White Pete Orchestrating the Black Pete War

1 Dec

Hans Visser Deciding On Black Pete In ReigersbosYonder, it is a good thing other people show me that I am not to get caught up and sent on a goose chase. I do not always mind a goose chase, as I will use it to get some information and test my knowledge. I went on a goose chase today, and I found out that in the part of Amsterdam where most – surely not all – Black people live, some white pete decided that they were going to enforce Satan Claus and black pete on the Dutch Black children anyway. I saw the proven pictures put up on Security Media. That smells like a year-long boycott of the white pete stores in Reigersbos to me.

Yet, when some white students decided to order 300 or something yellow jhw david stars to pin on the visitors to their private Sinterklaas party, the police stopped them. The same police that has no problem putting on blackface and a wig? Certainly, the same police that has no problem arresting their Black chief detective – or whatever that rank is – when he does not have his pig suit on. Sure enough, the same police that will beat down and choke a confused Black man who does no one harm, and throw him in jail. Damn skippy, the same police that will look at a Black scholar and tell her that they want to arrest her. If only she would be so kind to obey and provide a reason that will keep their itch and racism occult.

Yellow, david stars? What is upsetting about that?! It used to be all the fashion last century. Why is that tradition not upheld?! I will leave it at that. I am not out of ammunition, but I am out of interest in the orchestrated black pete war. White pete is getting paid to have an opinion on the matter. We are shown that white clowns on tele-their-vision, will be taken seriously before any Black person. It is only when white pete sends out an e-mail about not hiring “negers” (negroes), that the bloody Kumbaya crowd gasps. What was not clear about 2 million or whatever “likes”? Black pete allows white pete to show their contempt for “negers” without having to utter a word. How occult is that? Hidden in plain sight. Save your gasp.

Yeah, I may have a bad case of white pete Fatigue Syndrome. I am very aware of the Sick white pete Disease that is running rampant, but for some reason I do not like bandwagons. I never did learn to ‘trust’ the jhw driver. So, in the stead, I will focus on my ongoing boycott and continue to limit the poison I buy at any store. I am still craving some of it at times, but that only goes to show how toxic that stuff really is. My body should be happy with any real food that I give it. If there is craving for poison then it points at a white pete messing with my mind. Thus this week shall be a period of cleansing. In the stead of wasting money on poison candy, I will be mindful of eating to feed my body and set my mind right. In the stead of buying toxic gifts, I will remind myself that I have no paper to waste and get ready to step back into white pete’s cave while I better the protection of my self.

Black Pete - Still No ImprovementYup, moving on to get access to new lessons. I have already learned that I cannot fight both white pete and the Kumbaya crowd. I will be much better off protecting myself from their fights. Even though anonymity in the NSA era is a farce, I do like my privacy. I do not take kindly to people outing me, so I have decided to take a different route. I will still rant on the Sinterklaas travesty and whatever the hell hinders me on my way out. There is more to this hell than meets the pit. As I have shown through pictures that show the blackface insanity around the world, the hell pit seems to engulf this whole planet. We can no longer hear Nature cry out, because the fluoride – and then some – in Her system got her dozing off.

Yester, of course, Nature is fine. I watched a film on Chernobyl several years ago, and it showed that plants, animals and old people have continued to ‘thrive’ in the contaminated zone. Sure, the levels of radiation in their bodies showed an extreme spike, but these people were adamant about living in radically polluted Nature before allowing themselves to get shipped off to die in a concrete prison (flat) in a concrete jungle. I do not recommend anyone moving to this no-go zone, but if you were there when the experiment was carried out, then you might as well hang around and enjoy real freedom. In the concrete jungle we get poisoned less, but still function less. No longer recognizing Nature through the concrete.

Yes, something is horribly wrong. I listened to da13sun in Kushite’s library earlier, and he was threatening us. He looked into the camera and told us that 85 percent of us were not going to make it out of this well hell. I recognize a threat when I hear one. Let me take a moment to deal with it. Who are the 15 percenters? Is it still 144.000? That cannot be, as there were fewer people to reckon with when that figure was made up. Why not just state 184.600 then? No matter. 15 percent. Of 7 or 8 billion? That is well over 1 billion souls getting off this planet no matter the 5th dimension net that has been cast around it to entrap them.

Black Pete Rutte and ObamaYeez-us, that cannot be right. If over one billion people can free their souls, then what are we worried about? Fear mongering is of no use. All those billions that stand no chance will simply have to die, because the higher dimensions are already full and not taking in any white refugees. How did robot Verdonk put it? Vol is vol. Full is full. It will be a shock to that monster when the feather weighs her own words against her and hers.

Yod, I was to write just a little note on white pete orchestrating the black pete war. I have another post lined up that is more important to get out. To not remain focused on the ignorance of others, but to enable my self to be among the 1 billion – and even 184.600 – souls that get to leave this HELL. Having said as much, I will stop my fingers running away with my mind. It is how it is. It is war.




7 Responses to “White Pete Orchestrating the Black Pete War”

  1. No Black Pete December 4, 2013 at 6:53 pm #

    Translation of what white Pete is saying: “We do not care. Some of you idiots do not mind. We do not care. It is a children’s party. We do not care. You cannot make us care. We do not care. We have not cared for over 25 years. We do not care. Gezellig.”

  2. No Black Pete December 4, 2013 at 6:58 pm #

    So, how about those white students and the jhw star. Thought I made it up? Well, here is a chance to improve on your Dutch.

  3. No Black Pete December 4, 2013 at 7:02 pm #

    One more. I found the YTube vid on Chernobyl. In English, bless you.

  4. No Black Pete December 4, 2013 at 7:13 pm #

    Uh. I did say old people. How about this one?

  5. hunglikejesus December 12, 2013 at 5:40 pm #

    Are you serious?

    I remember when growing up how Satan Claus and his demon seed elves were pushed in school. My counter was at home where my parents didn’t play fairy tales games with me about some reverse cat burglary. I had to walk a thin line while at school as to not cause problems for myself and the children.

    Which slide right into a couple of other points. The poison we digest does not just come from the food we eat, but really by osmosis from living and breathing. We are all touched just as much as anyone that was exposed to the poisons of Chernobyl. Only our expose takes bit longer to kill us, and our poison is more contagious and especially more contagious to younger nervous systems.

    • No Black Pete December 13, 2013 at 10:39 pm #

      Yes, the “children” at school – called teachers – may turn nasty in the face of truth. They may start calling you Black Pete behind your back.

      I need to pick my poisons when I write. People already feel overwhelmed without me dumping my two cents on them. Now that most are done with the Black Pete war and focus on merry blogs, I can do windy talks on the ultimate poison. Yup, still white Pete.

    • hunglikejesus December 14, 2013 at 12:33 am #

      Please forgive my typos. I have tried so hard to overcome this “thing of mine”, I have come to the conclusion that I think a lot faster than I write. So, what to do–what to do?

      Yeah, that poison ain’t going nowhere what out some help.

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