Scars of A White State of Mind

4 Mar

hyungkoo-the-objectuals-3Stuck in a time bubble. I have not watched the Oz-scars since Halle Berry cried her dead eyes out. I will leave it at that for I have nothing good to say about it. The Oz-scars have always been boring to me, and that is why I used to watch it for hours. It was a potent drug to numb myself from the hell around me. That was then, and then is not now. I have been busy with hell, so I have had no need to watch it. Just like the Winter Ol-of’m-already-picked. I could not be bothered with the happy men drama. As soon as Dutch pete won some medals, the sad happy men were forgotten. Two whole sentences and I am done before I even start to remember.

To applaud Lupita Nyong’o for winning a little Oz-scar and know that her ‘asking price’ has sky-rocket, would be based on the color of her skin. Beautiful Black skin that the scarrers from Oz (Hellywood) will look to whiten in their propaganda magazines whenever they see fit. It seems that she got the Oz-scar for her role as an enslaved woman in a jhwvie that I have not watched. I am stuck in a time bubble, so all I have is hear-say. No, not even, only read-say. Someone had to play the role, and I read that she did it well. Congratulations?

Something needs to be done about my time bubble. I have decided to start with a new site on white fool school policies. How they use different (racist) standards so they can exclude Black students from graduating. You are forced to make the white test scorers (teachers) like you so you can not only pass your exams, but also score higher than the maximum 7 out of 10 that they reserve for Black students. When a dumb white Petra I tutored scored a 8.6 out of ten, and I got a 6.8, that is when I should have known that I stumbled upon an invisible white hand mentally slapping me back in line. The other line. Further back.

They want you to be quiet and sit in the back of the class room, if you insist on showing up at all. To be as invisible as possible, or else. If you speak up and say anything except “I do not know” or “I do not understand”, or speak against the test scorer (teacher), or show your Natural intelligence in any way, then you will get punished and fail your exams. They do not care how they fail you. There is a whole system in place to get it done. It worked before you, and it will still work after you. They will keep you uninformed (yes, they will lie), misinformed (yes, they will lie), and change the rules on you (yes, they will lie). Whatever their will be justice. “Just us.” Just them.

Do not worry about them. As you stick to the reading lists the school gave you, you will be too busy trying to pass exams using the wrong study materials. All the answers are spelled out in the books or readers not on the list. So nice of the other students not to tell you. Best friends for never.

As a Black student, you have to be quiet or serve them. Service. “Serve us.” Serve them. Just look at all those jhwvies you are to applaud. If you are sane enough to refuse to serve the psychopaths (teachers), then you need to organize with other students against the exclusion politics and expose them. To learn that no other student is going to risk failing exams when the test scorer (teacher) tells them to shun you. All the test scorer (teacher) has to do is stare at you for an uncomfortable long while or smirk whenever looking your way. All who went through the mandatory Satanklaas and black pete indoc-training, will know exactly what to do without having to be told again. Hostile ridicule awaits.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali - VKIt was Ayaan Hirsi Ali whom I heard speak up about this in public first. Until she did, I was ridiculed for even wanting to believe that there was institutionalized racism at fool schools. Surely, there is no one who can doubt Ayaan’s intelligence. This intelligent Black woman spoke up about having to be quiet and sit in the back of the class to be able to pass a course with a score of 6 out of 10. She did what she had to do, and graduated. Then she showed the backward test scorers that she did not have to rise above them. She already was way above them.

Still, Ayaan is not my role model. She is intelligent and she remained above the pathetic teachers at university fool school, but she was not able to rise above her own sick mind. She was willing to abandon her own people for good enough reason, but the sickness showed when she ran straight into the arms of the real enemy. I have been there myself. Offered an end to the misery the psychopaths led me into, if I would just run into their arms while praising them. Just pick any of their sick racist cult pools to join, or pick one of their sick racist men ‘to have and to behold’. But, I knew it would be another dead end. I wanted to graduate based on my intelligence and with scores that showed it. Clearly, I was sicker than Ayaan.

“Poor silly poor me.” At least Ayaan knew how to play along and get out of fool school to move on to “bigger and better”. Whatever white pete tried to do to her, she could outmaneuver them. She went up and up the ladder, out of reach of many of the simple-minded white pete who think that white privilege equals intelligence. And we help them strengthen that belief by joining them in it. Only when we step into our own Intelligence do our eyes open to finally see white children helping each other play grown-up. Suffer to watch them get away with their dumb stihs.

Even though I knew less than Ayaan about the sick games of the psychopaths, I was shocked to see how Ayaan embraced the ones responsible for perverting the mind of her own people. Our people have been perverted in such a way that we would take to mutilating our children to try to prevent demons of lust taking possession. The mutilation shows that we are lost, cut off from a sane mind. Our children still not the last ones in a long generational line for losing their sanity, yet hurting the most.

Sickness of Vogue HollandWith the burden of pain cut into our children, what of the men who still have their precious ‘tool’ in place to get possessed by the demons of lust? Jhws show that circumcision did not cure them, but they kept up the pretense and turned around to instruct that as the men were ‘cured’, it must be the woman who really carried the Sin. Yes, they continue to cut off a bit of foreskin from the ‘tool’ of boys, so they can continue to put the blame on women. “The woman you gave me.”

Demons do not disappear due to mutilation. They do not need sexual organs to take possession of a human body. They can connect through the lower mind as easily as through the lower body. Grant them access within and they do not need access without. If anything, the horrible situation of the mutilation of Black girls (and women) is an excellent opportunity for demons to take possession, as the defenses of the unsuspecting children will drop far lower than normal at their age.

If anything the mutilation of the children turns them into greater victims. Not only because of the horrendous torture which allows an opening for all kinds of ‘spirits’. Not only because of the difficult period of healing for those who did not bleed to death or later die from ‘complications’. No, more so, because to remove a ‘sensor’ to detect the beast of lust, is to go without an important warning signal. The girls grow up to be women who can no longer feel the beast, but it does not mean that there is no beast. How is allowing demons a free ride, an improvement?

The women may no longer be pushed to craving sexual relations, but the demons can still feed off the craving of those getting near. “Stop talking about demons now.” My mistake. Do not mind my wording. Know that it used to spell “daemons”. You can look into “the moon”, “dead moon”, or “dead men(s)” in your own free time. Whatever you pick will lead you to what the darkness bearers have been up to – and still hold dear and dark. They do not move without their daemons, that is why I found it so strange that Ayaan embraced them.

Guardian Angel Marcus KwameCircumcision is not our tradition. Mutilation of children is not our tradition. Yet, there was word of a beast in our midst, and all of sudden we deal with sick “children’s parties”? We volunteer to help them scar our children? However short that life may turn out to be after the first cut from the rusty knife. Instead of cutting up children to pretend to prevent the demons from entering, it would pay to look at those who cast the sickness of lust upon our people in the first place. What stops us from taking a look at that white hand?

For a long time, I sure did not understand how to link the mutilation that white pete con-damned to the invasion of white pete in Africa and former Africa now called Arabia, that showed white pete to be the go-to tribe when it comes to mutilation. Stuck fighting test scorers (teachers) in fool school was of no help. As I refused to leave fool school, they simply turned me into the dumb Black student to help them show that they needed more exclusion tactics. Anything to get me to disappear. But, I was determined to make sense out of their teachings on what everybody but them, did wrong.

I did disappear in the end. A twisted mind covered in mental bruises, scabs and much blood loss. And only my master fool school titles to show for the brutal abuse. Not feeling better for daring to tell them that I would get my titles without joining them, and without playing dead. The joke remained on me. I was a dumb Black student for allowing myself to be a ‘willing’ victim. I gave them even more access to mutilating my mind. My scarred mind easily used to force further scarring of self or our people. For some reason, not their people.

like-unlike-jason-haggerty-3We have a responsibility to set our minds right, which is not the same as taking blame for losing it. I am not with the “forgive and forget” group. Even when they made me “forget”, I was still not with the “forgive” group. That may be the reason why I see the white hand not only on our minds, but also our private parts. To allow the demons to show me that the spirits of the people who lend themselves for the dirty work are white. Whatever takes possession of a mind, is what shows in the spirit world.

If the spirit world shows us possessed by white spirits, then what happened to the Black spirits?! How sick am I to not be able to see the Black spirits? My own people try to lie to me and tell me that the Black spirits stand to the side. The only spirits to stand to the side are those who stood to the side when ‘alive’. They are still waiting for a savior while ‘dead’? What is that to me? I have been sent into this world to report back, but I do not like this white world touching me. People look at me and ridicule. They think that I am the one thinking myself to be white. Blind to the white spirits implanted in them?

Jared-Leto-and-Lupita-NYongoThis article is wasted on most of us. I refused to type and post it yesterday. To not get in the way of Lupita’s shine. It is not Lupita’s fault that many of our people in Kenya still suffer. It is not Lupita’s fault that many children still get mutilated because of a white state of mind. It is not Ayaan’s fault that she got mutilated. It is not Ayaan’s fault that she can only feel safe in the arms of the enemy. It is not my fault that I keep getting stuck in a time bubble, forced to release the stories I get instructed to write.

It would be great for me to be simply “delusional” or “autistic”. For me to be the faulty one, and for this sick world to not be bleeding and suffering after all. I would gladly be the delusional one for this world to be bathing in the Sun and at peace with Nature. Right. Until then, I sidestep those who bring the hostile ridicule, instead continue to solve the ridiculous puzzle. I know that I cannot save any of us, but I will continue to write about it. Knowing there is no “them” without “us”.



15 Responses to “Scars of A White State of Mind”

  1. hunglikejesus March 5, 2014 at 1:07 am #

    That was beautiful Ms. NBP. It reminded me that I’m not alone in my stance. I got a bunch of emotional Black folk all emotional yesterday by daring to go against the hype. I love Lupita, I think she’s a decent actor, and that’s because I only saw her in one movie. The worship to me is just the build up to nothing much.

    I also pointed out that the very first Black woman to win an Oz-scar played a slave and the very last Black woman to win an Oz-scar well you guessed it, so have we moved? The only difference is the Ms. McDaniel couldn’t attend because she was all Black and stuff.

  2. No Black Pete March 5, 2014 at 4:39 pm #

    Thanks HLJ. Your words do not surprise me. Let me be just as clear. I think Lupita is beautiful. And I know that without talent she would not even have been mentioned in the same sentence as Oz-scar, let alone awarded it. I think Ayaan is beautiful. And I know that without intelligence she would not even have been mentioned in the same sentence as NWO (new world chaos), let alone awarded more than one spot in their think-tanks. These two women are now part of two circles that take a strong mind to be able to survive in.
    I try to show that I am not jealous or envious. I KNOW that I cannot walk in their shoes. I have been fighting stupid things, instead of rising above it and see the bigger picture. To see the white hand that rocks this world crazy. That is why I cannot applaud the slot that white Pete and the pale horses, awarded them. But, then again I do not like the slot that they award any of us. I do not even like my own master fool titles.

  3. diaryofanegress March 5, 2014 at 6:58 pm #

    Lupita will rise up and shine and then, with zero explanation, be cut down and sacrificed to the demons who made her what she is. It is a very dangerous game. Make no bones about it, dear. ALL black people in Hollyweird have *cough* “done things” to get where they are…rich, famous and full of influence.

    She will no doubt be paired up with white Pete to push the interracial agenda and then, she’ll disappear…I smell maybe a drug overdose, plane crash or other “accident.”

  4. Kushite Prince March 5, 2014 at 9:14 pm #

    Great post sis! You are spit on! Lupita is stunning! There’s no debate about that. She is a great representation of black beauty and elegance. Definitely the prettiest woman at the Academy awards. But he must not get sidetracked by all the hype.
    I saw 12 Years a Slave,she was great in it. But we must remember she still played a slave. We still play butlers,pimps,drug dealers,whores,slaves and maids. We are rewarded as long as we keep playing stereotypical roles. They love to promote our degradation and servitude. And too many black folks are too brainwashed to see pass the glitz and glamour. Hollyweird has NOT changed in 80 years. Obama is President right? Aren’t we post racial now?? Then why the hell are we still playing these type of roles?? It’s simple. These demons want to remind of that servitude is our position. Lupita did a good job but she was raped and savagely beaten in this film. These demons get off on this stuff! Most of them have a sexual slave fetish. They loved seeing her character beaten so viciously.
    I also believe they will use her in future roles to push the interracial/homosexual agenda. That’s what they do with everyone we look up to. First they make us fall in love with these actors by plastering their face on tv and magazines. Then they whore them out by doing degrading roles. I wish Lupita a lot of luck. I like her I really do. But I know how Hollyweird operates. And it’s very hard to keep your dignity and self respect when surrounded by satanic,racist pedophiles.

  5. Bry March 6, 2014 at 6:26 am #

    Still refuse to watch any of these slave movies. I hear Laura Mvula was on the soundtrack for the film… interesting how they’re also pushing her as the next Nina Simone though her lyrics are total poison (‘Green Garden’ symbolically glorifies a lynching).

    You get an A+ for dissecting school policies. One thing I see in my neck of the woods is they love to hand us A’s when they know we’ll turn around and use the degree to co-develop lucrative business strategies that destroy our own, or to play divide and conquer among groups of talented black youth.

  6. No Black Pete March 6, 2014 at 5:04 pm #

    Good point, Prince. They parade Lupita in all the magazines and all over the Interweb. And she shines in every photo, making Black people feel proud at her success. But…

    I think a plane crash is pushing it (interesting thought DOAN), but…

    Yes, something is up. We cannot see it yet, but it is all ready set in motion. Nothing I can do about it, so I wish Lupita much more shine in the meanwhile.

    It is war. Peace.

  7. No Black Pete March 6, 2014 at 5:13 pm #

    Thanks Bry. The next Nina Simone?! That is what you get when tone deaf people decide on our music. Maybe after they accept that Beethoven was Black and Mozart copied the style of Black ‘Mozart’, I may ask their opinion on music.

    Thanks for the A+, but I managed to get some on my graduation list despite the fool school hostilities and brutalities. Just not the jobs that should have come with it. The next phase of exclusion politics.

    It is war. Peace.

  8. No Black Pete March 6, 2014 at 6:05 pm #

    It is not as bad as I remembered it to be. It must have been the numbed mind state that I was in that led me to believe that it went “on and on until the break of dawn.”

    • No Black Pete March 11, 2014 at 8:18 pm #

      Oops. Was it something I said? When I put the video up there was plenty of pickings, but someone has been very very busy removing all Halle’s Oz-scarring clips from TheirTube.

      Let us see how long this shortened one will remain up:

  9. No Black Pete March 6, 2014 at 6:09 pm #

    She put Whoopi to shame.


    What was that evil face at 1.21?!

    • No Black Pete April 18, 2014 at 6:36 pm #

      Whoopi belongs in this list because she did the blackface thing with Ted Danson(?).

  10. No Black Pete March 6, 2014 at 6:14 pm #

    Let me have a look at Lupita too.


  11. No Black Pete March 11, 2014 at 9:05 pm #

    Here is a piece of the puzzle that ties this article further together. (Just trade it in for the “demons” part.)

  12. No Black Pete March 15, 2014 at 4:26 pm #

    I have not been watching much of conscious talk on TheirTube for a while, but I made time for this one:

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