Geneva Has No Use for Human Rights for Black Women

20 Feb

Self-Portraits-by-Rachel-Baran-8One thing to make perfectly clear is that I utterly dislike men hitting women. I do not give a toss whether you are jhw, arab or from a deeper pit of hell. Having heard yet another arab woman getting hit by her house-band, almost got me back into Kumbaya mode. But, I remembered that Black women come first. I will focus on the abuse even those women of minimal color do not seem to care about. The abuse of Black women. African. Originals.

It is better to write more of our story into existence. I have had this story on my mind for a while, as I decided – after many years – to no longer repress it. And now it is time to write it off my mind, into the collective records.

To read that Switzerland passed an anti-immigration law is somewhat interesting. I have been to Switzerland, and walking around in Geneva, I could tell that they like their city sickly white. It is great to stay in a city that is clean and near devoid of dog excrement, but the sterile feel quickly got to me. As I was there on task and to see about future work, I shrugged it off. I was part of a group of people ‘allowed’ into the NWO organizations. I have actually been in quite a few of those sick buildings, and can tell anyone who listens to twats telling them to go visit and demand to see what their money is being spent on, to go waste their time on something else.

If you are not invited, then you are NOT welcome. They do not want you to see that they do not work. At least, not on anything that is going to save you from them. Still, in between devious schemes… they DO NOT WORK. It could be that even the staff was hiding from me on all occasions. Now that would take work. Swiss Pete is as lazy as Dutch Pete, and I could not catch any of them doing serious work.

As I was already starting to despair at the lack of color and spirit, all of a sudden an African delegation showed up in one of those new world chaos hell pits. My lift of spirit did not last but a minute. Those brave men were very skilled in ignoring me. They fit right in with Swiss Pete. Except for their skin color. But, the lack of spirit they had down pat. Enough to smack my head at the gullibility they displayed. Much of the same as I had myself. To then get surprised with the occurrence of two of our meetings chaired by… Black men. Oh, praise their jealous god for letting them in.

There is no need to go into how I dug in to milk a bit of their spirits. I was at a dangerous low and about to crash. My sanity depended on connecting. Just a little foreign melanin to help me resurrect. Just in time. Geneva almost got to me. I could now distance further from my own milky and less milky white delegation, and see about Geneva with the aid of my own rejuvenated melanin.

incredible-ceramic-sculptures-johnson-tsangAfter the milky whites kept craving pizza for several nights in a row, I yet again declined to join them. In the stead, I went to answer my craving for Chinese. Or any food that even looked vaguely Asian. I wanted real food. Oh, the sick irony. I was still to learn that something was deadly wrong with that food. Unaware of the poison that comes with the rice, I set my mind to it and went looking for my ‘food’. And, I found it! I even had the luxury problem of having to choose between two restaurants.

I got my food at the biggest MSG pusher, and was met with an unfriendly Asian attitude. Geneva must have been taking its toll on them too. Or, were they showing me that they were going to mess with my food as the Chinese kept doing to me in Brussels? Maybe I should back out and cross the street to get the food at their cousins? I was about to do so, when they thawed – a bit. Show them the money, and their greed gets them to fake ‘like’. Just push that button.

Happy with my ‘real’ food, I could not care less about them embracing cold Swiss hospitality. I had my melanin shot, and Chinese ‘food’ too. Oh, life was good. To then look up to see… a Black woman! Oh, where did she come from?! Huh? And another one? A whole line of them! I was getting ready to question the first woman who was still looking at me, when I spotted Swiss Pete getting out of a car, walking toward the women. Red alert. Something was off, and I forced myself out of my happy buzz, to let the sounds of hell back in.

Switzerland turned out to have NO PROBLEM with Black women after all. As long as they knew their place. As prostitutes. I saw the whole shady stank business of it displayed in front of me. This was not the time to play “21 questions”. I needed to move or risk the consequences of not moving. I could not help any of them, I needed to quickly help myself. In the same way I had to in Madrid many years before. I had to escape a white pete set on assaulting me. He did not expect me to kick his ass-ault and escape. Hit and run. Right into the hairy arms of some prostitutes.

My purple alarm signal went off when I saw that the white ‘ladies’ were… men. With their eyes fixed on me, I had less than two seconds to come to the right decision. It was the same in Geneva. Less than two seconds to get away. From getting ready to say “hi”, to not bother with “bye”. Never mind bleeding on the inside to see the fate of women who looked like me, I was to focus on not getting caught by whatever sick mind got to them. To speed past seemingly calmly, but very much on the alert for any sudden movement ‘too much close’.

It is hard to remember if any of the women hollered at me. I will assume that they were just cooing closer Swiss Pete. My own safety was my primary concern. My fighting skills would not suffice to engage with a row of street-wise Black women and the Swiss Pete that forced them to be so. With no way of knowing if and where their enslavers were on the look-out, I needed to look as disconnected from the whole scene as I could. Only one exit strategy: flee!

My mind was reeling, but I got to the hotel just fine. One could think that I knew my way in Geneva by the way I strolled back into the lobby with my Chinese food. I had never been to the shady quarters before, but understanding the science of circular movement (con-CERN) was a big help in my cool runnings. Looking back, I realize that no one would have been even mildly interested in chasing the nerdy Black woman, with other women standing around offering up their services. My Chinese food was safe from all of them. It was my mind that took the hit.

Black Magic WomanStill in shock, I tried to explain what I had seen to some of my fellow travelers. They uttered surprise at me finding my beloved Chinese food. And surprise at my adventurous spirit. I had managed to track down some Chinese in Geneva, after all. But, not a word on the shady business. I would find out many months later, that they explained my behavior as “being negative.” Sure, just blame the victim.

How to talk about the disappointment I felt when I could not see Black women anywhere during the day? How to talk about the disappointment I felt to discover one night that they were there, but only to serve as sexual slaves. I found it painful to see, and could not get stone cold about it like Swiss Pete and the few Black men. If it was not for my Chinese food, I do not know how I could have sufficiently numbed myself.

Just to make sure to numb myself further, I read some white pete literature on the Russian Gulags. Oh, how poor white pete suffered. How could they be so cruel to their own kind? My self-imposed isolation seemed to trigger one member of my group. She ventured ‘too much close’ to ask me about my “background”. It is this thing that white pete does as they think they are entitled to question anyone who does not look like them. The where-are-you-from routine, but then upgraded to befit academic fool school level.

Seeking to remain polite, I answered her question to the best of my knowledge at the time. Then I returned the favor. White petra had not been prepared for it. Usually, their whiteness is enough for people to assume Dutchness or something close. Obliged to submit an answer to the mirrored inquiry, white petra had to admit to being a foreigner, and not the right kind according to Dutch propaganda. She seemed without a defense. I was done turning the tables, but she did not exhibit anymore eagerness to get to know more about me. Instead, she took offense.

White petra also does not like smart Black women. “You know too much for you own good.” Yes, it happens when you read science books. It is also the universal signal of do not disturb, yet she disturbed, to then leave disturbed herself. I used that little incident – instigated by her – to cover the whole African-women-exploitation-for-the-sick-sexual-pleasure-of-white-pete nightmare scene. The thick sterile surface of the Geneva hell could no longer fool me, but I did need something to cover not only the stench, but also the shame and guilt that I felt.

Times Change - Zwarte Piet NietThe shame I felt to see and know how white demons see us. We seem not worthy of ordinary – never mind extra-ordinary – jobs, only worthy to relieve them of the sickening fluids they leak as they take pleasure in abusing Black women. The guilt I felt to know that I could not do anything to help those women caught in the snares of the sickness of Swiss Pete. Where to find even one other person in that hell who would care. All trained to look the other way. Even now, all I can do is to write this article.

An anti-immigration law? The policy of it had never gone out of fashion. It makes more sense to look at other fake laws that protect the criminals instead of their victims. Geneva Convention? Human Rights? No. Women sex slavery in Geneva. I had to see it to believe it, but when I saw it I did not want to know it. I had caught a glimpse of what Geneva considered the basic human rights for Black women. Chinese poison food is not strong enough to numb them from experiencing the hell of white Geneva.

I went to Geneva, and all I got is this lousy feeling that I could only start to release by using my pen.



20 Responses to “Geneva Has No Use for Human Rights for Black Women”

  1. Kushite Prince February 20, 2014 at 7:05 pm #

    Niiiiiiiiice post! Great points Pete! 🙂

  2. hunglikejesus February 20, 2014 at 7:14 pm #

    “deeper pit of hell” LOL!

    I’ve been witness to Black women getting beat in all manner of ways and it’s something you never ever forget. The sound of flesh being hit with no mercy tattoos itself on the inside of your skull. I use it as a reminder of what not to do. I still can’t understand where humans get the effort to do things to one another the way they do. I wouldn’t treat an animal the way I see some getting treated.

    Also, I spend a little time in Europe and it’s not just Switzerland that looks steamed cleaned. I think they do that outta complete and utter guilt. You how when you have been violated, and you can’t seem to get clean enough? Someone spit on my hand by accident a long time ago and no matter how I scrubbed my hand I could always feel that spot (back then I mean). Anyway, that’s could what’s going on in Europe but in reverse.

  3. ShelbyCourtland February 20, 2014 at 7:15 pm #

    “The shame I felt to see and know how white demons see women like me. We seem not worthy of ordinary – never mind extra-ordinary – jobs, only worthy to relieve them of the sickening fluids they leak as they take pleasure in abusing Black women.”

    I feel sick!

  4. No Black Pete February 20, 2014 at 7:45 pm #

    Thanks Prince. Beyond this I am at a loss for words. I still do not know what to do about it.

    • Marcia Simpson-James March 10, 2014 at 5:53 pm #

      What a wonderful and honest article. I haven’t been to Geneva yet, but I now understand why I hardly get a sensible response from the filth who work for the UN. They have no practical skills and are racist to the hilt. t’s now time for a sensible, International Black woman network. Not the usual wannabees.

  5. No Black Pete February 20, 2014 at 7:59 pm #

    Thanks HLJ. For some reason, I had to go wash my hands.

  6. No Black Pete February 20, 2014 at 8:01 pm #

    Thanks Shelby. Feeling sick at it means that you got your head on straight.

  7. animalizard February 20, 2014 at 10:14 pm #

    Thank you for writing this. Geneva is a ‘pit of hell’ with a ‘heavenly mask’ and given their recent anti-immigration vote, I think it’s about to become a whole lot worse. For a country that gave only women the vote in 1970s and still refuses to recognise marital rape in trial after trial, combine that with the subtlest and most public forms of racism and ‘weaponised rape’ used against visible minorities, this sexism-racism combination isn’t going to be rejected by the Swiss any time soon.
    Even more tragically, Swiss women don’t seem to be breaking the silence because it reaffirms the link between their whiteness and ‘social purity/morality/honour’, which they seem to perceive as short-termedly advantageous yet it ensures their safety/unfreedom only at the expense of the abuse of the other half of the female population. The old ‘divide and rule’ trick. We need to break it.
    Again, thanks for writing.

  8. stuartbramhall February 21, 2014 at 3:01 am #

    I am always very skeptical of places like Geneva, Singapore and Disneyland – places that put people in jail for littering or spitting on the sidewalk. I’ve always viewed that kind of sterility as symptomatic of fascism.

  9. No Black Pete February 21, 2014 at 3:42 pm #

    Thanks Animalizard. And to think that it is just the tip of the stinking hell pit.

  10. No Black Pete February 21, 2014 at 3:50 pm #

    Thanks Stuart. For putting Disneyland in there. After a short chuckle, I remembered that a few years ago I started to read a book on all the tricks they use at this new world chaos landfill to trick, fool, and herd the fanatics willing to stand in lines to get tricked, fooled and herded. Tired of the ‘happy’ tone used to explain how they trick and treat, I cast the book to a side. But, it may be time to have another look at it…

  11. Marcia Simpson-James March 10, 2014 at 5:49 pm #

    The same high levels of racism is living large in England. Only they style it out a bit. And as for those idiot Africans in the Great big white slave-master building, they sound like the type I’ve seen in that racist British, shit-hole, called parliament. They are nothing but beggars. The treatment of dark-skinned Black women, is absolutely shocking in Britain and across Europe. Lets set up an international network, to address this shit legally!

  12. No Black Pete March 10, 2014 at 10:14 pm #

    Thanks Marcia. To get an answer from NWO suits, you have to go through the proper channels, and then put pressure on the people who claim to be direct representatives. That is usually where their fun starts and your result ends. If you work in the human rights policy or law field, you will know what double rules and regulations they have put in play.

    If you have a sponsor to allow you to work on legal cases, then by all means use the legal route. Until we finally understand what needs to be done, we might as well waste more time on asking the enemy to please help us escape. ‘Kumbaya, my lord…’

    In the meanwhile, the women in the streets of Geneva, Barcelona, Brussels, Birmingham, Port-au-Prince, Kingston, Kinshasa, Soweto… already know better.

    • Marcia Simpson-James March 10, 2014 at 10:24 pm #

      IThanks! However, believe in being active and forceful. And I like to win, What do you believe in, in terms of getting things done? Have you given up already? I hope not.

  13. No Black Pete March 10, 2014 at 10:32 pm #

    No problem. What is it that you want to win?

    • Marcia Simpson-James March 10, 2014 at 10:37 pm #

      The right to be treated with dignity and to be left alone. I want the right to earn as much or as little as I wish, and not to be assumed to be a prostitute, just for being a Black woman. And, whilst I’m at it, I want the right to represent myself and the absolute right to represent myself and Black people for reparations against the white man for slavery and present day racism. And that’s just for starters!

  14. No Black Pete March 10, 2014 at 10:57 pm #

    Good news. You already have all those rights. White Pete cannot give you what you already have. What we are short of is a system of protection of our human rights. As long as we depend on the enemy they can force us to give up our rights and fight for privileges that are not even worth that fight.

    If you know the enemy, then you know that they have nothing. They have to steal everything and then they live in fear of the moment that all will be taken back. Whatever material wealth they show me, I know that they stole it from me. I also know that it is still mine.

    You want to fight them legally? Every contract that is based on deceit is null and void. Deceit is their game. Thus, there are no legal contracts that bind us. Do not take my word for it, research it until you understand what it means on every level of their game.

    When it comes to this article, the question remains, how to get the women from the streets of Geneva into safety? And where is that safety going to be?

    It is war. Peace.

    • Marcia Simpson-James March 11, 2014 at 4:18 pm #

      Yes My Sister, I did not want to imply that We do not have those rights already. However, the offence is that these insane whites are busy trying to take what is already ours, by identity theft and via their criminal enterprises, called NGO’s, government, parliaments, assemblies, etc.

      Indeed, they have declared war against Us. Therefore, it is a matter of urgency, that we recognize that as Black women, we are exposed and vulnerable, and therefore, have to take remedial action, against the more subtle crimes of aggression.

  15. No Black Pete March 11, 2014 at 5:03 pm #

    Well, Marcia, it seems like we got some work to do. I am gearing up to write about criminal white Pete. What do you have cooking?

    • Marcia Simpson-James March 11, 2014 at 5:53 pm #

      Yes daughter! I am working the civilian side, where the Black woman, is exposed and degraded as a whore, when She is not.
      Any help that I can provide, please do not hesitate to ask. Keep it strong, My Sister.

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