not recognizing that all white corpses are criminal organizations. The system knows, but is not going to tell you. Black people are to be the piñata and that is final. Strange that the organizations do not hire more Black people then. Oh, that is right, arabs have always been more willing and cheaper piñata. They got their own political parties out of it. Why are they being jhw educated, instead of getting sacrificed in fool school? 21 more questions.

In a ‘fair’ (fairy tale) world, I would have been shortly questioned by the ‘just-them’ department, and let go. (But also told that I would be watched because of my skin color.) But, in this real (sick) world, I got no word from them. (But I was put on file as if being the illegal criminal organization itself.) Whatever dae man. I did what I was expected to do. That is, to work for white pete and not ask questions. Well, I did work for white pete, and I am still working on that questioning thing that gets me kicked out all the time.

White pete criminals? In all my understanding, I have come to see that the “criminal” part is redundant.


5 Responses to “The Redundancy of Calling White Pete A Criminal”

  1. Marcia Simpson-James March 19, 2014 at 6:52 pm #

    Everybody knows that the Asians and Jews hate Black people with a passion. They were key white man and white woman supporters, that enabled the white man to maintain slavery, by being “middle men” and “middle women”.

    The Sri Lankans are also the biggest racist, going, walking side-by-side with their white indenture-masters. Hence, in America, and Britain, it is a sick boast, to have “coolie”, “Irish”, “Scottish”, and whatever white-slave-raping blood, you can think of. I like being Black, I love being Black, I want to be Black, I still want to be Black tonight. I love culturised Black man, and I will always, appreciate and promote, Black beauty. Especially since I am one. The white man and woman, will forever, be fixated and obsessed with Black beauty, youthfulness, wonderfulness. it’s now time that we step up to the plate, in all our wonderful Glory!

  2. No Black Pete March 19, 2014 at 8:19 pm #

    That is a mouthful, B. The reply can remain short and sweet. “They can hate if they want to, but they are wasting their time.”

  3. stuartbramhall March 19, 2014 at 9:26 pm #

    There’s really a lot to digest here. The Traumatised Society by Fred Harrison discusses at length the issue of the culture of criminal greed in white society. He relates it to cultural genocide Europeans experienced when they were thrown off communal lands between the 16th and 18th century. Prior to the Enclosure Acts, European culture was mainly built around the traditional lands they held in common for more than 1,000 years for crops and grazing. This culture was totally destroyed in the 18th century, to be replaced by the current culture of greed and theft.

    Most ethnic minorities are aware of the cultural genocide inflicted on them by Europeans because it’s relatively recent. In the case of white people, it happened so long ago that the memory has been wiped out. The truth is that most white people are really sick puppies.

  4. Kushite Prince March 20, 2014 at 5:38 pm #

    Great post. You’re right,it’s pretty redundant at this point. Their bloody parasitic history speaks for

  5. No Black Pete March 20, 2014 at 7:25 pm #

    Much appreciated.

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