White Pete Taking A Back Seat to This Babble

26 Jan

R.Kelly and Aaliyah NBSay what, girlfriend? R. Kelly fired someone who wants to grow up to be just like him, for unethical behavior? That child molester needs to stop clowning, or put his Zorro mask back on. I have no interest in him nor his music. I am not wetting any black panties over him. Nor Beyoncé. Expensive slow twerker. Nor the Braxtons. Lil Kim wants her face back.

What is wrong with those people?! Can they not be rich and fabulous? Never mind. I am wasting precious breath that I could use to suck my teeth at them. To rise in the financial class system must have forced them to leave any moral class behind. Nothing left to say. I am still on my break. Paying for expensive twerking lessons to help me get over the trauma of watching Kanye’s video. The one with the expensive… What is it that she does?! Adult entertainer? Oh my. Why can she not just twerk like everybody else? I better wash my hands after I am done typing.

Ha. Just clowning. If R.idiculous Kelly can get away with it, then so should I. No, it is better to leave the commentary on the Black ‘mo’ money, mo’ moral problems’ clique to people who care. To take advantage of it. Eager to get their own 15 minutes of infamy. They do not realize – or care – that inflation cut it back to only 15 seconds. Now, where is Diddy Daddy Puffy Pappy’s new alcoholic poison to wash away the Kelly Fried – that ain’t no – Chicken?

As I wait for my drink, I move on to the business at hand. With time on my hands, I was able to spot people who get paid for creating WP content, taking the liberty to ‘comment’ on my poetry. As that is quite uninteresting in itself, this one persona Why Copy Rightwent out of its way to copy content and style. As the author of my work, I recognize my work. And the mistakes made when a copycat tries on shoes that are too big to fit. I do not take the antics as flattery, I take it as theft.

Theft by a “person of color” as not one comment was made on my articles on jhws and other mercenaries. Nevertheless, I will take it as a call to write more on those jhws. Should it be an article on rabbis organized to steal more organs from our Black youth to keep their sick flock living way past their use-by-date which showed last century? Or, about Hitler using the qbl to show that he was executing a jhw agenda and that it worked out well for them? Or, about berbers – khazars injected into Africa to claim the region and move down south to claim all the land before the Chinese buy what cannot be sold, with their monopoly dollars?

Yawn. I might as well continue highlighting corporate scams executed by the governments all over this poisoned globe. Reading “Dude, Where Is My Country?” has been a weird distraction for me. Bush and his dude buddies get attacked, but the invisible hand remains invisible. In the same way as Black people remain invisible throughout the book. Standard operations for jhws. Even so, the message is confusing. Jhws as victims of the inside job? Did they not get warned beforehand? It was easy for them to get warned beforehand. Who are the people who own the corporations that are above the law that they make, and those that make the weapons to ensure that it remains so?


Eat_the_Rich - DesciclopediaIt is okay. I can still use the book. I do not have to steal the work like a WP copywriter. I have no problem mentioning Michael Moore, even though he does not include us in his victim his stories. Poor rich jhws. No need to dwell on this millionaire victim. I only need one paragraph from his book.

[T]he Declaration of the Corporate States of America.
“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women and their underaged children are created [unequally] to serve the Corporation, provide its labor without question, and to consume its products without thought. In turn, the Corporation will provide for [their own] good, secure the defense of [their Corporation], and receive [all the monies] taken from the people…” From Dude, Where Is My Country, by Michael Moore, p.138 (2003, Penguin edition) [Edited]

Of course, I changed some of the words. Why should I exclude my point of view when writing my own article? Why would I limit myself to copywriting? Copywriting is too easy, man. Hmm. Maybe this fanatic poetry thief was just showing me how to make some easy monies. I have been doing all the work for free already, so why not? A writer turned copywriter? I will think about it as I continue my break. COPYwriting has a sick sound to it, but if it allows me to feed, clothe, shelter and educate my babes, then why not? “What babes?” Never you mind.

Still, “a another” article on jhws is due before I return to “WORKING FOR FREE.” As I refuse to continue WORKING FOR FREE, do not expect me to return anytime soon. My Helliday break has been extended into February. Oh, and since you asked, I have taken to healing myself quite well. That was a nice ending to the parts of my poems. I think it was the ending I wrote to the poem with the Ballerina picture. I cannot remember the title as YOU DID NOT MENTION IT. Nor the titles from the poetry on Too Much Black.

Shrek DonkeyHealing well is great, but I find that it is mastering the next level that is proving to bite me in my donkey. (Why is it wearing black panties?!) It is not easy cutting through one’s own shortcomings, that is why most prefer to copycat and not risk getting commented on. However, things being “hard” should not keep anyone from making the effort. Now, I am done talking to thieving copywriters. It is war. Peace.

(Did I already edit this? The donkey is distracting me.)


4 Responses to “White Pete Taking A Back Seat to This Babble”

  1. Jeff Nguyen January 26, 2014 at 8:27 pm #

    All thieves and “copy” writers will be taken out back and dealt with. Stay strong, NBP.

  2. stuartbramhall January 26, 2014 at 11:26 pm #

    In 1969 a very wise friend told me that the corporate mainstream media was intent on selling an image of black men as subhuman and hypersexual. As far as I can see, very little has changed in 45 years.

  3. No Black Pete January 27, 2014 at 4:30 pm #

    Thanks for the support Jeff. I am not worried. Some people have nothing. No creativity, no link to anything but their own sick minds. Sick mind that pointed me towards my new j-o-b. Gotta feed the babes.

  4. No Black Pete January 27, 2014 at 4:32 pm #

    1969?! Instead of gaining on the retards, we are losing ever more ground. Black men are now sold has subhuman hypersexual women (happy men). That is what you get in an upside down world.

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