White Pete Is My Biggest Fan. Attack Mailer

27 Dec

Lynette Mager blackfaceMy Helliday Break will continue well into the next year, but I will do some guest appearances on my own blog site. I feel like I should. As you will be able to tell from this article, I had some more fanatic mail that alerted me to the desire of those fanatics to read some more on their favorite topic: their beloved jhws. I have trashed the fan-mail, and will shortly break my Helliday Break to accommodate the desire of my white fans.

Even though, I do have several of their bibble ‘the art of war’ – or more commonly know as the “Bible”- handy, I will go by what I recently reread in the first chapter of the Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed. As I am once again attempting to read through the Leviathan by happy man Thomas Hobbes, I could easily accept jhws as Levites. To raise an eyebrow as reading babble by Rudolf Steiner at the same time, shows that they see Levites as an advanced subrace. Ashke and nazis sitting in a tree.

Already, I had noted that Levi-athan read much like Levi-satan. To reread how much so the jhws went out of their satanic way to pervert simple natural, social and spiritual teachings into bloody babble statements, made me breathe a sigh of relief. It always feels familiar to underestimate the depth of their insanity, and to have to study up on it some more. Know thy enemy, take back what the enemy stole from us, cleanse it of their vile evil spirits, and find out how they got to steal it in the first place. Or, as they still are not smart enough, who gave it to them?! As I continue to remember and recognize my self better, it will show itself.

Compared to what Reed writes, I have been nice. It has always been my problem: “too much nice.” And still I would be “too much Black.” Two good enough reasons for all sorts of sick people to attempt to get close – too much close – and dump some of their sickness on me. But, the one sickness I could not come to even understand for decades, was this jhw baal-lony. This legion-headed beast that commanded us to bow down to their jealous god, as they practiced their racial exclusion ‘politics’. Just call it eugenics and murder.

girl-on-bricksA jealous god fits jealous people. Even if they would own the world, jhws would not be able to feel any satisfaction. Empty vessels hell-bent on utter destruction can only “fake it until you make it.” Thus they fake it, but never make it. A little money and all their baiting women have to butcher themselves to look like white versions of us. When did they equate lips and ‘curves’ with a soul? Ah, their jealous god is their soul. That is why their insanity truly has no boundaries.

Just because I know that they are insane, does not make them crazy. There is a method to their insanity. We would be wise to wisen up to it. Even more. Ever more. There is always a next level to their insanity. Even in “death”. Especially, in da’ath. It is what these darkness bearers have been up to. They have chosen hell – “the chosen people” of hell – and are building an army to be able to live in it forever. And. Take all of us along for a ride.

It is a very disturbing picture. For them to think of bondage of our bodies and minds as handy. Still necessary, but also a bit passé. What they would die for is to bind our souls to their hell. For us to be their soldiers when we step further into our spiritual powers. Guard your body, rescue your mind. Sure, but that is not where it stops. They may no longer put S.O.S. in their jhwvies, but that does not mean that it is no longer of the essence.

It is near funny to see how many of us can quote from their bibble statements of hate, greed and murder. All the enemy tactics have been memorized and internalized, but not recognized. As we stumble around in this tittering tethering pool of darkness, we turn on each other. Feeling no guilt as their jealous god commanded destruction of the enemy: our own image. What would happen if someone got up long enough to find the light switch?

It would show the Black face of their jealous god. SElf HaTe. An ugly thing, so they have let us know. Better put some jhws in charge to kill anyone who looks like Self. Never mind, I am just guessing here. But, I always wondered why Black hate of self has been more potent than the jhw Omarosahate of themselves. Some days I fear the answer for I already know it, and it is not looking good for anyone. But, until I remember and recognize, an answer I shall quest.

Let me go with the alternative answer. The light comes on, and we continue to fight each other, because it has become such a habit. As we fight, we watch the filthy beasts stroke and cut our bodies, prod and sting our minds, and suck the breath out of our spirits. Or, will there be a deafening silence as seeing into our Selves saves us, soon to be interrupted by the loud wailing of the beasts as they realize that we are their saviors? For them to see what we were meant to be, and thus we grant them their ill wish. They will forever be in well hell. Just not one they will like.

Enough babble. To my insane fanatics, stop harassing me with your white babble. Chapter two of “Controversy” is really really good. You need to recognize, or it will be used against you in a court of NBP. It is war. Your bibble says so.

(This article has been edited. No need to harass as I AM ON A HELLIDAY BREAK. Bless them to their hell.)




5 Responses to “White Pete Is My Biggest Fan. Attack Mailer”

  1. hunglikejesus December 28, 2013 at 3:08 am #

    good luck and may the force (of nature) be with you.

  2. No Black Pete December 29, 2013 at 2:20 pm #

    Thanks HLJ. Catch you on your other side. Uh, site.

  3. No Black Pete December 29, 2013 at 2:27 pm #

    Banned? Who cares about your babble? It will not see the light of day on any of my sites, but other than that you can hop in whenever you like. Come on in and get you some homework. Here is the link.


  4. diaryofanegress December 30, 2013 at 4:02 am #

    My dear

    When the ghostspell is broken, the Khazar will have no where left to run. He fears this more than poverty.

    After the aura of Yurugu has left you, please rub your hands with Florida water and beg the ancestors for cleansing.

    Yurugu is a powerful parasite. Flush them out often.

  5. Florida January 4, 2014 at 2:29 pm #

    Florida water? LOL!

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