Black People Experiencing White Pete

20 Dec

French blackfaceAn examination of the experiences of Black people working with a white pete in a corporate environment
NBP (2013)

Very little research has been conducted on the phenomenon of Black people working with white pete in a corporate environment, and even less on Black people being victimized by white pete in a corporate environment. This study is to show how white pete behaves in a workplace.

The purpose of the study is to better understand the effects (mental, physical, financial, psychological, social, spiritual) of working with white pete. We also want to determine how white pete interacts with their peers in a corporate environment.

Several research questions were created prior to data collection to help understand the experience of working with white pete. Based on these questions, we found:

1) Emotional harm was the most common type of harm reported by Black people, followed by physical consequences as a result of working with white pete, and financial harm.
2) White pete most often uses relational manipulation to harm Black people. This refers to any social means used to undermine or control Black people and included behaviours such as: lying, manipulation, deceit, spreading rumours, public humiliation and turning Black people against one another.
3) Most Black people had a good first impression of white pete and described him or her as charismatic, sociable, engaging, beautiful, well mannered, intelligent, and articulate.
4) Most Black people suspected the psychopathy of white pete after witnessing white pete interact with others in the workplace. Others knew white pete was a psychopath after being victimized or researching the behaviours they observed.
5) Most Black people reported receiving support from their friends and family. Receiving support from other Black people at the work place was the second most common source of support.
6) Emotional support was the most common type of support received and other types of support included: information on how to deal with white pete, financial support to be able to fight white pete, spiritual support to protect against white babble, other support as suspension of white Pete which removes the threat from the immediate environment.
7) Black people with white pete superiors have lower job satisfaction than participants with a white pete peer or subordinate.
8) High rates of workplace bullying, perpetrated by white pete, were reported by Black people.

The findings revealed that the experience of working with white pete is negative, and is very emotionally harmful to Black people. These findings have important implications for human resource personnel as they emphasize the consequences of offering much needed support when employing Black people to work with white pete in a corporate environment. Almost all Black people reported some level of harm due to their work relationship with white pete, however, coping and support helped to alleviate some of the effects. The results highlight the diversity present in the experiences of victims of white pete in a corporate environment.

If you would like more information regarding white pete in the corporate workplace, please just look around you and start taking notes. When you need the information, your own words will be there to guide you out of the white babble.

I would like to thank  all for participating and keep sharing your story.


2 Responses to “Black People Experiencing White Pete”

  1. Bry January 3, 2014 at 7:36 am #

    After close to 13 years of corporate call center and admin work I could and probably will write a book on the topic.

    Confusion still reigns supreme as their most effective tactic to bring chaos to our employment and financial situations. One of their best plays is for two different middle management figures, near equal in rank, to give contradictory instructions for completing mildly infrequent assignments. Stonewalling comes in second and usually follows the contradiction.

    I can count at least 5 separate times in the past 2 years where there have been major conflagrations due to myself or other black workers acting on bogus instructions, having a huge situation come out of it, and then being met with absolute silence after confronting them with palpable evidence.

    The best offensive move to make in response is to always maintain cold, long-lasting eye contact. Nothing arouses more horror in them than blacks who are able to detach to the point of not providing fear-based, “irrational” reactions that then allow them to ” finally fire the [ni@@er]”.

    What almost always follows is a short period of ultra kind behavior, giving them enough time to soften us up for their next strike. The best move to make from that point, is the fake smile and the occasional blank stare.

    Rinse and repeat as necessary.

  2. No Black Pete January 3, 2014 at 2:52 pm #

    Thanks Bry. Managing call centers is training ground for managers. There is actually not much to manage. The scripts and targets are clear. It is chess-with-puppets practice. To make moves and then see how it works out. Do it well and you get promoted. Be clueless and get stuck or booted. Either way, the confusion is used to divert attention and blame from what is really going on. Just ‘business’.

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