Turning From the Dark

10 Feb

Darkness_by_muratsuyurTurning From the Dark

It is when we live
Only in the light
That we feel free
To forget the dark

It is when we stop
Seeing in the dark
That we can only
Live with light

It is when we forget
Our true history
That we need demons
To shine their light

It is only when demons
No longer had to fear us
That they could master
To ‘eternally’ enslave us

It is because we spawned
evil to return to us
That we were forced
To embrace their dark

It is only when we embrace
The dark that we can recognize
That their light does not shine
As it can only bring more dark

self-portrait-rachel-baran-3It is because we recognize
That when you are the light
That evil will come
To give you a choice

You either embrace your light
and you embrace your dark
Or you will embrace their dark
And be cut off from your light


One Response to “Turning From the Dark”

  1. No Black Pete February 10, 2014 at 11:03 pm #

    [This came to mind while reading Kryptonite.]

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