Poor Weaker White Pete

30 Jan

ilya-kisaradov-ether-9Poor weak white Weekers. The Dutch secretary of Finance got treated like black pete even without his blackface on. He thought that he could get away with it, but he was sent packing. Do not feel sorry for this white bouler. He was not feeling sorry for all the people getting in trouble over not receiving their “housing benefit” this year. He did what his “just business” mentors had taught him to do: blame the proles for being the proles.

If only he had checked to see that more white pete depend on the benefits than Black people. White pete showing to be very unwilling to let the black pete war distract from the white hands digging further into their pockets. Poor greedy white boulers. They have been getting away with their thievery for so long, that they no longer bother to update their most favorite lie: “wir haben es nicht gewusst.” He did know, as he was hired to make people forge-t. As he failed to make us forget, he just had to go. Power to the people. But, still no money. Now what?

The way things work for those boulers, is that the next job is already lined up. This white weakling may have been sent packing, but he keeps his royal paycheck. That is in stark contrast to how the proles get treated. When we get the boot, lies are put in place to get us to pay back “secondary wage benefits” and whatever else they can think of. All of a sudden they know about all the private phone calls you made on the company phone. “That will be 300 Euro, thank you very much.” The extra mileage on the company car. “That will be 2.000 Euro, thank you very much.” And, hey, you did not finish that useless mandatory study course in time (because they fired you). “That will be 10.000 Euro, thank you so very very much.”

And no, you cannot get the money from your company savings scam account. “Because, uh… uh… you missed a meeting on Monday.” There is no use protesting and stating that it was a Helliday, as the judge will not care about irrelevant things like that. All the boulers have to do is manufacture an email that states that you missed a meeting on a random date, and you will find that you will get fined for wasting the courtships’ precious time too. The boulers’ babies need all the money they can steal for their white boule membership. You did not think that rising in the sick pyr-a-mind came easy, did you? Did you?!

Too bad that I am still on my Helliday break. My loose tone does not fit the dire straits of the proles, resulting from all the scams. I have so many nice stories on the Dutch IRS lined up. How any bouler, white or Black, can use the IRS to deal with disobedient boulers, or any prole that they do not like. Trying to run a successful business when people on the outside get people inside to break the business up, is bad enough. But, then they trigger the IRS to get in the mix to steal more money. Especially when there is no money left. Try and ride high on your slaughtered and missing horse, then.

It is not alright, and it is not okay. So, I will do my part and bring out what has been hiding underneath their blackface. As far as I am concerned, these people owe me money. Every week they fail to cough up those stacks of 200 Euro monopoly prints, I bring out some of their scams. If there is one thing I know to have plentiful of, it is evidence. They thought that they could get away with lying and stealing from me? I know that they know that there is a price to pay. So, now they know that I know that they knew when I did not know, and they continue to self-portrait-rachel-baran-7 ASDviolate the Law anyway.

Their just-them may be blindfolded to hear the tinkling of the coins from the pockets of the Hanged Men called proles better, but Ma’at does not wear a blindfold. They should have put that blindfold over their ears when their tor-mentors were speaking to them…

Can you hear me now?

(Nothing left to edit. They are running old scams on us. Show them the pictures of these wanna-be-emperors running around with no clothes on, and watch their boule membership card get pulled fast. Watch them get weaker-s.)


4 Responses to “Poor Weaker White Pete”

  1. stuartbramhall January 31, 2014 at 1:07 am #

    To quote Leonard Cohen:

    Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
    Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
    Everybody knows that the war is over
    Everybody knows the good guys lost
    Everybody knows the fight was fixed
    The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
    That’s how it goes
    Everybody knows

  2. No Black Pete January 31, 2014 at 2:35 pm #

    Cohen. The former mayor of Amsterdamned. I cannot decide if he was two- or threefaced. Oh well, a nice story for another article. Much appreciated.

  3. No Black Pete January 31, 2014 at 2:41 pm #

    Wikipedia is already updated:

    Opposition parties have fiercely criticized his performance. According to them, Weekers had insufficient knowledge of the tax office being behind on payments, such as providing rental and care allowances to about 100,000 citizens. After Weekers heard that a motion of no confidence was imminent, he submitted his resignation on January 29, 2014.

    Portrait of Frans Weekers

    Frans Weekers in 2011
    State Secretary of Finance
    In office: 14 October 2010 – 30 January 2014
    Prime Minister Mark Rutte
    Preceded by Jan Kees de Jager

    Personal details
    Born Frans Hubertus Henricus Weekers
    17 October 1967 (age 46)
    Weert, Limburg, Netherlands
    Nationality Dutch
    Political party People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD)
    Alma mater Vrije Universiteit
    Profession Lawyer
    Religion Roman Cat-holic

  4. No Black Pete January 31, 2014 at 2:59 pm #

    Not watching tele-sick-vision got me to miss his daughter:

    Naw, just clowning. I do not know if this flat donkey weakling is connected to the (former) criminal of finance.

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