Pete School for the Black Fool

15 Mar

“This is a story that must be told…”

Extreme White CriminalWhite pete is protected by laws, rules and policies, to rob Black people blind. They imprison our bodies, intellect, mind, spirit. And seek to chain our souls. As Black people we have to understand our crisis. It is beyond what they did to any other people on this earth. Well, Tasmanians would disagree, if there were still any left. That was quite a thorough massacre, wiping them off the face of the earth. The same may go for some of our tribes. How to know what tribes were killed off in Africa before and after the Tasmanian end of their world?

Of course, not all white pete are murderers. First and foremost, white pete is a thief. It is no use accusing them of thievery, because their behavior is legalized by their law. Yet, their prisons still lock up some “white criminals”. With white pete having all the opportunity to lie and steal while protected by their sick system and its law, why would any of them still choose to be a “white criminal”? It turns out that their laws only protect the white pete who play by the rules of the system. Anyone not approved to lie and cheat outside of these rules is an illegal criminal, and the whole of the sick system can be used to punish for the sake of punishing.

Even though I did not have the mind to form this theory when I entered my twenties, I can now look back and wonder at the phenomenon of “white criminals”. What type of loser do you have to be to not be able to steal by the rules already allowing for it? Their laws are how-to-steal guides. It is like painting by the numbers. Stealing by the letters. How stupid could white pete be for not recognizing the numbers?

However stupid, surely greedy. For as much chaos as the sick ones wreak upon us, their own pyramid is very ordered. There are all kinds of “orders” and “bars” to keep the white puppets and sheeples in check and balances (debt). So the fortune stolen from all corners of the world that they claim as their universe, remains with a greedy few. Safely behind the bills-and-gates. This order of the few puts the greed of the disorder of the many to their vile evil use. But, some of the many are more greedy than others.

Some know how to lie by the numbers, but are not going to wait for their turn for an elevator pitch to pretty please get let into the ranks that will allow them to steal by the millions. That is what all those govern-mind agencies to ‘protect’ us really do. They protect the orders and bars from ‘ambitious’ white pete who are not allowed in the orders to freely unleash their demon of greed to lie and steal until they go fully crazy and start talking about seeing blue-eyed aliens circling Earth.

At my first decent office job working for Dutch wastepapers, I got ousted and isolated for whatever reason white pete had come up with. I could have known that they actually did not want to hire me as they kept sitting on my contract. Unable to find anyone else willing to take the job, they had to come up with the goods anyway. But that did not stop them from introducing me to their sick office politics. I refused to play along, as I found their sick behavior quite childish. I was fresh out of my teens, yet I felt like I behaved more like an adult than the white ‘adults’. As I refused to play along, my contract did not get renewed.

Unable to find another decent enough office job in this hell pit, I was relieved when a former coworker offered me a job at a friend’s company. No big deal, just help with some office work. I was not told anything about the company, nor the work. Only for me to show up. I did so, and for some reason beyond me, I got the job on the spot. The job of doing nothing. That is how it felt as the job of listing accounts was not much of a job.

I became the assistant of the manager who did not tell me much either, to then become the office manager. I became responsible for lunches, supplies, and other arrangements that had nothing to do with the core business. After a while, I was starting to doubt that there was a core business. I could not make sense of any of their business even though I was in business school at the time.

Between the business office and business school, I was losing the little mind that I had left. At one point I would have to give up on fool school, for I did not understand why they were teaching me numbers instead of business. But at the business office they were only feeding me numbers as well. I had no mind for only numbers, so nothing made sense.

Where was the business? I did not get it when the manager told me to just look busy. I needed to look as if I was already in business, instead of looking to be taught business. I was getting paid to be an actor. I was not getting paid to get smart, but to remain dumb. The money I made learning to be dumb, I lost on fool school training me to get even dumber. How was I ever to learn about business?!

Then one day I was asked to pick up a package at a post office. The manager and the boss showed real shady behavior. Why did the manager not pick it up herself? She would even travel out of the country to pick up ‘things’. How dumb were they demanding me to be? They showed me a letter with an address they claimed not to know. For me to get in a cab and go figure it out. I was the office manger after all. Sure, the office fool was going to sacrifice herself.

Santa and Petes on BoatWhen the cab driver asked me where the address was, I could not tell him. I was not granted the time to look it up. Besides, he was the one to know. Why was he asking me?! Well, he asked so he could take me for a ride. If I did not know, then that was all he needed to know to take a detour so he could run up the meter. Silly. I was not worried about the cab fare. It is how I traveled to get things done for the office. He could have saved himself the trouble, because I would have paid the 50 guilders anyway, as long as I would get a receipt to prove to the boss that I did not steal any money myself.

It was just like white pete to take Black people for a ride, not understanding that as an office manager I used cabs at least twice a day, and was on the look-out for reliable cab drivers. No trustworthy cab driver to be found, as they were too busy lying and stealing by the meter. When using cabs a lot, the differences in fares becomes quite clear fast. I may have been stuck in fool school and fool business, but I could still read a meter and know if it matched the distance.

Anyway. I got to pick up the package, but not after I had to show some ID. The manager had not told me that I would need some. Reluctantly, I showed my ID-card and the postal guy wrote down the number. I cannot remember if I also had to sign. Either way, I did not feel good about it. But, it was clearly a work assignment. I was employed by the company and paying tax over the salary they transferred to my bank scam account. The link was clear. Still, something about the way people acted, made me expect sniff dogs and police around every corner I turned.

When I got back at the office, they near snatched the package out of my hands and disappeared. I felt very uncomfortable the whole day. I was kept in the dark, left to vow to pick up no more mystery packages. They did not pay me enough to get in trouble. I stuck to clear work assignments and repressed my healthy curiosity about their ‘business’. The job had become stressful enough as it was.

19-jason-decaires-taylor-sculptureThe boss turned out to be a violent bully. He quickly learned not to shout at me, but everyone else was fair game to him. The manager allowed to get abused because she was “in it to win it.” To win what? How could she win anything, if he had succeeded in pushing her down the stairs? She was shaking like a leaf, but refused to leave the office. Was that herpes or a busted lip? Never mind, I do not want to know after all. What was it that the sales people stopped doing every time I walked into their dark sales pit? On and on with the questions.

There is a point where I just stopped caring, for nothing that I did could shine a light on what was really going on. It became too much to handle. What I experienced at the office, I also experienced in life. I just could not crack the code to how to know what I was supposed to do. I was in fool school and working as an office fool, forced to take care of myself amid vultures. No one interested in my plight.

I was suffering, because to me ignorance is painful. I wanted to know things like… how to run a business. It seemed to make sense to go to business school and to work at an office that claimed to be about business. Too bad that fool school was not interested in teaching me business, they were too busy personally attacking me. Another joke on me. They were teaching me. Teaching me how they keep fools busy away from any real business. There was no need for me to be smart, they would only allow me to be their black pete. For me to be available to take on abuse and ridicule, and preferably be an outlet for their violence too. To be the office clown and piñata rolled into one.

Things were going down the hill for me as both the psychopaths at fool school and those at the office, succeeded in their exclusion brutalities. I had no chance of finishing business school, and the office was ready to kick me out as well. How could this be? I was sure that I was doing the right things. To find myself getting blamed for traps they set for me to get me out of their way. If I was not going to sacrifice myself for their benefit or entertainment, then I was to go figure things out elsewhere. Where was I to go?

No, ignorance is no bliss. Somehow I was too smart to be ignorant, yet I was too ignorant to be smart. After the posh job at the office, there was no white pete interested in providing the next office job. No matter the violent circumstances at the office, I seemed to have been spoilt. No one was looking for a Black office manager. They refused to even believe that someone had allowed me to be one. I found myself back at the bottom of the pit. ‘Friends’ who had been jealous of my ‘good fortune’, rejoiced at their ill wishes finally pushing through. I was cast out as I was no longer able to afford to be the fool who paid for their ‘free’ meals.

Out of a job and out of school, I got some news. The ‘office’ turned out to be a criminal organization. Back then that was shocking news, now I find it difficult to suppress a yawn. To me “white pete” is just a synonym for “criminal”. What gets me to waste time on releasing this memory now, is that the office turned out to be an illegal criminal organization. Illegal stock trading, even though I had never seen stocks at the office. Only a fax now and then rambling on about companies and stocks that I could not recognize, as fool school had kept me busy with numbers not business.

On TrialThis white pete had been running a fake stock broker company, cheating other white pete out of millions. My former millionaire boss turned out to be an illegal thief. And had I not picked up a suspicious package for this thief? Was my ID number not jotted down at some out of the way postal office? Had I not signed for release? The vision of sniff dogs and police came back to me. I went to the fool school library and searched the wastepapers. Yes, the manager had gotten herself arrested and had blown their cover wide open. Nice “win”.

I lived in fear for several months. I knew that if the police wanted to stick anything on me, they would do so as soon as they saw the color of my skin. No questions asked, for I had the appropriate piñata color. It would not matter that I had done nothing wrong. I had sought and found an income so I could pay a fool school that did not want me there, and pay rent living in a building where I felt – and was – unsafe too. Clearly, life itself was against me.

Running out of money and mind, I went to visit the woman who got me the job at the fake office. I needed to know a couple of things. Was I on any hit list? For they had tried to sacrifice me before. That was the smart reason for the visit. To let her know that I could find her, and would guide the police towards her if she was planning to set me up again. I did not know what to believe when she claimed that the office workers and managers could not get prosecuted. Even if true, it still left me without a job and with bills to pay.

The dumb part was that I wanted to know if she had another job for me. I do understand my own desperation. Nothing was working out for me, so the only thing that had worked out a little for a while, was starting to look like the solution to all my problems again.

Of course, she had no more use for me. When I escorted myself home empty-handed, I had to tell myself that I could not take care of myself. The more I tried to do the right thing, the more trouble I got in. And more trouble waiting around the corner. There were no sniff dogs and police yet, but I definitely found myself stuck in something. I was in it, but would not be able to win it. End of my world.

Always Standing Too CloseIf only I could have found a piece of mind that would allow me to come up with the idea to use my ‘knowledge’ for a fool school thesis. Find a test scorer (teacher) seeking to make a name for himself without sacrificing me in the process. Hmm. Is that not the thinking that kept me auditioning for the role of busy fool? I seem to still have some left-over ignorance. Never mind then.

Moving on…


One Response to “Pete School for the Black Fool”

  1. Marcia Simpson-James March 15, 2014 at 6:18 pm #

    Whites are identity thieves, They like stealing from Black-English people, descendants of Windrush slaves,who suffered under the racist, Tony Blair.

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