White Pete Got More Scams Where Black Pete Came From

14 Dec

Bad Sister LAThere is no need to ask me what I do for a living. As it stands, I do without a living. After I publish this post, I will have to go get a new living like everybody else. Start from the bottom up, and work my way up to the bottom. I have no ambition for their ‘top’, for all I have done in my previous ambitions is to help white pete imprison us better. Unlike the Black boulers, I find it sickening. As long as I am unable to leave this hell pit, I am to dare myself to step into in the new same old Matrix. I am to pick up one of my ‘professions’ again. Yawn.

As I refused to step back into the cave, the gatekeepers have become bored with me. The gates have closed, and now I have been left to Perish. As long as I Perish, I might as well write about the system of Perish. Today, I choose a topic that came to my attention last year. Mass fraud in the psychotherapy sector. It was in every fake-newspaper in Neanderland. The fake news was part of the scam. It made people think that they knew what was going on, when it only covered up what had been going on. What else is new(s)?

To get it out of the way, I consider most psychotherapists frauds. They have been trained to be frauds. They are not healers, but only professional distr-actors. They cannot cure life, because they are to deny what made it sick. If they do not know that white pete is a disease, then how can they cure you from it? All they can do is to help you lay blame elsewhere. Their favorite target will be… you. They will deny racism with ease, and put the blame on you. “You do not understand.” Let the ‘children’s party’ begin.

The scam. Those who buckle under the pressure of this insane society cannot afford expensive psychotherapy, and seek inexpensive ways to get relief and hopefully a cure. Most people simply put their stress on family and friends, coworkers or the babysitter. Whomever or whatever is handy will be given a try. But, many do seek help as society dictates. To find a “professional”, an expert, to help “cure” or “care” for them. The family doctor is the gatekeeper to direct those in need to the ‘right’ experts. All of us are told to do as told, or else we are made to pay the huge bill ourselves. Thus we do as told.

Inexpensive psychotherapy is therapy that the insurance corporations allow for. These insurance corpses only look at costs. That is, they look at the money that is to be spent, and seek ways to get most of that money back, even though we spend billions of euro to be allowed the privilege of health scare. The corporations force the hospitals and therapists to cut back on their costs, which leads to the health scare professionals hiring cheap labor: inexperienced therapists who get by pretending they know what they are talking about and perfecting their acting skills, therapists who are a health risk all by their insane selves and need decade-long therapy far away from people let alone vulnerable people, and students who do not know anything about life except what someone else told them to believe.

Baron Samedi James Bond VRIn Neanderland we live in the future of Obamacare. Under the mandatory health care scam, the insurance corporations are all-powerful in misdirecting the people they ‘insure’. Especially when it comes to psychotherapy. The insurance corpses decide what therapy is good enough for crazy sheeple. It translates to any therapy that will keep us from “care” and “cure”. Of course, the sheeple have to provide all their personal information to these corporations that know how to spell “privacy”, but only apply it to their rest rooms. If even.

A rhetorical question for the hell of it. Who is most acquainted with all your very personal and private information, for it being their “profession” to gather as much of it as they can in order to “help” you? Plenty of the experts the system made you believe you need. But, your shrink is privy to most private and sensitive information in order to be able to “help”. Help whom? Good question. They are obligated to provide the insurance corpses with enough of that information to have violated your right to privacy. Thus, they help the corpses before they help any of us.

This is still the information age. It means that the System wants all our information. They give us access to all the information they make us think we want, to get to the information they want. We get missed and dissed in formation, while we feed the sick system all our information. The next step is to know that most people in the workforce of the corporations, including government, only work to gather all the information and to check it. And to ask for ever more information. They will hold your money, permit or whatever service, hostage until you provide it. Especially when you do not have any more to give.

The scam. The System allowed for a loophole in health scare law that some rushed to profit from. To have one psychiatrist head a group of NURSES offering therapy. Two minor problems. One. The nurses never told their clients they were only nurses and definitely not therapists. Two. The nurses tried to claim the fee of experienced therapists from the insurance corpses. As the corpses were in on the scam from the getgo, the fee scam was not going to work out for the nurses. The scam was on them. The insurance corporations used the nurses to get free information on the insecurities of their ‘clients’.

Black Pete Geen StijlThe insurance companies knew the nurses would do whatever sickness they would dictate for a healthy pay check. Of course, they did not tell them that the healing pay check was never to be more than a white lie. The planned claim of the fake therapists called nurses, was ruled illegal by the court banks when it was time to pay up for the ‘services’ rendered. The insurance corpses did not even want to pay the nurses’ fee. Not one waste-paper reported on the System orchestrating the trap. They all pointed at the Euro-whatever umbrella companies and therapists joining in, and claimed they had sought to fraud the System.

To be clear. It is the System that created this hole and made it seem like a good business opportunity for those seeking one. So, when Euroscam companies were corporated, many business-minded therapists were eager to jump on that corpse. The owners of the System were delighted to see their trap was working. They like nothing more than their scam plans coming together nicely, and they continued putting together the spreadsheets. Nine digit numbers on how much the ‘fraud’ they put together themselves, cost them. No digits on how much money they stole. For people paid premium for therapy they never got. As nurses stepped in to do the work of the ‘professional’ therapists, these ‘professionals’ saw a huge loss in income as clients got lured into the insurance scam operation. Where did the money go?

It was a massive scam, but not the only scam. Those who had invested time and money in trying to outmaster the System by using a loophole created to lure them to do its dirty work, were not going to take the loss. Instead, they turned towards their ‘clients’ and scammed them. They took hold of the teachings of the System and applied them. They got their ‘clients’ to sign legal documents that allowed them to claim the bill at the insurance corporations. Again? Sure, but more importantly, the papers served to get the clients to accept accountability when the insurance corpses would refuse to foot the bill again.

The document pertaining the transferal of rights (cessie) that clients were pressured to sign, had no company logo nor the name of any psychiatrist on it. The paper left enough room for a new logo and name to get printed on the paper later. Clients were talked into signing this document that would be used to scam them. Those who showed doubt were first cooed again, then threatened with cancellation of the ‘therapy’ that had already been cancelled. They were told they would not get help from the new organization the scammers were claiming to already be in alliance with. Those who still did not want to sign, were repeatedly harassed by phone to sign the papers and send them in.

The document of transferal of rights is null and void as clients were coerced into signing it, and the nurses did not explain what the document was really about: financial accountability put upon the vulnerable clients where the scam organization had claimed that the insurance company would handle all costs. And clients were still not informed that their ‘therapists’ were no “therapists” in the first place. But who cares? Not the fake newspapers, the insurance corpses, the therapists and nurses. And least of all the court banks.

krampus-satan clausPeople have been getting into a lot of financial and emotional trouble for not being able to keep up with ever-changing insurance coverage scams. People were made to believe that therapy is covered, to then get presented with a huge bill by the therapists because the insurance corpses changed their ‘mind’. The clients get blamed and are forced to pay the bills by the court banks, or else. Harassment by their bill collectors who bring along the police on their shake-down visits, and get fined for it twice by the courts. Pay day for every corpse in town that worked hard on putting the scam together and make it work. And make it stick. On the clients. The sole purpose of health scare is for the misery of the clients be profitable. No mercy is wasted on the victims who pay for the massive scam.

When I asked the owner of one the scam operations questions on the coercing, he told me that he had “bills to pay just like everybody else.” If the insurance corpses refused to pay him, then he would do whatever he deemed necessary to get his money. He had worked hard on the scam. I watched him charm those whom he had ‘promised’ to help, and he did not think anything of it. Fraud them once, fraud them twice. That is what trusting the ‘experts’ will get you. It is all one big soup of lies – yet very much focused on getting their hands on your mind and your money.

There is a lot more information that I have on this scam within a scam wrapped in a scam. Little things like… evidence. But as I am in Perish, I have access to the information that is waiting for me behind the scams. Oh, what fun…

(This article has been edited. I still call in a helliday break to deal with Perish. Think of me as you eat your gentech X-massacre meals.)





6 Responses to “White Pete Got More Scams Where Black Pete Came From”

  1. Jeff Nguyen December 14, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

    “…and work my way up to the bottom.” Working on our way up to the bottom, nicely put.

    • No Black Pete December 14, 2013 at 2:22 pm #

      It is what it is. It is war. Peace.

  2. stuartbramhall December 14, 2013 at 11:11 pm #

    Really sad to hear that health care and psychotherapy are going down the same (corporatization) road as the US. Work itself is quite unhealthy, in my experience. When everyone was guaranteed access to land (instead of the rich confiscating it for themselves), people generally worked 3 hours a day to produce food and meet other survival needs. This went on for several hundred thousand years and appears to be the natural human state.

    • No Black Pete December 15, 2013 at 11:43 am #

      As if it is not bad enough that the System pushes fraud, you have to watch all the schemes under mandatory health scare plans. If they wanted us healthy they would not poison us in the first place. They need us sick and buying into their “get healthy quick” schemes, as they dig further into our pockets.
      Working the land would be great, but many ancestors in Black slavery may not agree with not getting paid for it. The problem is the psychopaths bent on playing with us as if we are toys they will throw away once bored or broken. Get rid of them, and all the next bunches waiting in line to go insane on us.

    • stuartbramhall December 16, 2013 at 12:14 am #

      I’m talking about owning and working your own land. When someone else owns the land they steal your labor no matter what color you are.

  3. No Black Pete July 12, 2016 at 3:47 pm #

    “We get missed and dissed in formation, while we feed the sick system all our information.”

    I was looking for this.

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