White Santa Has A White Helliday Gift

23 Dec

Smooth CriminalThere has been quite a storm. The Dutch govern-your-mind has proceeded in its plans to force its poverty-stricken property into further debt. After the success of the mandatory health scare scheme, the plans to steal more money back from their property through housing benefits have been further implemented.

The success of the mandatory health scare scheme is manifold. One has to be an excellent vessel for evil to be able to birth it. White pete is no individual, so it took quite an army of white bodies and pale horses to congregate and put it together. Many ministers and secretaries were needed to preach the gospel of better health scare through mandatory payments. Not too soon, I may have a separate site up and running that will deal with the ins and outs of this whole scheme. For now all that is needed are two parts of the scheme: benefits (subsidies) for the white poor, and the fines upon the Black poor.

Santa-Satan has mandated by civil law – yet it is all conspiration (corporation of conspiracy) law – that you have to pay a monthly premium for health scare. This is regardless of whether you actually use this system of legalized drugs dealers, butchers and wack jobs. Spare me with the “not all of them” exception to the rule nonsense. Look at their training, and see for yourself that they are only concerned with the survival of themselves, and seeking effective ways to steal the soul of Black folks. It was never only about body and mind. Get it right.

Those who cannot pay the monthly premium are supposed to get a “benefit” (subsidy) to help pay the high premium. Instead of lowering the premium according to income, the scare schemers came up with a sick way of demanding all to pay the same premium – too low for the rich, too high for everyone else – and then those who want the “benefit” were to provide the govern-mind with all their financial information including copies of plentiful bank and income statements and contracts. So the govern-mind could insert the information into the virtual matrix, and calculate for itself how much more money could be stolen from the mindless subjects.

Anyway. If provided with all the required information then the govern-mind could award the privilege of the benefit. Any information missing – no matter how irrelevant – and one has to be white to get the benefit of the doubt. The same govern-mind that has all information on its subjects by the way of the IRS, banks and the insurance companies, demands the financial information afresh for checking purposes. All the information that you share, will be used against you outside of a court of their law. The govern-mind does not ‘do’ handouts. It will come back for what it ‘gave’ you manifold. You provided all the information for it to be able to do so.

Lincoln - As above, you stay belowThere used to be “choice”. One could opt to have the same govern-mind that allowed for exorbitant high health scare costs and the ever-rising high premium, to pay the benefit to the insurance companies directly, thus in effect lowering the premium for those who provided all their financial information as demanded and were proven worthy of the premium. The other option was to pay the whole premium to the insurance companies and receive the benefit from the govern-mind. Of course, most decided for a lower premium, thus for the govern-mind to pay the insurance companies they are cozily ‘in bed with’, directly. Then the govern-mind decided that choice was overrated. You were to pay the whole premium, and tango with the govern-mind for the benefit of the doubt.

One step further back. The scheme had started without a choice, but because of many protests against the scheme that made those who already had difficulty with their financial situation even more vulnerable – they were accused of a desire to spend the benefit on other things than the health scare premium – the govern-mind allowed for the option to pay the insurance companies directly. But, the govern-mind is not here to help you master your finances. The govern-mind wants to get you into more debt, never less. So for the time being, the govern-mind seemed to give in. To retract the promise later, when you would be too busy fighting other parts of the scheme, to be able to protest.

Why is this so important? It is important because even though the “benefit” is not regarded as “income”, the govern-mind made it possible for creditors to seize this non-income. Huh? Let me repeat it. Even though the benefit is not “income”, the govern-mind through the Dutch courtships at first, has made the benefit available to creditors. The same govern-mind that does not want to give the money to the insurance companies, is very very willing to give the money to creditors. Mind you, not the health scare industry insurance companies, but any creditor. And who is always the biggest creditor? The govern-mind! Uh huh.

The fear of the proles spending the money on irrelevant things like real food, was highly misplaced. It was the govern-mind that the advocates should have kept their eyes on. The govern-mind is the biggest thief of all. It will put in place “laws” to make the theft legal, and call it a day. Pay day. Pay up, or else. Let me move on to the “or else” part. I recognize a threat when I write one down.

If you do not pay up, the govern-mind will warn you once, and fine you twice. It does not care why you did not pay the full premium of the health scare daylight robbery scheme. If you do not pay all of it, then the premium goes up by the way of a fine. Huh? Let me repeat it. If you cannot pay the premium, the govern-mind will force you to pay an even higher premium. Huh? Never mind, just let the govern-mind take scare of you. They will label you as non-compliant – a friendly world for pain in the donkey – and turn themselves into a creditor. It means that they seize your health scare benefit, and keep forcing you to pay the full premium and the fine. That will teach you to do as they say when they say it.

greedThe govern-mind does not care if the insurance company lay a rightful claim to a premium. As I discovered several years ago, the administration of the insurance companies is a mess. However, you cannot find one single judge that gives a sh…  The insurance companies are the messengers profiting from the message for you to shut up and pay up. What did Obama say? If you are out of money then you are out of luck? I do not want to remember, my mind no longer cares for their bull dung. Bull crap with real financial implications, mind you. Or let the govern-mind. It will let the Just-them department take care of collecting the premium. Justice department? Huh? Yes, how very German of them.

With the Just-them department involved, who are you going to call to bust the govern-mind scheme? Keep that in mind as I relate that in the housing sector the same scheme has been made “available”. If you cannot keep up with the exorbitantly high rent prices in the housing sector, you are to make all your financial information available to get eligible for “housing subsidy”, a benefit that could be paid to the housing corporations directly, or for you to pay the full high rent and to receive the benefit into your bank scam account. Of course, most opted for a lower rent, by the way of the govern-mind paying the benefit to the housing corporations directly.

The govern-mind is not put in place to help you. Look at the enormous debt that was created through the health scam scheme. People did not know what hit them. Who said you have to go to college or university to incur huge debt? Come live in Hell Land and they will create some for you out of thin air. They spray toxic chemicals and metals into that air, and then charge us for any illness that develops because of it.

Enough moaning? No. From 2014 on, that “housing benefit” that you got after submitting all your financial information to the govern-mind to get awarded the benefit to be able to live in crap apartments with ever-rising rent, will no longer get paid to the housing corporations directly. And thus, the benefit that is no “income”, will become available to… Ha. I do not even have to finish it.

The laws to render the theft legal are in place. The judges have been instructed to fine anyone who stands in the way of implementation and execution, or anyone who dares to complain about what they are to obey without questions asked. Do not complain to the ministers and secretaries, for they will tell you “wir haben es nicht gewusst” or some other bull dung that you do not want sticking to your mind.

The only reason for writing this article today is the fact that I already heard Black people complain that the govern-mind had not transferred the “benefit” for the rent of January 2014  into their bank scam accounts yet. Ah. Exactly the kind of problem the govern-mind was aiming for. Can you not understand that it ‘saved’ you from wasting the money on helliday gifts? So, as you are now made aware that you could never afford the rent to begin with, you have something else to worry about these hellidays.

What excuse will the govern-mind pull out of the Santa-Satan bag to stumm the protests of the ignorant proles? That they did not provide all the financial information they already got by the way of the IRS and the housing corporations? Yes, I am pretty sure it is going to be much of the same old threat: more information, or else.

And while you fight the govern-mind for your doubtful privilege, all that juicy benefit is made available to any creditor fast enough to get to it before the housing corporations. All that money available to the govern-mind. Told you that they were not done creating financial crises for you. Happy Hellidays.




2 Responses to “White Santa Has A White Helliday Gift”

  1. Jeff Nguyen December 23, 2013 at 5:06 pm #

    As we grapple with similarly ridiculous issues in the U.S. of Aetna over who is more deserving of decent, affordable healthcare (short answer: no one) it should be painfully obvious that austerity knows no borders. The ruling class is global in nature as evidenced by the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership in the works. Ok, no more ranting…happy hellidaze to you as well.

  2. stuartbramhall December 23, 2013 at 8:12 pm #

    I guess it depends on how you count, but the last time I checked there were more brown, tan and black-skinned people on this planet than white ones. And the stinking, shrinking minority of bald middle aged white men (and their female and non-white collaborators) is steadily losing their grip on power. It’s probably not so apparent in Europe and North America – their last bastion of power. There’s no question, though, that they are losing their grip in South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

    In my view, the extreme reaction in Europe and the English speaking industrialized west represents this desperate minority retrenching and circling their wagons, so to speak. To mix a few metaphors, they know the ship is going down. It’s just a matter of time.

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