White Off the World

6 Feb

Marisa - Woman on Mars - Blisspages

White Off the World

Have you seen the signs? They say that
the Sun and the Moon do not show their
Selves side by side. Align pride

They put away their colored glasses
from the last eclipse. Even then silver
and gold they shone. Cement throne

Or was it their special message for me? To
remove attention from their spraying planes
back to the Star and part of Earth. Sand birth

To be able to look up at night and recognize
bigger Stars. Far away, but reaching my eye
in a focused instant. Lost infant

To see people look at me as I look up high.
They need to misunderstand me, so I need
to move aside. High bride

Connecting through the Water in the well.
Generations of people claiming “at least they
cannot steal the Stars.” Tell Mars


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